Season 6 Episode 16

Back to School With Franklin

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Aug 19, 2003 on Noggin

Episode Recap

It's the end of the school year and Franklin and Snail are in front of the chalkboard showing off a picture they and the rest of the class drew. It has the various class members, but most important Mr. Owl. It's sort of a good-bye present. After all, they're all kind of sad that school's over, as Beaver explains. That lasts about two seconds until the bell rings. Beaver races out, saying that the last one to the bus is a rotten egg. Before everyone leaves, Mr. Owl calls them for just one last moment. He just wants to wish them a wonderful summer. They head on to the bus, Franklin commenting to Snail that it's going to be a whole summer to do nothing. The schoolbus takes off and Mr. Owl looks on and sighs. The camera pans to the sun and the logo "Back to School With Franklin" appears over it as the story's only musical number begins. It's called "Doin' Nuthin (Can Be a Busy Thing.)" Lyrics include "But now it's time to just relax / Sigh and smile and dream / Sometimes doin' nothing is such a busy thing!" and "Nice cold ice cream surely beats the heat / Especially when you build sand castles on the beach." Throughout the number, the characters can be seen doing various summer activities. It looks like a great summer. The number ends and the scene cuts Franklin and Harriet, who are roasting marshmallows. Harriet is having a little trouble roasting her marshmallow, so Franklin helps her out. Dad declares the annual "End of Summer" picnic a success. Franklin is going back to school tomorrow. He asks Harriet what she's planning to do tomorrow. She says that she's going to play with Beatrice. Franklin tells her that Bear told him that Beatrice is starting nursery school tomorrow. This surprises Harriet, but she thinks it's a neat idea. She wants to go to school too. Mom tells her that she can't. She's not old enough to start school yet. Harriet doesn't like this at all, but it's not up for argument. Her parents tell her that it sounds like bedtime for tired little turtles. She argues that she's not sleepy and she's not little either, but Dad takes her inside to put her to bed. Mom asks Franklin to go in and help him. Once inside, Franklin gets an idea. He goes to his room and searches through his treasure chest. He pulls out some items that have good memories attached to them and finally finds what he's looking for, his blue blankie. He takes it to Harriet's room and gives it to her. He says that he doesn't need it anymore, but it used to him, so maybe it can help her too. Harriet really appreciates it and they hug. Franklin heads to his room and feeds his fish, Goldie. Mr. Turtle comes in and thanks Franklin, saying that giving the blanket to Harriet was a very nice thing to do. Franklin says that it's not a big deal. After all, he still has both Goldie and his stuffed dog, Sam. He shows his Dad something he created for show-and-tell tomorrow: a pencil box drawn to look like a monster. He creates a monster voice and has the box say "Me eat pencils!" He's looking forward to going back to school tomorrow. As he goes to bed, he bids good night to Sam and also to Goldie. He lays down to bed, but then has a second thought. He gets up and takes Sam off his dresser and then goes back to bed. The scene changes to outside, with fireflies flying around the garden and the moon shining brightly. In the morning, the kids are on the bus heading to school. The topic of conversation is what they hope Mr. Owl will have them do once they get to school. Beaver thinks that they should have a spelling bee, but as Fox notes, that's probably because she's the best speller in the class. Franklin says that he's looking forward to his team beating Fox's in soccer once again. He's also looking forward to seeing Mr. Owl again. When they get to school, there's something wrong. School starts at nine, but they wait until nine after ten and Mr. Owl still isn't there. Something definitely has to be wrong, after all, as Beaver notes, Mr. Owl is never late for school. As they're trying to figure things out, someone pulls up outside in a motor scooter. She comes inside and introduces herself as Miss Koala. Everyone in the class is just sort of staring at her wide-eyed. Snail wants to know what she did with Mr. Owl. She says "blow me down" and explains that Mr. Owl got called away on family emergency. Until he gets back, she's their replacement teacher. At the Turtle household, Harriet goes outside and find her parents raking up leaves and putting them in recycling bags. She asks what they're doing and Mr. Turtle tells her that they're tidying up the garden. Mrs. Turtle says that they're going to put it to bed for the winter. Harriet wonders if it's sleepy. Mr. Turtle tells her that you could say that. It's worked hard all summer. Mrs. Turtle suggests that she help them with the tidying