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    • 12/8/97
      In "Franklin Is Bossy", Franklin can tend to be too bossy when playing with his friends. It got to a point where his friends decided to stop playing games with Franklin because he was always bossing them around so they didn't want to play with him anymore. He soon realizes that being bossy and alone is no fun so he learns to play fair.#10702
      In "Franklin's Fort", Franklin and his friends decide to build a fort but in a tree. What his friends don't know is that Franklin is afraid of heights.moreless
    • #11001
      In "Franklin and the Red Scooter", Franklin sees Rabbit's new red scooter and tried to convince his parents to buy him one. But he just got a new bike. Franklin tries to earn some money but without any success. He then had an idea which Rabbit agreed to.

      In "Franklin in the Dark", Franklin tells his parents he's afraid of small drak places which includes his own shell. His mom tells him a story of a little turtle who was also afraid of the dark and how others are also afraid of other things.moreless

    • #10901
      In "Franklin's School Play", Franklin was thrilled to be the lead his his school play, the Nutcracker. He would rehearse for his parents and spent extra time memorizing all his lines. However, on opening night, Franklin ended up with stage fright.

      In "Franklin and the Secret Club", Porcupine creates a Secret Club to be more popular than Franklin. When she finally allows Franklin to join, but he had to choose between a friend or the club, it's Porcupine who learns the real true meaning of friendship.moreless

    • 9/14/98
      In "Franklin's Gift", Franklin made a beautiful present for his mom for Mother's Day. He was so proud of it. But when he heard what his friends have gotten their mothers, he wasn't so sure about his home made gift after all.

      In "Franklin Growing Up Fast", Franklin watches an old home movie of his dad. Franklin couldn't believe his dad was once his size. He sets to do grownup things knowing he'll be a grownup some day but yet he still wants to be a kid too.moreless

    • Franklin and the Green Knight: The Movie
      Franklin is at first excited when he learns that his parents are going to have a baby. As the winter months drag on, he grows antsy as he knows that the baby is coming in spring, but it seems like the winter is lasting especially long. Worse, he's now becoming confused as some of his friends' comments have led him to wonder if once the baby comes, his parents won't have any time for him. While Franklin is dealing with this, his friend Snail has a different problem. Franklin is a great friend, who has always had time for him and been nice to him, even when his other friends sometimes leave him behind. Now, though, with Franklin about to become a big brother, he's worried that Franklin won't have any time for him. When Franklin hears again a story he loved as a kid of knight who brought spring to his town, he first suggests it is a class play and then begins thinking that he himself could be the story's hero, the Green Knight and bring spring to Woodland. He enlists Snail as his squire and together they go on a journey which brings them head-to-head with all the issues they've been struggling with.moreless
    • #40601
      "Franklin and the Puppet Play"

      Franklin and Beaver at the library when Rabbit's brother Bunny comes along. They ask him if he wants to hear a story and Bunny does. So they use puppets to perform "Little Miss Muffet." Mrs. Goose, who was watching their impromptu performance, asks them if they'd like to put on a performance in the Reading Nook. They agree and Mrs. Goose schedules them for Saturday. As they walk home, Beaver says that she wants to make it the best play ever. Franklin suggests having Bear and Goose help out. Beaver agrees as they're going to need all the help they can get. Preparations begin for the play and Beaver immediately tries to show who's in charge by taking command of the meeting. But nobody will let her complete a sentence and they keep shouting out their own ideas. They decide to do the play "Little Red Riding Hood." As preparations continue, Beaver becomes even more and more bossy. She gets annoyed when the puppets that Goose bring are in disrepair and makes her fix them. She then assigns parts - not only giving herself the role of Little Red Riding Hood, but also assigning everyone else's parts without considering what parts they'd actually be good for. They complain, but Beaver makes them stick with it. When Beaver leaves, Goose comments that she thinks Beaver would make a good Wolf. The next day, a practice is being held and Beaver is still being bossy. When she leaves for a minute, Franklin, Beaver and Goose start imitating her behind her back. They don't realize it, but Beaver returns and overhears their imitations of her. Then, Bear and Goose notice her, but Franklin keeps going. When Franklin realize that Bear and Goose aren't saying anything anymore, he looks up. Hurt and angry, Beaver leaves. The next day, Beaver is by herself. Using the puppets she enacts a scene in which she's the wolf. "Everyone knows that." Then, from over the fence, she sees the other puppets. It's Franklin, Goose and Bear, apologizing for making Beaver feel bad. Beaver apologizes too, for being so bossy. With that resolved, they're finally able to practice for the play. They put on a great performance, which delights Bunny and the other children of Woodland.

      "Franklin's Stopwatch"

      While retrieving something from the "junk drawer" for his Mom, Franklin discovers a stopwatch. At first, he thinks it's a regular watch and wonders how the time can be "60 o'clock." Mr. Turtle shows him the use of it and Franklin eagerly tests it out, by timing how fast he can clean his room. Excited by this acquisition, he starts timing himself on all sorts of things. Then, Rabbit comes and Franklin shows him the stopwatch. Rabbit asks Franklin to time him. Franklin does and is shocked when Rabbit does the same thing he just did four times faster. When solving a puzzle at his house with Goose, Goose solves the puzzle in about thirty seconds. It takes Franklin about two minutes to do it and he got some of the puzzle wrong. He tries it with his best friend, Bear, but Bear seems to be faster at everything too. Finally, he tries jumping rope with Beaver, but Beaver does it ten seconds to do what it takes him nearly 30 seconds to do and he can't even complete it. Franklin's getting annoyed. He's a turtle and he can be slow, but he didn't think he was this slow. He doesn't need a stopwatch to time himself. He needs a sundial. Beaver asks Franklin if she can borrow the stopwatch and Franklin happily agrees. Then, one day, Franklin is walking with Bear when he hears his friends cheering someone on. It's Snail! He's about to cross the bridge at his fastest time ever: one hour and two minutes! Snail's so slow that there's no way he could beat anybody else. But he shaved twelve minutes off of his previous best time. Franklin didn't realize that it counted if you beat your own time. He decides to try running to his mailbox again, only this time, it'll be the fastest that he's ever done it.moreless

    • #20501
      In "Franklin and the Broken Globe", Franklin accidentally breaks the classroom globe but Goose thought she had broken it. Franklin starts to feeling guilty when Goose feels she's nothing but bad luck. #20502
      In "Franklin's Valentines", Franklin made beautiful valentine cards for this schoolmates. During class time, Franklin could not find his cards anywhere. He found them on his way home, they were strewn all over and rain soaked. Since his schoolmates were so understanding, he found a new way to celebrate Valentine's Day.moreless
    • #60801
      "Franklin Sees the Big Picture"

      Franklin is teased for reading a "baby" book.

