Season 6 Episode 16

Back to School With Franklin

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Aug 19, 2003 on Noggin



  • Trivia

    • In normal episodes of Franklin, Franklin and his parents do not have beds in their bedrooms, but in Back to School With Franklin they do.

    • The DVD features a "close-caption" track that looks more like subtitles and contains numerous errors. Colons following a character's name are often inexplicably followed by a comma. Words are sometimes scrunched together and the caption / subtitles often extend off the screen in both directions.

  • Quotes

    • Kit: Thank you, Harriet. Wanna play now?
      Harriet: 'Kay. Uh, what?
      Kit: Tag. You're it!

      (Harriet is surprised. The two race around merrily and chase each other, giggling.)

    • Franklin: First I couldn't wait for Mr. Owl to come back. Now I'm sad to see Miss Koala leave.

    • Goose: I've stopped lots of goals, but I've never actually scored one. I'd like to try something different for a change.
      Miss Koala: I think that's an excellent idea. Good on ya.
      Goose: Thanks, Coach!

    • Kit: I wanna go out.
      Harriet: You sad, Kit?
      Kit: Yes.
      Harriet: Maybe blue blankie can help. All you gotta do is hug it.

    • Miss Koala: I'm a replacement teacher, remember? I'm going to another school that needs me.

    • Miss Koala: Get out there and have some fun, WhizKids!

    • Franklin: Miss Koala asked us to give you this.
      Mr. Owl: A book about soccer?
      Beaver: She thought you could be our new coach, Mr. Owl.
      Mr. Owl: Me? A soccer coach? Well, I don't know, class. I've never done anything like this before.
      Snail: But you don't know unless you try, Mr. Owl.
      Mr. Owl: Good point, good point.

    • Bandit-team Member: Nice save.
      Franklin: Thanks!
      Bear: Good one, Franklin.
      Beaver: I knew you could do it.

    • Beaver: There's always a goal on a penalty kick.

    • Franklin: (erasing a picture of Miss Koala from the chalkboard) Good-bye, Miss Koala.

    • Beaver: We're all kind of sad the school year's over, right guys? (bell rings) Whoo hoo! School's out! Last one to the bus is a rotten egg.

    • Franklin: Miss Koala's nice, but why does she have to do things so different? (sic) She wants to change everything.
      Mr. Turtle: Change can be good, Franklin.
      Mrs. Turtle: Without it, things would be pretty boring.
      Franklin: Miss Koala sure isn't boring. I still miss Mr. Owl, though.
      Mrs. Turtle: I bet he misses you too.

    • Skunk: If we're gonna be a team, we need a name.
      Goose: Like, the "Woodland Some-Thing-or-Others."
      Snail: That's a funny name.

    • Harriet: Go, Kit!
      Mrs. Turtle: It's okay, Harriet. Let him take his time.

    • Mrs. Turtle: Is that ladder to tall for you? Would you like a lift?
      Kit: Yes, please.

    • Bear: Whoa! Nice catch!
      Miss Koala: A real beauty! You're quite a whiz kid, Franklin.

    • Snail: Australia looks like a weird place.
      Miss Koala: Not weird, Snail. Just different.
      Bear: Tell us more, Miss Koala.
      Miss Koala: Dinkum. Okay, what do you want to know?
      Beaver: Well, first... what does "dinkum" mean?

    • Mr. Turtle: Let's head in and... Harriet, put down the caterpillar.
      Mrs. Turtle: Good girl.

    • Mr. Turtle: Your mother told me about your new teacher. What's she like?
      Franklin: Oh, she's okay, I guess... only Bear isn't sure he likes her.

    • Franklin: Psst, Bear. (imitates Miss Koala, using his pencil box) Good on ya, Beaver!
      Bear: (giggles uncontrollably)

    • Mrs. Turtle: We haven't seen you all summer. How have you been?
      Mrs. Beaver: Busy as beavers. And you?
      Mrs. Turtle: Slow as turtles. We're behind on our yardwork. You must be Beaver's brother, Kit.

    • Franklin: One time I hid my brussels sprouts in blue blankie too, Harriet.
      Mr. Turtle: Looks like a love of brussels sprouts runs in the family. (All laugh)

    • Franklin: Just think, Snail, a whole summer to do nothing.

    • Harriet: Beatrice go to school? Me too.
      Mrs. Turtle: Uh oh, sorry Harriet. You're not old enough to start school yet.

    • Beaver: I hope we have a spelling bee. That's always fun!
      Fox: Yeah, especially when you're the best speller in the class.
      Beaver: (not getting Fox's point) Oh, thanks Fox.

    • Franklin: (to Harriet) Blue blankie used to help me. Maybe he can help you too.

    • Miss Koala: My name is Miss Koala.
      Snail: (scared) What have you done with Mr. Owl?

    • Harriet: What you doing?
      Mr. Turtle: We're tidying up the garden.
      Mrs. Turtle: Soon we'll put it to bed for the winter.
      Harriet: Is it sleepy?

    • Harriet: Then, who will play with me?
      Mrs. Turtle: We can, after our chores.
      Harriet: No. What kid?

    • Franklin: My name's Franklin, not Turtle.
      Miss Koala: Dinkum. I'm sorry. Any other surprises? (the entire class shakes their heads)

  • Notes

    • Visit the Movie Tome guide for Back to School With Franklin here.

    • Releasing in book form in September 2004 as Franklin and the New Teacher.

    • As with "Franklin's Magic Christmas," there is no narrator's introduction for this story.

    • DVD special features:

      Read-along by Paulette Bourgeois of the entire story of Franklin's Class Trip. You can also choose to read it by yourself.
      Descriptions for six different characters
      A trivia game about the story itself
      Sing-along of the musical number "Doin' Nothing (Can Be Such a Busy Thing)"
      Extra games for those who have a DVD-ROM drive
      Three audio tracks: The original English, as well as French and Spanish dubs

    • There's a short promo for Franklin DVDs and videos before the actual story begins.

    • John Van Bruggen is credited as John van Bruggen.

    • The following characters can be seen at one point or another, but they don't have any speaking lines: Beatrice, Mr. Mole and Mr. Fox.

    • John Van Bruggen wrote the script for this story in June of 2002.

    • This is the first new Franklin story to be released in the United States in close to two years.

    • Length: 48 Minutes

    • This special is also listed as "Franklin's Back to School Special."

    • Cole Caplan, who does the voice Olie on Rolie Polie Olie and was also Squirrel in a previous episode voices Franklin here. There are also new voices for Goose and Fox. They continue in these roles in the sixth season of the show on Treehouse TV.

    • Premiered on Noggin on August 30 at 11 A.M. eastern.

    • Considered direct-to-video, but was also aired on Canada's Family Channel less than a week after its release. Scheduled times were 6:45 P.M. on Sunday, August 24th, 8:55 A.M. on Wednesday, August 27th and 6:45 P.M. on Saturday the 30th. All times were eastern.

    • "Back to School With Franklin" was released on video and DVD on August 19, 2003. You order the video at Amazon here or the DVD here. You can also find both in stores such as K-Mart or Wal-mart.

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