of the garden, but Harriet says that she wants to play with Beatrice. She's reminded that Beatrice is at school, so she asks who will play with her then. Mrs. Turtle says that they can, but Harriet clarifiies: she wants to know what kid will play with her. Back at the school, Miss Koala is trying to guess everyone's names. She does well until she gets to Franklin. She calls him "Turtle," which doesn't make him happy at all. He tells her that his name is Franklin and she apologizes and asks if there are any other surprises. Everyone shakes their heads. Miss Koala looks at their schedule and says that ordinarily they would do science right now. Since it's not an ordinary day, she suggests that they do something different and asks for suggestions. Franklin suggests that they do show-and-tell, as he has something to show - his pencil box. Miss Koala likes the idea, but when she asks the class, nobody else has anything to show. So the idea is out until tomorrow, so that everyone has a change to bring something. Beaver has the next idea: a spelling bee. Miss Koala goes with that idea and she wants to use the blackboard. To do so, she'll need to erase the drawing they made for Mr. Owl. Nobody likes that idea, but Miss Koala notes that if Mr. Owl were there, he'd need the blackboard too. She says that they can do a welcome-back drawing for Mr. Owl when he comes back and everyone, except maybe for Franklin, thinks that would be okay. Miss Koala goes ahead and erases the drawing and Franklin says goodbye to Mr. Owl as she erases the picture of him. Back at the Turtle household, Harriet and Mrs. Turtle are taking some of the bags of leaves down to the curb. Mrs. Turtle is glad that Harriet finally decided to help. Just then, Mrs. Beaver comes along, almost dragging a very young beaver kit. Mrs. Turtle greets her, saying that she hasn't seen her all summer. They make small-talk and Mrs. Turtle says hello to "Kit," saying that he must be Beaver's brother. Kit sort of hides behind his Mom and Mrs. Beaver explains that he's out of sorts because his sister, Beaver, went back to school today. Mrs. Turtle thinks maybe he could play with Harriet. Harriet likes this idea. She tags him, giggles and starts running off. Kit doesn't give chase and Mrs. Beaver explains that they're going to Dr. Bear's. "Check-e-up" says Kit. So they head on their way and Mrs. Turtle says to say "hello" to Dr. Bear. Back at school, the spelling bee is underway. Miss Koala gives Goose the next word, "don't." Goose messes up by spelling it without an apostrophe. Beaver gets a chance at it and spells it correctly. She wins the spelling bee. Miss Koala tells her that she switched to this year's speller, but she couldn't stump her. "Good on ya," she says. Beaver explains that she'd been studying at home. Miss Koala congratulations everyone on an excellent match, saying that they're "a regular bunch of whiz kids." She says that normally they would have math at this time, but perhaps they should continue their spelling lessons. Franklin grumbles that he likes math. Bear's surprised at this, but Franklin says that he likes the way Mr. Owl teaches it. He makes it fun. Miss Koala hears Franklin and calls for him to turn his eyes front, tapping her chalk on the board. She begins to write "apostrophe" on the board and as she does, Franklin grabs his pencil box and uses it to imitate Miss Koala saying "Good on ya, Beaver." Bear cracks up giggling and Miss Koala turns around and asks him to share his joke with the class. He sputters and Franklin speaks up and says that Bear didn't do anything. He explains that he made Bear laugh with the pencil box and uses it to say "sorry." Miss Koala calls it "clever" but says that she's already warned him once. She makes him switch seats with Skunk and she also takes the pencil box for safekeeping. He's not happy about this at all. Later on, the kids are all riding on home on the bus. They're all talking amongst themselves, except for Franklin, who's just sort of sitting with a very long, sad face. Bear wants to know what a "dinkum" is, since Miss Koala said that a lot. Fox thinks that they she gives too much homework. Beaver says that she likes her. Someone finally asks Franklin what he thinks and he says that it wasn't fair that she made him change seats. He's reminded that he was acting up, but the way he sees it, Mr. Owl never would have made him move. Everyone continues talking and Mr. Fox seems to be taking in what they're saying in the front of the bus. Later on, Franklin is at home and the Turtle family is still out gardening. In the foreground, Harriet takes notice of a caterpillar. The scene then changes to Franklin and his parents. Mr. Turtle asks Franklin about what his new teacher is like. Franklin half-answers that Miss Koala is "okay" and then goes on to say that Bear isn't sure that he likes her. This leads to a dodgy conversation in which Franklin substitutes Bear for himself because