      "Franklin Figure Skates"

      Franklin learns to play 2 on 1 hockey.

    • 6/20/04
      "Franklin the Coach"

      Franklin is made the substitute coach of his soccer team while Coach Porcupine heads out-of-town. He worries that he is not doing a good job at it. His worries are aggravated by the complaints of Beaver, who he decides to give the job to instead.

      "Franklin's Plays it Safe"

      Franklin and his friends have fun playing in their tree fort, but when a branch holding it up breaks, Franklin worries. He and Bear become more worried when they meet Mr. Marmot the safety inspector and learn a little about safety. When Franklin has a dream featuring the collapse of the tree fort, he and Bear rope it off. They then alienate their friends when they stop them from doing potentially unsafe things.moreless

    • 9/28/98
      In "Franklin's Kite", Franklin's kite broke and he threw it away. Fox asked if he could have it and fixes it. When Franklin saw what he did to it, he wished he never threw it away.

      In "Franklin and the Babysitter", Granny was not able to babysit Franklin when his parents have to go out for the night. So Mrs. Muskrat was called in. Franklin was not pleased for he was looking forward to spending time with his Granny.moreless

    • 1/19/98
      In "Franklin's Christmas Gift", Franklin looks over his toy chest to donate a toy to a needy child. He didn't realize how hard it was to choose which toy.

      In "Franklin's Granny", Franklin had to visit his Granny but he rather play with his friends instead. He didn't realize how exciting and fun Grannies can be until they went through Granny's old trunks and photos.moreless

    • 4/2/04
      "Franklin's Crystal"

      Franklin and Beaver discover an impressive piece of quartz, but problems with its shared ownership creates problems with their friendship. When Franklin and Beaver realize how unpleasant their quarrelling is to others, they decide to give their rock specimen away.

      "Franklin's Advice"

      During a soccer match, Snail deflects the ball and scores the winning goal, but the victory comes at the cost of a cracked shell. Despite Franklin's advice, Snail refuses to tell his parents about the injury for fear of being pulled from the team. Putting his friendship on the line, Franklin gives Snail one more chance to tell his parents or he will have to do it for him.moreless

    • 3/26/04
      "Franklin Stays Up"

      Franklin is having a campout in his backyard and he and Rabbit hatch a plan to stay up all night. Originally, all members of the sleepover are on board, but then they fall asleep one-by-one until finally Franklin and Rabbit are the only ones who make it until morning to see the sunrise, but not without a few setbacks.

      "Franklin's Bargain"

      When Bear buys a neat detective kit at Mr. Mole's shop, Franklin is disappointed to learn that they're all sold out, but Bear tells him that he can get a "Super Snooper Spy Kit," however, he'll have to get it before it's sold out. Franklin checks his savings and finds that he doesn't have enough money. Hoping to earn the money, he decides to strike a bargain with his Dad to get it by doing an extra chore. He first deals around doing the dishes and then fails keep up his end of the bargain after agreeing to a different chore.moreless

    • #30101
      In "Franklin and His Night Friend", Franklin meets a new neighbour, one he's never met before... Bat. Franklin found out Bat only comes out at night and stays up late so he can play with Bat and discovers a new lifestyle of his nocturnal friend.

      In "Franklin and the Two Henrys", Bear looks after Beaver's pet hamster, Henry, for the weekend. However, Henry ends up getting lost and Bear & Franklin must find a way to find Henry before Beaver returns.moreless

    • #40501
      "Franklin's Father"

      Franklin and Mr. Turtle are waiting for Mrs. Turtle at the train stop. Her train is running a bit late. They've been playing "I Spy" and Franklin has won six in a room. But Mr. Turtle is getting a bit tired and wants a break. He reads the newspaper and Franklin tries to entertain himself. He pokes eyeholes in a portion of the newspaper and pretends to be a spy. Seeing an enemy agent with secret plans, he goes to apprehend them. But instead of apprehending them, he trips and falls. Franklin apologizes and his Dad tells him that it's no big deal, things like that happen to everyone. Franklin sits back down and starts absentmindedly tossing his trademark cap up and down and ends up tossing it so high that it gets stuck in the ceiling fan. Things like that don't happen to everyone. Mr. Turtle obtains a broom and gets down off the ceiling fan. Franklin says that he's just going to sit and think. Mr. Turtle wonders what he'll think about and Franklin says it's that he's thirsty. Mr. Turtle gives him some change to get a Fruit Frizzy from the drink machine, but Franklin loses one of the coins underneath the machine. After getting the coin, Franklin buys the drink. But it tumbles out of the machine before Franklin can catch it. Franklin goes over to open it and before Mr. Turtle can stop him, it's fizzing all over the place. Mr. Turtle stops it with his hand from getting everywhere. Franklin can't believe all this is happening to him. Then, Mr. Mole shows up. He's there to catch his train, but it hasn't arrived yet. Mr. Turtle shakes Mr. Mole's hand, but his hand is all sticky from the Fruit Fizzy. Mr. Turtle explains and Mr. Mole tells Franklin not to worry, as these things happen to everyone. In fact, he remembers a time when Mr. Turtle made a big mess in Franklin's Granny's living room. In a flashback sequence, we see Mr. Turtle trying to fly a toy airplane in the living room. Young Mr. Mole tells him it's not a good idea, but Young Mr. Turtle does it anyway and ends up breaking something. After that, they had to play outdoors. Then, there was another time when they went camping. But Young Mr. Turtle tore a hole in the top of the tent and it started raining. They had to "camp" indoors and then Mr. Turtle knocked over the tent when he rolled over in his sleep. Franklin comments that Mr. Turtle was having a day just like his. Finally, Mr. Mole has one more story, about a "strawberry ice cream" surprise. He and Mr. Turtle had just gotten ice cream, when Mr. Turtle saw a girl he was quite fond of, but too shy to talk too. Mr. Mole talked him into going to offer her some ice cream, but Mr. Turtle tripped and it ended up all over the girl. Back in the present, Mr. Mole's train arrives. Franklin asks Mr. Turtle if that girl ever talked to him again. Mr. Turtle says that she's right there and Franklin looks and sees his Mom. It was Mom that was the girl in the story. Leaving the train station, Franklin offers to take one of the bags. Franklin says that things like what happened today really do happen to everyone. Mrs. Turtle tells him that indeed they do, "if you're lucky." She hugs Mr. Turtle. Franklin doesn't quite get what this means, but he wishes they weren't walking so fast. The bag he's carrying is heavy!

