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    i'm confused. is this a spinoff of Raising the Bar?

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    It's not uncommon for an actor that just played a specific role to try that type role again on another show, especially if the first show flopped.

    Julianna Margulies previously played a lawyer on "Canterbury's Law" which didn't last. Now she's a lawyer on "The Good Wife" which is supposedly a top show for the network.

    Michael Imperioli played a gruff cop on the US remake of "Life on Mars" and then not too long afterward played a similar gruff cop on "Detroit 187." It happens.

    I guess it's a combination of things:

    The actor / actress was obviously interested in playing a lawyer / cop / doctor / etc in the first place. And if show #1 failed they didn't get a chance to really "do" what they wanted.

    Meanwhile they took the time to learn the lingo, how to behave, etc and it seems a waste if the first show only lasted a season. If your "part" on a show is just a guy who jokes around with his buddies at home, then you just need to read the lines. If your "part" is spending 90% of your on-air time as a specific job (cop, lawyer, doctor, fireman) then you need to learn a bunch of stuff.

    And even if the show failed, if they were one of the few things "good" about it in the first place then the producers/directors/etc might want to use them in a new show that they hope won't fail. Like "Hey, the show bombed but the lead was actually pretty good. He'd fit perfectly in our upcoming lawyer show."

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