he doesn't want to come out and say that he's the one who's not so sure of what he thinks of Miss Koala. His parents ask if he, or Bear, really know anything about Miss Koala and Franklin says all that they really know is that she's from Australia. They offer him a book they have about Australia. Franklin says that he'll take it, since they are having show-and-tell tomorrow and it would help Bear to learn about Australia. They decide to call it a day and head inside. Just then, they notice Harriet, who seems to be thinking about eating the caterpillar she found. They tell her to put it down and come inside. She wouldn't want to spoil her appetite for dinner, black fly casserole and dessert, shoo-fly pie. The next day, it's time for show-and-tell at school. First, though, Snail wants to know when Mr. Owl is going to be back, but Miss Koala doesn't really know. Franklin speaks up and shows his book about Australia. Miss Koala explains that she's from "down under" and points out Australia on the classroom map. Franklin asks if she ever gets homesick and Miss Koala says that she does miss her mates. Everyone in the class takes a look at Franklin's book. Miss Koala points out a picture of a platypus, or "Mr. Platypus" as she calls him. Everyone thinks that the platypus looks kind of like Beaver, except with a bill. She also points out kangaroos. Snail says that Australia looks like a weird place. Miss Koala says that it's not weird, just different. Bear asks her to tell them and she says "dinkum" and asks what they want to know. Beaver speaks up and says that the first thing they want to know is what "dinkum" means. So she explains that "dinkum" means "really?" and if you answer "fair dinkum" then you're saying "absolutely." She then shows them a boomerang, her favorite toy. She really enjoyed playing with it when she was a kid and even now it still reminds her of home. She explains that if you throw it, "it comes back like magic." Snail says that she shouldn't just tell them, she should show them. She says that she will, but first she wants everyone to show what they brought for show-and-tell. Back at the Turtle household, Harriet has wrapped blue blankie around herself like a cape and is pretending to be "Super Turtle Girl." Mrs. Turtle asks her what "Super Turtle Girl" wants to do today and she responds that she wants to play with Beatrice. Mrs. Turtle tells her that she's in school and Beatrice wonders if she's in school every day. Mrs. Turtle says that Beatrice doesn't have to go to school on weekends. She can play with her on Saturday. Beatrice wonders what she'll do until then. So Mrs. Turtle decides that she'll call Mrs. Beaver and perhaps Harriet can play with Kit. Back at the school, Miss Koala and the class are now outside, where Miss Koala is showing off the boomerang. She demonstrates how if you throw it the right way, it'll come straight back to you. Beaver decides to give a "whirl," but she puts so much energy into it that it ends up going really far and then coming back in wide. Franklin thinks he can get it though. He hurries backwards and just manages to grab it and falls over. Snail's with him and is quite shaken up, but okay. Beaver calls it a "nice catch" and Miss Koala calls him a whiz kid. Badger asks Miss Koala what else she likes to do and she says that she likes to sing, read mysteries and ride her scooter. She also likes to play soccer. This really interests the kids, who all also really enjoy soccer. Miss Koala decides that they can stay outside for a while and she'll give them some soccer tips. They play some and in one case, Bear ends up going wide of the goal. Miss Koala watches and suggests that next he should kick the ball with the inside of his foot, rather than his toe. They head back to class, but Miss Koala asks Franklin to stay outside and collect their jerseys. Once the rest of the class is back inside, Miss Koala asks Franklin if he's ever thought about being a goalie. She was really impressed with how he caught the boomerang. Franklin says that Goose and Skunk are usually in goal and that he's not sure how good he'd be at that. Miss Koala tells him that he'll never know if he doesn't try. Franklin considers that and they head back inside. While they've been doing this, Harriet and Mrs. Turtle are now at the playground and are waiting for Mrs. Beaver and Kit. Harriet is starting to get a bit bored, as Mrs. Turtle has been rocking her back and forth on the teeter-totter and Kit and Mrs. Beaver are late. They finally show up, Mrs. Beaver apologizing for their lateness. Once again, it looks like she almost had to drag shy Kit there. Harriet races over to the slide and urges Kit to come along. Kit follows, but stops cold once he sees the tall ladder leading up to the slide. Harriet doesn't understand what Kit is waitin for and urges him to come on up. Mrs. Turtle comes over and offers Kit a lift up to the slide, which he gladly accepts. She sets him