      "Franklin Plays Hockey"

      Franklin, Bear, Fox and Rabbit are playing hockey, with Franklin and Bear on one team and Fox and Rabbit on the other. Franklin and Bear are leading 4-2 when Skunk and Raccoon show up and ask if they can play. So they're let into the game, Skunk on Franklin and Bear's team and Raccoon on Fox and Rabbit's (the Red Team.) Things go downhill for Franklin's team from there. Not only is Raccoon a great player, but Skunk can't play well at all. She keeps missing the puck and she can't score a goal either. Franklin's team is creamed, 12-4. At Franklin's house, Franklin and Bear feel upset about leaving Skunk without saying anything. They remember when Jackrabbit was on their team. Then, they were the beginners and had lots to learn. They decide to go find Skunk and help her. They find Skunk, but it isn't easy. She's practicing in a secluded spot because she doesn't want to be seen. She thinks if she practices enough, she could be ready by next winter. Franklin and Bear begin tutoring her. Under their guidance, she's able to steal the puck away from them when passing and then score a goal. Franklin and Bear tell her that they want her in the upcoming game on Saturday. Skunk's surprised, but says they'd better keep practicing, they've got a game coming. When the game comes, Skunk's doing a lot better. And to her pleasant surprise, she scores a goal. She thanks Franklin and Bear, for not giving up on her.moreless

    • #30301
      In "Franklin's Masterpiece", Franklin submits a painting for an art contest and wins. However, he was not the only one that contributed to the painting. His friends found out and Franklin must find a way to make it right.

      In "Franklin and the Computer", Franklin gets too attached to Beaver's computer game. He had put all his interests aside including his friends. He soon learns there's more to life than a computer game.moreless

    • 5/22/00
      "Franklin Delivers"

      Franklin and Bear are having a great time playing in fallen fall leaves. They pretend that Bear is a ship captain, Franklin is first mate and that a pile of leaves is the "Red Sea." Then, Jack Rabbit, an older kid, comes along. He comments that he used to play in the leaves, when he was younger. Franklin and Bear say that they weren't playing in them, they just fell in them, by accident. Jack Rabbit, who tells them to call him "Jack," talks with them for a while. Franklin tells him that he's been doing the exercises he's shown him and gotten stronger. Eventually, Jack tells them that he has to leave to go do his paper route. They ask if they can come along and help and Jack agrees. So they tag along as he does his paper route. As they go along, we see that they've taken to wearing their caps backwards, like Jack does. They finish and when Franklin gets back home, he asks his parents if he can have his own paper route. His parents don't think he's ready for it though. They say that maybe he can do it when he's older. One day, Franklin and Bear are playing "Knights" when they see Jack coming. Not wanting to look like dopey little kids, they quickly take off their costumes and hide them. Jack Rabbit comes up and notices that they're still wearing their shinguards. They say that they were skateboarding. But they left their skateboards at home, so they were practicing falling. They talk some and Jack Rabbit says that he has to leave, as he's leaving for the weekend and he needs someone to do his paper route on Saturday. Franklin and Bear tell him that they'll do it. They know his route, so it shouldn't be a problem. Jack agrees, just so long as they get their parents' permission. Back at home, Franklin begs his parents again. They seem a bit more willing this time and ask what Bear's parents said. Bear arrives and says that his parents said yes. So Franklin's parents agree too. Saturday comes and Franklin and Bear find their papers to deliver. Already there are two problems: the Saturday paper is a lot heavier than the Tuesday paper and also, there's a whole bunch of flyers that they first have to bundle in with the papers before they can deliver them. They get to work, but not without a few problems, as the wind starts blowing the papers around. They finally get everything ready, but then find the papers are too heavy to carry. Bear suggests using a wagon. Franklin says that Jack would never use a wagon and that they shouldn't either, as they would look like little kids. Bear reminds him of something: they are little kids. So they use Franklin's wagon to deliver the papers, while their friends are out flying kites. Tired, they're pleased when they've finished the route and Mr. Turtle shows up and offers them a ride home in the car. On the way home, Mr. Turtle asks if Franklin still wants his own paper route, but Franklin is fast asleep, as is Bear. The scene changes and it's another beautiful day. Franklin and Bear are out flying kites. They're back to wearing their hats forwards instead of backwards. Jack comes and they thank him for giving them the kites. Jack says that he wanted to do something nice for them after they did such a good job with his paper route. He says that if they still want their own routes, he can put in a good word for them. But Franklin and Bear tell him that they've decided to wait until they're older. Jack says that he hasn't flown a kite in a long time. He asks if he can and Franklin lets him use the one he gave him. Jack calls it "neat," instead of "cool," the word he usually uses.

      "Franklin's Shell Trouble"

      Franklin is out playing with his friends when Beaver notices something wrong with the back of his shell. It seems to be peeling or something. They think perhaps that maybe it's just something normal. Bear says that some of his fur comes out every time he brushes it. But Franklin doesn't think that it's normal and says he'd better go home and tell his Mom. At home, Franklin is trying to solve the problem by using bandages. But it's not working. Mrs. Turtle says that she called Dr. Bear and she'll see him without an appointment. At first, Franklin doesn't want to go to the doctor, but after Mrs. Turtle says that the problem might spread, Franklin thinks that maybe it's not such a bad idea. Dr. Bear diagnoses the problem as "carpace eczema." She says that it's commonly known as "shell-flake" and it's easy to treat. However, Franklin doesn't like the treatment: a purple ointment that has to be rubbed all over his shell and is very smelly. Worse, it could take up to two days for it to work. What is he going to tell his friends? The next day, Franklin and his friends are out berry-picking. But Beaver, Bear and Raccoon are off picking berries in one area, while Franklin is all by himself in another area. His friends wonder why he's all by himself. He's been avoiding him all day. Beaver decides to go over and talk to Franklin. The first thing she notices is the awful smell. Then, as Franklin tries to run off, some the purple ointment comes off on a leaf. Beaver notices it and thinks that there's some kind of fungus growing on the berries. She warns everyone not to eat the berries and Bear thinks that he's doomed, as he's already eaten a hundred. Franklin tells them the truth, that the purple stuff is actually the ointment he has to have on his shell. His friends all try to backpedal, saying that maybe it doesn't smell so bad after all, but Franklin leaves, as he knows that it smells bad. Later, Franklin is in his backyard, playing with the garden hose. Bear comes and Franklin asks if he's alone. Bear asks why and Franklin shows him: if he wants to play in the water, he has to wear this bright red shell cap. He doesn't want anyone to see it, so he can't go swimming in the pond. Bear says that he'll clear everyone out of the pond and Franklin can have it all to himself. Bear comes back and tells Franklin that the pond is all clear. So Franklin comes back, but is startled when he hears his friends returning. Worse, it would seem that Bear is in on it too! Franklin turns around and looks at his friends: they're all wearing silly shower caps! Now they look just as goofy as him! They tell him that they're his friends and they never minded that he looked different. He's just Franklin to them. They proceed to have a splashfight, but not before Franklin covers his shell back up completely.moreless

