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  • Why did they cancel?

    I hope another channel picks up this show, unless of course the stars were done. I love this series, and I know it had many more miles and plenty of seasons to go. It was cancelled to soon and without closure. I hope the show comes back, but if not, thanks for the 4 seasons.
  • Renewal

    Do we know if they will be renewing Franklin & Bash yet? Can't seem to find any information online. Although it is still quite early after the "season final".
  • Surprisingly hip, funny, and charming for a "we know drama" kind of channel

    I've grown to love this show and have longed towards every episode last year. I disagree about Locklear, by the way. I can't say she's among my favorite actresses, and she was far, far more fitting in Spin City, but - she still got it.

    The problem is that they got carried away with over-emphasizing her sex appeal and how "cool" she supposedly is. The show tried to make her into some kind of legal deity who's smarter and cooler than everyone, and that hurt the show's reality check and genuinness. I hope that makes sense.

    Tom Arnold's cameo was phenomenal, and same goes for Jason Alexander!
  • Franklin & Bash are Awesome

    I give this show a 10 but I give Heather Locklear's character a 2. I think this show is amazing but Heather Locklear's character sucks. She needs to be removed from this show. She is destroying the entire atmosphere of the show.

    If she stays I don't know if I can keep watching. I want a 4th season but without Heather Locklear. Her acting and just everything about her is terrible and that is why she has not been on tv in almost 10 years.
  • I love Franklin & Bash

    I love Franklin & Bash and hope TNT renew this for a fourth season. But the first thing they need to do is get rid of Heather Locklear she's really killing the show this season, F&B is great, Heather Locklear is NOT! It's not a good fit at all, the show was better before. Give us back our Franklin and Bash that we fell in love with! and bring back the fun to F&B.
  • F&B Season 3

    Franklin and Bash Season 3 is awesome! I like that the support cast has been downplayed this season. The supports are great, but F&B is the heart and soul of this show. Love Me Some F&B!
  • Still a great great great show

    I still love it and i hope they dont cancel it or i will be sad
  • Who hired Heather Locklear?

    Whoever it was, they need glasses big time! I can hardly stand to watch her stretched out face that's no longer able to show true emotion. I used to love this show, now I'm debating canceling it from my tivo list.

    All I can say is that this tv show is amazing. I have made time to watch every episode... Please keep this show going and not cancel it. This is why I don't watch TV but watch everything online.
  • slick, fun, sharp and gripping

    Great chemistry, great storylines, a light show which one can only enjoy when not taken too seriously as it should be. Escapism at its best.
  • Hilarious!

    So enjoy this show! I hope it doesn't go the same way as The Defenders or Common Law. The networks seem to have a knack for cancelling truly great shows in favour of stupid reality shows.
  • cancelled???

    Is the show cancelled ?
  • Carmen and Karp?

    I can't be the only one who's hoping for something to happen between Damien Karp and Carmen, am I?

    Otherwise Great show!
  • Red Carpet Interview with Mark-Paul Gosselaar

    StarCam caught up with Mark-Paul Gosselaar on the red carpet at the College Television Awards. He dished on some interesting facts about himself and the other person hosting the show and how their past experience was going to make the show great! He also gave some info on the June premiere of "Franklin & Bash" on TNT. Check out the interview here: or on our YouTube Channel (StarCam Celebrities)

  • not worth watchinhg

    I watched almost a full show tonight for the first time and I would put this show on the same level as Butt Head and Beavis it stupid.
  • DirecTv finally got theirselves a great entertainment court of law series.


    DirecTv finally got theirselves a great entertainment court of law series

    Wow! Franklin & Bash is one quite interesting comedy court of law tv series, involving around 2 lawyer partners into business solving cases. I like seeing these 2 guys at work being funny in court front of the Judge solving these cases.

  • My favorite comedy!

    I thoroughly enjoy this show- I just watched pilot and first three episodes. Bracken Meyer is a hoot, and makes the show quite watchable for me. It is a smart comedy, even though quite out there with the 24 hr a day party house. I love Pindar's character..he grows on you.....quirky. "Franklin" as the straight man is just right. Love Malcom McDowell and he's a unique character, seems clueless, but has it. I think this show has legs and has what it takes for a good run. I like the chemistry of the characters, they all mesh. I'll be tivo'ing all episodes. Check it out and enjoy!!
  • Mainly this the episode where we get to know them. Give the first 5,then we talk.

    I like this show. We all know that this is a common genre to tv, but we havn,t had it for a while. So to me at this time of television i say it is "fresh" on my list. I know this show mainly is about "2 bestfriends that........" blah blah blah. But like i said before at this time of tv, where there is "the end of the world" and "revenge" theme shows this show is what we need at this time. It brings a normality to tv that says "hey best friends are here to stay so suck it 2012!!!!"
  • Just nice but will not work

    I liked the Pilot the show was a nice to watch but in my opinion will not work. I would say that this show it's like Alan Shore and Denny Crane in Boston Legal but even they where a bit more crazy. Comedy does not work in 40 minutes shows and they don't have enough "freak show" to make the long run. They tried to show some ass and bubes, comedy and strange characters but I did not see enough of any of this to make this one show that would be on air for long time.
    My opinion will be one "nice" show to watch but will not have more then 2 seasons.