down in front of Harriet, which rather annoys her. He then begins to slide, but very slowly, sort of forcing himself down and holding onto the rail. Harriet is beginning to grow more aggrevated, but Mrs. Turtle urges her to let Kit take his time. Harriet finally runs out of patience. She yells out "beep beep" and before Kit can get out of the way, she slides down, causing them both to go tumbling on the ground. Harriet doesn't understand why Kit didn't go. After all, she did say, "beep beep." She's scraped her elbow, but Kit seems to be okay, just shaken. Mrs. Beaver says that these things happen and everyone heads on their way. Harriet hugs tightly onto blue blankie. Back at school, class is almost over and Franklin is just finishing up some math problems on the chalkboard: 2+6=8, 3+2=5 and 3+3=6. The bell rings and Miss Koala says that before everyone leaves, she wants to tell them how impressed she was with their soccer skills. She says that she knows a coach at another school and she wants to arrange for them to play against that school's team. Skunk says that if they're going to be a team, they'll need a name. She's not really sure what that would be, so she jus says the "Woodland Something-or-Others." Snail thinks that's a funny name. Beaver says that since Miss Koala is always calling them "whiz kids," they should be called the "Woodland WhizKids" and Miss Koala can be the coach. Everyone likes that idea. They all leave and Franklin is the last out the door. Before he leaves, Miss Koala stops him and gives him back his pencil box. She apologizes, as she actually meant to give it back to him yesterday, but forgot about it. Franklin also apologizes, for acting up the day before. That evening at the Turtle household, brussels sprouts are on the menu for dinner. Harriet looks at them and goes "eh," but, like Beatrice going to school, dinner isn't up for discussion. As they have dinner, Franklin is sort of half-eating himself. He's still not sure what he thinks of Miss Koala. He's starting to warm up to her, but he's not sure about the soccer idea, since in the past they've always played against each other. He's worried that the other team might be better than them and they could lose. Mr. Turtle says that both of those things could happen. Franklin continues, saying that he now thinks Miss Koala is nice, but he doesn't understand why she has to do things so "different." His parents tell him that change can be good and that if things were always the same, they would be boring. Franklin agrees that Miss Koala isn't boring, but even still, he misses Mr. Owl. Mrs. Turtle agrees that he probably misses Franklin too. Just then, Mr. Turtle notices Harriet, who's sitting and twiddling her thumbs. Her plate is completely empty and she claims that she ate all of her brussels sprouts. Mr. Turtle isn't buying it. He looks and finds that she's hidden the brussels sprouts underneath blue blankie. They've become very stinky, although, as far as Harriet's concerned, they were stinky before. Franklin tells Harriet about the time he hid brussels sprouts in blue blankie and Mr. Turtle jokes that a love of brussels sprouts must run in the family. This gets a laugh from everyone. The next day at Franklin's school, the kids are getting ready for soccer practice. Goose speaks up and says that she wants to play out as a forward. She explains that in the past she's stopped lots of goals, but she's never scored one before. Miss Koala agrees to let her play out. She thinks it's an excellent idea and asks for someone to take her place in goal. Franklin hesitantly says that he will. Everyone asks if he's sure and he says that he isn't, but he'll try. Bear also volunteers, saying that way Skunk can also play out. Franklin and Bear head over to their respective goals and wish each other good luck. While they're practicing soccer, Mrs. Turtle and Harriet have gone over to Beaver's place, where Kit is lying in bed. It turns out he sprained his ankle in the slide incident. Mrs. Beaver thanks them for coming over and Mrs. Turtle says that Harriet insisted on it. Harriet shows Kit a bandage where she hurt her elbow. Kit asks Mrs. Beaver if he can go out and play, but she tells him that Dr. Bear said that he has to stay in bed until his leg heals. Harriet asks if he's sad and he says that he is. So she gives him blue blankie, saying that he can keep it until he feels better. All he has to do is hug it. Mrs. Turtle tells her that it was a very nice thing to do. Mrs. Beaver looks over at Kit, who has gone to sleep, hugging on the blanket and sort of chewing on it. It seems that it's helping already. Back at school, the soccer practice is just finishing up. Franklin's not sure he did well because he let in three goals. Bear tells him it's twice as many as he let in. He thinks he should be the goalie for their team. Franklin says that it was fun and Goose is excited because she almost scored. So it's decided and they have