    • 5/15/00

      "Mr. Fix-It Franklin" Franklin is good at doing things such as repairing things with tape. However, he wants to fix something complicated. He tries to help Mr. Turtle with fixing the washing machine, but Mr. Turtle says there isn't enough room for the two of them. In his room, seeing that his clock is broken, Franklin decides that it can be his repair project and he takes it apart. But he has no idea how to put it together and blames Goldie for not stopping him. His parents come in and help him out. Then, Mr. Turtle shows him how to use basic tools, such as a wrench and hammer. However, when Franklin wants to do a really big repair job, Mr. Turtle says that he doesn't have enough experience. Using her hands, Mrs. Turtle shows Franklin how much experience he has and how much he would need to do the big job. It's a large difference. Not daunted, Franklin goes outside to find his friends. He finds Bear, who has a wobbly wheel on his bike. Using the tools Mr. Turtle gave him, he fixes the wheel. The two find Snail, who's having a problem with his dump truck. It won't dump. Franklin fixes this too. Then, he finds Beaver, who can't get her easel to stay on its stand. Beaver's skeptical that Franklin can repair it. But Franklin does, and then heads home, saying there are things that need to be repaired there and he has lots of experience. While he's at home, things go wrong for his friends. Bear's wheel comes loose again, causing Snail to go flying. This sends him towards Beaver and her easel gets knocked off the painting stand, which wasn't on there so well after all. Bear, Beaver and Snail all end up with bushes and paint on them. They head for Franklin's house and tell him that he didn't do such a good job after all. But they're willing to give him a second chance. With Mr. Turtle's help, Franklin fixes his friends' things again, this time the right way.

      "Franklin Has the Hiccups"

      Mr. Owl's class is playing chess. However, most of them have trouble even just remembering the names of the pieces. Rabbit incorrectly calls the knight a "horse" and Goose says that she confuses her "brooks" and "ponds." Franklin, however, doesn't seem to have such confusion. He likes the game. He likes to think of himself as a coach and the chess pieces as his team. Using this strategy, he checkmates Beaver. He's now checkmated everyone in the class. So Mr. Owl says that he has a new opponent for him. Since he's the chess champion of this school, he's to play the champion of Cedar Brook school tomorrow. As Franklin and his friends head home that day, his friends cheer him on. They think he's the best and so he won't have any problems practicing. Then, Franklin gets the hiccups. His friends try some standard strategies to get rid of them and they seem to work, but then they come back again. Bear helps Franklin to practice chess playing, but Bear can't concentrate because Franklin keeps hiccuping. Franklin can't believe how bad Bear is doing. He tells Bear that he needs him to play like he's the best from another school. Bear complains that he isn't the best from another school and that playing chess with Franklin used to be fun. He leaves. Franklin goes over to his Granny's to play, but he keeps hiccuping and he keeps losing too. Then, the hiccups seem to go away again. Granny thinks that it's odd that his hiccups start and stop again. She waves a checkered cloth in front of his face and he starts hiccuping again. She realizes that he's just nervous about the match and that's the source of his of hiccups. That night, Franklin has a bad dream. He's surrounded by chess pieces and caught in tornado of them and his friends cheering him on. The next day, Franklin still has the hiccups when he sees a checkered pattern. Inside the school, Franklin starts hiccuping again. Mr. Owl suggests that Franklin go and get a drink of water. As Franklin gets his water, the kids from Cedar Brook arrive and head inside. But Franklin notices one of them sitting nervously on the stairs leading up to the school. He asks him what's wrong and he says that he has to play the chess champion from this school. He's heard that he's the best in the world. When Franklin asks who told him that, the kid, Marmot, tells him that the kids in the school did. Franklin tells him that he's not the best in the world, he's just someone who likes playing chess. Marmot says that he's been getting a stomachache thinking about the match. Franklin tells him that he gets the hiccups. So they agree to just go inside, play their best and have fun. After all, playing chess should be fun, not something to get all worked up about.

    • 2/21/00
      "Franklin Helps Out"

      Mr. Owl is discussing ways with his class to help out in the community. He asks them for suggestions, but the only one they come up with is picking up litter. They just suggest different locations for doing it. Mr. Owl decides that the best way to learn about helping out in the community would be to actually go out into the community. So he sends everyone out, calling it a "field trip." Once they're outside, Mr. Owl says that he wants everyone to do different jobs. So they all decide to split up. Franklin thinks that he's doing a great job - picking up litter. But then, Beaver comes along. What's Franklin doing taking her job? She's picking up litter. Then Rabbit comes. He's been picking up litter too. He suggests having a race. Whoever can get their litter into the trash can first gets to keep the job. Beaver and Franklin don't like this at all. Rabbit's faster than the both of them and would surely win. Then Bear shows up and he's picking up litter too. They all get into a big argument about who should keep the job until Fox comes. He tells them all that they shouldn't be putting their stuff in the trash can. A lot of it is recyclable and should go in the recycle bin. Franklin decides that maybe Fox should get the job, as he knows what stuff should be recycled and what shouldn't. So he gets the job and is left holding everyone's litter. Franklin goes out in search of another job and comes across Mr. Groundhog. He's hurt his paw and not only that, but there's a huge tree branch in the way of his path. It's apprently been there a long time, but nobody from the community has done anything about it. Franklin sees that he has a job to do. He tries to move it, but he just can't get it to budge. Seeing Beaver, he decides she would be perfect for the job. She can gnaw the tree into many small parts and then clear it from the path. Beaver thanks him for finding her a job. Franklin continues along. He thinks that's great, but he still hasn't found a job. He finds Mrs. Muskrat, who's delivering hot meals. Asking if he can help out, Mrs. Muskrat gives him one to deliver to Mr. Groundhog. She comments that she always delivers his first, as he gets annoyed if it gets cold. Franklin heads for Mr. Mole's. He runs into Rabbit, who tells him that Mr. Groundhog is down by the pond. He wanted to soak his sore paw. Franklin's worried, as the pond is in the opposite direction and he'd never make it before the hot meal got cold. Rabbit's quick, though. So Franklin entrusts him to get it to Mr. Groundhog in time. Franklin resumes his wandering, noting that that if just wandering around doing nothing was a job, he'd be good at it. He finds Mr. Mole, who's trying to move a bench under some tree so that he can get some shade. He tries to help Mr. Mole, but the bench is too heavy. Bear shows up and Franklin has him try lifting the bench. He's strong and is able to move it. Mr. Owl arrives on the scene. It would seem that everyone's done a job, except Franklin. But then Fox, Beaver, Rabbit and Bear all tell Mr. Owl about how Franklin helped them find their jobs. Mr. Owl tells Franklin that do something to help the community: helping his friends find the perfect jobs for them.

      "Franklin's Missing Snacks"

      Franklin and his friends are playing, when suddenly Bear wants to break for a snack. Everyone's starting to get annoyed as it seems like everytime they get a game going, they have to stop and head home to get snacks. Then, Bear has a neat idea. What if they all brought some snacks from home and stashed them in a basket up at the tree fort. That way, they wouldn't have to keep heading home every time and wouldn't have that much of a break in their game. They all think that's a great idea. They return with their snacks. There's lots of neat things, except Fox has brought these awful apricot bars. Nobody likes them, as they get stuck to their teeth. Asked where he got them, Fox admits that he got them trick-or-treating, which was eight months ago. In any case, the idea seems to work. Later on, they're playing a game, when Bear suddenly says that he just remembered he has to go home. So they're left without a catcher for their baseball game, but they play on anyway. Fox hits the ball way, way back. Franklin runs after it. After a fair amount of time, he's still not back. Fox and Beaver wonder where he could have gotten off to. Maybe he got lost. When Franklin finally returns, Fox and Beaver are pretending to be asleep. Beaver jokes that she doesn't want to get up. Is it morning already? They decide that after that "nap," they're hungry. So they go to the tree fort for snacks, only to find that the basket's missing. At first, they wonder who took it. Then, Fox and Beaver think they know who: it must have been Bear. He likes snacks a lot and the thing about leaving the baseball game early was just a ruse for him to steal the snacks. Franklin protests, saying that Bear would never do such a thing. But, he has to admit that it doesn't look good. Later on, Franklin is playing checkers with his Granny. But he loses three games in a row. Granny wonders if something is wrong and Franklin asks her what you should do if you think your best friend did something that wasn't very friendly. Granny figures out that it's Bear that Franklin is talking about and tells him that although he thinks in his head that Bear did something wrong, he knows in his heart that he didn't. So Franklin returns to the tree fort and does some investigating. Seeing the empty basket in some bushes, he picks it up. Then, Beaver and Fox arrive. With Franklin holding the empty basket, they think now that he's the one who stole the snacks. Bear then shows up and hears what Franklin is being accused of. He tells Fox and Beaver that Franklin didn't do it. They ask how he can be so sure. Bear says that Franklin hasn't done anything rotten like that before. Also, he trusts him. It then comes out that they suspected Bear of stealing the snacks. It was only after they saw Franklin with the basket that suspicion turned to him. They apologize to them both. After looking at things a little more, they see a broken rope and realize that the rope that was holding the basket just snapped. Further investigation finds their snacks in the bush. Bear presents "razzle-dazzle bars," which he bought yesterday with his Mom. That's why he had to leave early. Fox suggests first that they try his apricot chews. They're really not that bad. So, they try them and they really are bad. Fox decides that maybe he'll have a razzle-dazzle bar instead. It's not that he doesn't like the apricot chew. He's just going to save it for later.moreless

    • 1/17/00
      "Franklin and the Grump"

      Franklin and Bear are playing baseball. It's winter, but they want to get back in practice for the upcoming spring season. Then, they accidentally hit the ball into Mr. Groundhog's yard. Franklin doesn't think it's a problem. They'll just knock and ask if they can go and get the ball. But when they knock, at first no one answers. Then, after knocking a second time, Mr. Groundhog tells them to go away as it's not even February 2nd. Franklin's confused. Bear suggests that they just leave, but Franklin's worried the ball could get buried in snow if they have to wait till February 2nd. He says that he just wants to go and get his ball. Mr. Groundhog, now that he knows what they're actually after, gives Franklin permission to come and get his ball. He's still very grumpy though and gets irritated when Franklin brings up his comment about February 2nd. At home, Franklin tells his parents about how grumpy Mr. Groundhog was. He also tells them what he said about February 2nd. His parents tell him about Groundhog's Day. It's a tradition that if Mr. Groundhog sees his shadow, then there'll be six more weeks of winter. But if he doesn't see his shadow, then there'll be an early spring. They also tell Franklin that if someone acts grumpy towards you, you should never be grumpy back. Sometime later on, Franklin is near the town store. He sees somebody wrapped in scarves, trying to juggle a bunch of groceries. It looks like he needs help, so Franklin offers it. But the scarves end up coming off to reveal that it's Mr. Groundhog. Everyone, seeing Mr. Groundhog, races up and surrounds him and starts telling him what they think he should predict on Groundhog's Day. Some want early winter, some want spring and everybody has different reasons. Mr. Groundhog, very annoyed now, tells everyone to go away and heads off with his groceries. He drops his cocoa and Franklin tries to tell him, but he's already halfway down the street and yells at Franklin to go away. Franklin remembers what his parents said about not being grumpy back and heads for Mr. Groundhog's house. There, he tells Mr. Groundhog that he forgot his cocoa. Mr. Groundhog apologizes for being grumpy with him and tells him to come on in. He can have some cocoa and they'll talk. Franklin says that's okay, they just won't talk about the weather. Inside, Franklin notices all sorts of neat devices that Mr. Groundhog has to help predict the weather. He comments on it and then remembers that he wasn't supposed to talk about the weather. But Mr. Groundhog doesn't mind and tells Franklin all about his devices, some of which are more scientific than others. Franklin then brings up Groundhog Day. Mr. Groundhog details the trouble with Groundhog Day. He doesn't mind predicting the weather, it's just that everyone seems to want a different forecast. And they get annoyed if the foreceast isn't the way they want. He's tired of it and so this year, he's canceling Groundhog Day. They can gather around his house all they want, but he's not coming out. On Groundhog's Day, everyone comes, but Mr. Groundhog doesn't come out. Then, Franklin knocks at his door. Mr. Groundhog, seeing that it's Franklin, lets Franklin in. Then, to his surprise, everyone else that's gathered around comes on in. Franklin explains: he told his parents about what he said and word got around. So they all came to wish Mr. Groundhog a happy Groundhog Day, not because they want anything from him. Franklin then sees his own shadow and asks Mr. Groundhog what it means. Mr. Groundhog tells him that it means he's in the company of a good friend.