a week to practice for their first big game. We see scenes of them practicing, at school and one shot of Miss Koala riding past the school bus in her scooter. Harriet even helps Franklin with his practice and manages to get a goal in on him. The time comes when it's the day before the game. Miss Koala tells them that she has some good news. She tells them that Mr. Owl is coming back and everyone is just sort of silent. She thinks it should be a good thing, but they've all grown to like her so much that they don't want to leave. She reminds them that she's a replacement teacher. Once Mr. Owl is back, she's going to go to another school that needs her. She suggests that before the soccer game, they spend part of the morning doing a welcome back drawing for Mr. Owl on the chalkboard. Back at Franklin's/Harriet's house, Harriet has drawn a picture of her and Kit holding hands. Just then, Mrs. Beaver knocks at their. Kit's come with her. He's all better now and thanks Harriet for letting him use the blanket. He asks her if she wants to play and she says that she does and asks what. He tags her, yells "Tag. You're It" and runs off and hides behind a tree. Harriet giggles and chases after him. Back at school, the kids are getting ready for the soccer game. Franklin is talking about Mr. Owl. He couldn't wait for him to come back, but now he's sad to see Miss Koala leave. Beaver tells everyone that they just have to win this soccer game, as a going away present for Miss Koala. Their competition, however, looks pretty tough. It's the "Bayside Bandits," a team of raccooons. Miss Koala comes over and says that she sees they've found their jerseys. They're dark blue with a light blue "W" in the center. It's time for the game and Miss Koala tells them to go out and have some fun. Rabbit tries to score, but he hits the goalpost. Franklin manages to keep the opposing team from scoring by hitting the ball with his shell. Snail and Badger are the only ones not playing. Instead, they're doing a running commentary from the sidelines. Beaver passes the ball to Goose, but Goose panics and the Bandits get control of the ball. They score and the score is now 1-0. Miss Koala then tells Beaver not to do what she did before, but then winks suggestively. Beaver picks up on what she's saying. When things start up again, she gets the ball and then fakes like she's going to pass to Goose. She then heads for the goal and scores. The is now 1-1. Some time passes and the Bandits have taken a 3-1 lead. Rabbit scores, making it 3-2. Goose then makes a couple of critical mistakes. First, she kicks the ball clear over the net. Then, when trying to stop the ball, she catches it with her feathers. That's a handball and so now the Bandits get a penalty kick. Beaver tells Franklin not to worry if he can catch it, as there's always a goal on a penalty kick. Miss Koala has another idea and she tells Franklin to watch the eyes of the person taking the penalty kick. They'll tell him in what direction he's going to kick the ball. The advice works and Franklin makes the save. The game continues and in the final seconds, Goose gets control of the ball. Urged on by her teammates, she kicks and scores. The whistle blows and the game ends in a 3-3 tie. Later on, the kids are sitting on the bench looking sad. Miss Koala wonders what's wrong, as she thinks they played a great game. They explain that they really wanted to win it for her, as a going away present. Perhaps they're not such "whiz kids" after all. Miss Koala tells them that they played a game to be proud of. Franklin agrees. He did, after all, stop the penalty kick and Goose got her first goal ever. It was a great game. He hugs Miss Koala, who says that she's not going to be leaving forever. She'll come back to visit them sometime. They wodner who'll coach them from now on and she says that she has an idea about that. The next day, the kids are all in class and Mr. Owl is back. He loves the welcome back drawing he did for them. It has him, all of them and Miss Koala as well. Franklin hands him something, saying that Miss Koala wanted him to have it. It's a book about soccer. The idea is that Mr. Owl can be the new coach. He's rather hesitant, as he's never done anything like that before, but they encourage him to try, since he won't know if he's any good unless he does. He agrees, saying that it would seem he's going back to school too. Mr. Owl says that he need to use the blackboard and Franklin offers to erase the picture. He starts with the picture of Miss Koala and says good-bye to her, like he did when he erased the picture of Mr. Owl. The camera pans out to a shot of the schoolhouse and few leaves fall off a nearby tree, ending the story. There's a happy epilogue, though: the closing credits picture is a portrait of the entire team, with Miss Koala on the far left and Mr. Owl, the new coach on the right. Everyone's happy and Franklin has his trademark cap on backwards.