      "Franklin's Promise"

      Franklin's alarm goes off. Sleepy, he starts to go back to bed. Then, he remembers, it's Saturday! He's going to go bike-riding today. Then, he looks out his window. Looks like rain. Mrs. Turtle comes in and Franklin expresses his disappointment at the fact that it's raining. Mrs. Turtle finds that strange, as it's not raining on the other side of the house. So Franklin goes outside and finds the problem: a faulty sprinkler. Mr. Turtle is trying to fix it. That's not good, as he had promised Franklin he was going to fix his bike. He tells Franklin he'll get to it, just as soon as he fixes the sprinkler. But the sprinkler is a tougher job than he thought and things keep going wrong with it, despite his makeshift attempts at repair. Franklin's friends come and go, as Franklin doesn't have a bike to ride with them. They say they'll come back later. Maybe it'll be fixed by then. Franklin goes inside, where his Mom tries to help him out. She knows things aren't go to plan, but maybe she could make a picnic for Franklin and his friends. Franklin can help. She sends Franklin out to the garden to pick some vegetables. Franklin picks the vegetables, but then sees Mr. Fox. He's carrying a heavy load of stuff that he bought at Mr. and Mrs. Skunk's yard sale and it looks like he's going to drop it. Franklin helps him. It would seem he needs a bit more help though, so Franklin helps him to carry it to his house. Franklin gets back and starts on the vegetable-picking again. But then, Bear, Beaver and Fox arrive. It would seem that Bear fell and scraped his knee while they were biking. So Mr. Turtle gets a bandage and offers him a drive home. First, though, how about a picnic? Mrs. Turtle is finished setting things up. Bear is more than happy to stay for a picnic. Franklin apologizes to Mrs. Turtle, for not keeping his promise of helping with the picnic. She doesn't mind, though, as she knows he had some emergencies to take care of. And now, Franklin understands better why Mr. Turtle wasn't able to take care of his bike right away.moreless

    • 3/30/04
      "Gee Whiz Franklin"

      When Rabbit tells Franklin and his friends about the "Gee Whiz Challenge," a contest to do something fun for 24 hours and get in a magazine, everyone jumps at the chance to become famous. They soon find that not only is it harder than they think, but there are other things that are more important.

      "Franklin Can't Wait"

      Franklin and his friends are going to the circus and he told all his friends to come early - but didn't tell his parents. They all soon become very bored by the long wait. When one friend arrives later than all the rest of them, they show that they can still have a good time, even with the long wait.moreless

    • 11/16/98
      In "Franklin's Garden", Franklin was proud of his little garden until he noticed a caterpillar kept eating his petunias. He tried everything to keep the caterpillar out but Mr. Mole explained the significance of a caterpillar and gave Franklin a whole new outlook about his garden, including other living things.

      In "Franklin Runs Away", Franklin and Snail feels unwanted due to a series of disagreeable encounters with family and friends. They decide to run away but then realizes how much everyone cares about them.moreless

    • 3/23/04
      "Franklin Loses a Book"

      Harriet has a favorite book called The Happy Green Frog and she wants Franklin to read it to her over and over. Franklin is okay with reading it at first, but when she keeps asking to hear it and ignoring all of her other books, he grows tired of it and hides it under a pile of newspapers. Later, the newspapers are taken out to the recycling... and the book exits with them! Franklin and Bear launch on a wild hunt throughout Woodland in the hope of finding another copy of the book to read to Harriet, but end up with a very creative solution to the problem.

      "Franklin and Betty"

      Beaver's cousin Betty is in town and Franklin is the first of the Woodland kids other than Beaver to meet her. The two quickly become friends with each other, Betty identifying with Franklin's interest in sand-castle building and also wanting to get away from Beaver, who is obliviously centered on her own interests. As more of the kids in Woodland get to know Betty, they also notice the friendship between Betty and Franklin and two try to turn it into a joke --- that the two of them are in love! Franklin gets some help from his best friend Bear in dealing with this awkward situation.moreless

    • #41201
      "Franklin at the Seashore"

      It's a fun day at the beach for Franklin and Bear. Looking for fun, they find some seashells. Franklin tells Bear that if he holds one up to his ear, he can hear the ocean. But Bear can't hear anything, as the real ocean is drowning it out. They decide to use the shells as part of a sandcastle they're making. They make a wonderful sandcastle and go off to do some other things. While they're gone, two crabs come along. They wreck the castle and take all the shells. When Franklin and Bear return, they're mad that their castle has been wrecked. They notice that whoever took their shells left footprints. They follow them and reclaim the shells where the crabs left them. As Franklin and Bear leave, the crabs are indignant. How dare Franklin and Bear take their shells. Franklin and Bear make a new castle and agree that it's even better than the first one. They go off again and once again the crabs come for the shells. This time, though, they cover up their tracks by dusting them. Franklin and Bear return and are upset once again that their castle has been destroyed. The thieves may not have left any footprints this time, but Franklin and Bear know where their hideout is. They'll find them! The two crabs hide in a log, but they blow their cover and Franklin and Bear reclaim the shells. This time, they decide to take the shells someplace where the crabs can't get to them, like an island. There happens to be one not so far away from the beach, so they head there. While they're not looking, the crabs follow them. They're heading to the island too, as they can swim perfectly well. On the island, the crabs continue following Franklin and Bear. But then, one of them falls into a crevice. He's stuck! The other crab tries to rescue him, but is unable. Franklin and Bear overhear the commotion and realize that they're in trouble. Although still mad at them for taking their shells, Franklin and Bear agree that if someone's in trouble, you have to help them. They rescue the crab. The crab's surprised and comments that he never expected they would help them. They're the ones that kept taking their shells. This surprises Franklin and Bear. Their shells?! They ask if Bear found them in a pile and Bear admits that he did. They explain that they were in a pile because they had already gathered them. Bear and Franklin apologize and Bear decide that they should introduce each other the right away. So the crabs meet Franklin and Bear and Franklin and Bear meet "the Crab brothers."

      "Franklin & Snail's Dream"

      Franklin is walking along on a nice day, his friend Snail on his shoulder. As they watch the clouds, Snail is reminded of something. Franklin asks him what. Snail starts to tell him, but then stops for fear of being silly. Franklin says that he won't laugh and Snail explains that his big dream is to someday fly. Franklin tells Snail that he doesn't think it's silly and that his Dad says that you should always follow your dreams because that's how they come true. Snail thanks Franklin for encouraging him to follow his dreams. Sometime in the future, Franklin encounters Snail. He's at the top of a hill, wearing a couple of feathers and jumps off. Unfortunately, this is not a good method of flying and he only succeeds in falling. Franklin tells Snail that if he really wants to fly, he'll help him. Franklin comes up with a number of ideas, but nothing works. Then, Beaver comes along says that Franklin should tell Snail that snails can't fly. Some dreams are just too big to come true. Franklin keeps on anyway, but Snail gives up, saying that Beaver's right. That night, Franklin removes the astronaut pictures from his wall. His big dream is to be an astronaut, but if snails can't fly, then maybe turtles can't be astronauts. His Dad, Mr. Turtle, comes in and tells him about a bright star that's in the sky right now, but when Franklin shows no interest, his Dad wonders if he's given up his interest in astronomy. Franklin explains what happened with Snail. Mr. Turtle once again tells him he has to keep following his dreams, but Franklin figures this is just something he has to say because he's a Dad. Mr. Turtle truly means it though and, in fact, he thinks he knows a way that he might be able to help with Snail's dream. The next day, Franklin, Mr. Turtle and Snail are all outside when they hear something coming. It's a plane! Snail is introduced to the pilot, Mrs. Periwinkle. She's a snail too. It turns out that when she was a kid, her classmates told her that she couldn't fly either. But back then, it wasn't because that "snails can't fly," it was because "girls can't be pilots." Imagine that! Mrs. Periwinkle takes Snail up for a ride in the clouds. Down on the ground, Beaver sees and comments that snails really can fly. Franklin asks his Dad if he thinks someday a turtle will land on Mars. Mr. Turtle says he doesn't know, but it's certainly a great dream.moreless

    • #20601
      In "Franklin's Family Treasure", Mr. Turtle gives Franklin a whistle. Without realizing it's value, Franklin traded it away until his Granny told him where the whistle originates from. Franklin and his Granny desperately tracks down who has the whistle.

      In "Franklin's Music Lessons", Franklin and his class were entertained by Mrs. Panda and her piano. This inspired Franklin and Beaver to take up piano lessons from Franklin's Granny. He didn't realize how practice can really be perfect until he noticed how well Beaver was playing the piano while he was out goofing off.moreless

    • #60401
      "Franklin's Swimming Party"

      Franklin and his friends are having a swimming party. Unfortunately, Skunk doesn't know how to swim - and things only get worse for Franklin accidentally reveals her secret.

      "Franklin's Soccer Field Folly"

      Franklin is embarrassed after he scores a soccer goal - for the opposing team!

    • 8/8/04
      "Franklin's Badge"

      Franklin joins the Woodland Trailblazer troop, a sort of combination Boy / Girl Scouts, and tries to earn some merit badges. He finds that there is much more to it than simply earning badges.

      "Franklin Stargazes"

      In "Franklin Stargazes", Franklin trades away his new telescope before realizing its potential. He tries to get it back and ends up striking a bargain.moreless

    • 7/24/04
      "Franklin's Favorite Card"

      Franklin lends some soccer cards to Bear. When Bear returns them and Franklin can't find his favorite Carl Cougar card, he thinks Bear lost it. This leads to a rift in their friendship.

      "Franklin's Expedition"

      Franklin and Bear go on an expedition for the Woodland Trailblazers. They decide to go on a hike together, but everything they planned seems to go wrong.moreless

    • #60101
      "Franklin the Weather Turtle"

      Franklin is an aspiring meteorologist after spending time with Mr. Groundhog.

      "Franklin's Dance Lessons"

      Franklin initially tries to get out of dance lessons before learning it can be fun.

    • 8/1/04
      "Hockey Fan Franklin"

      Franklin gets the nervous jitters after winning a contest to meet his favorite hockey star. Things only get worse when the actual meeting happens and he feels like he made a fool of himself.

      "Mother Hen Franklin"

      Franklin becomes overly protective after Harriet scrapes her knee. Mrs. Turtle helps him by talking with him about happened when he hurt himself after experiences such as his first bike ride.moreless

    • 6/26/04
      "Franklin's Go-Cart Race"

      Mr. Owl assigns Franklin and his class the task of building go-carts.

      "Sir Franklin's Squire"

      Franklin and Snail play "knights" on a royal quest. Along the way, their friends join in on the fun.

    • 6/6/04
      "Franklin Migrates"

      In "Franklin Migrates", Franklin learns about Migration Celebration from Goose. Goose's relatives fly south for the winter, while she and her family stay in Woodland. Franklin joins in the celebration.

      "Franklin the Photographer"

      Beaver starts a camera club at school. Franklin tries to get a picture of a butterfly, but finds it to be a difficult task.moreless

    • 5/30/04
      "Franklin in Charge"

      Franklin takes on Mr. Turtle's household chores. He finds that he can't do it all, and doesn't have to.

      "Franklin's UFO"

      Franklin and Rabbit chase after UFOs after reading a newspaper article. They consult with Mr. Mole for advice.

    • 4/1/04
      "Franklin's Canoe Trip"

      Mr. Turtle misses the call of the loons from camping in the wilderness, so he takes Franklin and Bear on a camping trip, encouraging them to be "voyageurs." Although enthusiastic about the trip, they begin to think for a while that it's less fun than they thought it would be.

      "Franklin's Interview"

      Franklin's class has been assigned to do an interview with someone they consider special. Beaver takes Franklin's parents, but Franklin can't seem to find anyone that he wants to interview. After looking all over for a subject, he finally finds the perfect one someplace that he even looked.moreless

    • 6/19/04
      "Franklin's Bike-A-Thon"

      Franklin participates in a charity ride for a new library computer.

      "Franklin's Candy Caper"

      When Franklin puts a strange penny in Mr. Mole's candy machine, all of the candy comes out.

    • Back to School With Franklin
      Back to School With Franklin
      Season 6 - Episode 16
      School has come to a close for the summer and the kids of Woodland all enjoy a summer of "doing nothin'," although, as they learn, doing nothing can be a busy thing. When they return to school, they learn that Mr. Owl is out on a family emergency and their substitute is Miss Koala. Miss Koala is from Australia and seems rather odd to the kids, especially Franklin, who takes the longest to warm up to her. Eventually, though, her "can-do" attitude and ideas of "always trying different" begin to appeal to them and when they learn that Mr. Owl is going to be returning, they want to win a soccer game for her to show their appreciation. Meanwhile, Franklin's sister Harriet is upset when she learns that her best friend Beatrice is going to be attending nursery school this year and can't play with her like she used to. Franklin lends her his old blue blanket and that helps some, but things really look up when she makes friends with Beaver's new little brother Kit, but not before an unfortunate incident.moreless
    • 11/9/98
      In "Franklin Says Sorry", Bear had a surprise for their tree fort and Franklin spoiled it by telling Fox. Bear was really upset with Franklin and wouldn't speak to him for day. Franklin was also upset about what happened and apologized. Fox and Beaver also confessed they were to blame as well for they had insisted Franklin tell them and that it wasn't all his fault.

      In "Franklin and the Fire", a fire engine awoke Franklin and there was a fire at Mr. Mole's store. Franklin began to worry about his home fire safety and had his parents start practicing fire drills.moreless

    • Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure
      Franklin shares many good times with his Granny, but when she takes ill, he's determined to help her. When his Aunt Lucy, an archaeologist, comes to visit, they find an old treasure map made by his grandmother. It show the location of a time capsule that she buried near Turtle Lake and never dug up; shortly after she buried it, her parents died in a house fire and she hasn't been back since.

      When Granny becomes ill, Franklin learns that there is a turtle talisman inside the capsule, containing a strong magic that can help his Grandma. He sets out to find it with the help of Bear, Beaver, Snail and Aunt Lucy. However, he also has to contend with Aunt Lucy's headstrong goddaughter Samantha.moreless
    • 6/12/04
      "Franklin's Word"

      Harriet hears a hurtful word and starts using it at inappropriate times.

      "Franklin's Pond Phantom"

      Franklin and Bear scare their friends with a tall tale about sea-serpent that supposedly dwells in Woodland Pond.

    • #40801
      "Franklin and Sam"

      Franklin is over at Bear's house, playing a game with Bear, Fox and Rabbit. Things are going pretty well until Bear's sister Beatrice ("Bea Bear") comes into the room looking for her teddy. It disturbs the game, but nobody really minds too much and they all help to look for Beatrice's teddy bear. Rabbit finds it, under a couch cushion. Mr. Bear thanks Rabbit for doing that. Bear explains that Beatrice can't get to sleep without her teddy bear. Fox shakes his head and comments "Babies and their stuffed toys." Franklin looks nervous. That night, Franklin sets his stuffed dog, Sam, next to his goldfish, Goldie. He says that Goldie can keep him company, but he can't sleep with him anymore, as stuffed toys are for babies. He tries to get to sleep, but he just tosses and turns and is bothered by the ticking of his clock. Finally, he takes Sam down from next to Goldie. He says that he won't tell if Sam won't tell. He goes peacefully to sleep. The next day, Bear says that he has some good news for his friends. His parents said that he can have a campout in his backyard. Better yet, he has a large tent, so they can all sleep together. They don't have to bring their own tents. Franklin is immediately nervous about this, but tries not to show it. Later, Franklin is packing for the camping trip. He's bringing Sam, but he's hidden him in his pillow so that nobody will see him. Mrs. Turtle gives him a bag of blueberry muffins to share with his friends. Mrs. Muskrat is also there, picking eggplant. Mrs. Turtle gave her the okay because they have so much, they don't know what to do with it. Franklin, having so much stop, drops some of it. Rabbit comes by and asks if Franklin wants any help. But Franklin panics when Sam falls out of his pillow. Thinking quickly, he stuffs it the muffin bag. Over at Bear's place, Franklin tells his friends that he has a surprise. They all want to know what it is, but he tells them they have to wait until they're inside the tent. Inside the tent, Franklin tells his friends to cover their eyes and then he'll reveal the surprise. His plan is to pull out Sam and hide him while they're not looking. So he's surprised himself when he reaches into the bag and pulls out... an eggplant!? It would seem that he and Mrs. Muskrat accidentally switched bags. Aggravating Franklin's fears, it would seem that Mrs. Muskrat has discovered this too. She comes over to Bear's gate, waving Sam. Franklin stops her before his friends can see her. She gives Franklin the bag of blueberry muffins, but she's also added some cookies. Franklin thanks her, but asks her to hide Sam and not say anything. That night, Bear tells a scary story. Then, Franklin says he has to leave and return the eggplants to Mrs. Muskrat. Everyone finds it odd that Franklin is waiting until night to do this, but they let him leave anyway without too much questioning. At Mrs. Muskrat's house, Franklin explains that he doesn't want his friends to see him with Sam. They would think he was a baby. Mrs. Muskrat asks if they would think she is a baby. She presents Kitty, a stuffed toy that she's had since she was five years old. She tells Franklin that even adults hang on to a few very special stuffed toys. Franklin tells her that he's still going to hang on to Sam, but he still doesn't want to see his friends to see him. Franklin returns to the tent and is pleased to see that his friends are all sleeping. He tries to sneak in, but he ends up tripping and waking them up. Using his flashlight, he sees them all their sleeping bags, with their stuffed toys! Each and every one of them, including Fox! Franklin asks why they didn't just tell him that they sleep with stuffed animals. He's been trying to hide Sam from them all day. Fox answers that he didn't ask. Franklin sets aside Sam, telling him that there's something he has to do. He then picks up a pillow and starts a pillow fight.

      "Franklin's Berry Patch"

      Franklin, Bear, Skunk and Rabbit are out picking berries. However, the picking this year is a lot worse than last year. There are hardly any berries on the bushes. Franklin and Bear decide to head off to go do something else. On their way, they come across a huge, secluded berry patch. Delighted at having found this, they pick a huge bunch of berries and vow not to tell anyone else about the patch. The next day, they return to the patch. This time, though, they find that there are birds everywhere picking the berries. They don't like this, as it's their patch and so they try to chase the birds away. When the birds keep coming back, they go to more trouble. They create cardboard "scarecrows" of themselves to keep the birds away, hang up pie pans to flash light in the birds' eyes and set up chimes made of forks and spoons to scare them away with sound. Later, they're flying their kites with Rabbit and Skunk. Rabbit and Skunk hear the chimes that Franklin and Bear set up and wonder where they're coming from. Not wanting their cover to be blown, Franklin and Bear run for the patch and disassemble the chimes. However, when they return, some of the forks and spoons fall out of Franklin's shell and Rabbit and Skunk wonder what Franklin is doing with them. Worse, Bear and Franklin left Rabbit with their kites and they're now stuck in a tree. Later, the group is playing on the playground when Skunk sees the light being flashed by the pie pans. Bear and Franklin claim that it's lightning or something and race to take down the pie pans. Rabbit and Skunk become more and more suspicious. They decide to go and investigate when Franklin and Bear say that they're going home, but instead head towards the berry patch, the opposite direction of home. First, they find the "scarecrows" they set up and then they find the berry patch. Franklin and Bear try to chase them away, saying that the patch is theirs. But now the birds have returned too. The group watches as one of the birds grabs a berry and takes it to its nest, where it feeds one of its hungry babies. Franklin and Bear realize that the birds weren't just taking the berries for themselves, they were taking them for their children. They decide that sharing the berry patch would be the best thing to do.moreless

    • 11/6/97
      In "Hurry Up, Franklin", Franklin heads over to his best Friend Bear's surprise birthday party. However, Franklin tends to take his take as he is sidetracked with nature's beauty. He enjoys the adventure and even picks up treasures along the way. In the end, he still makes it to the birthday party just in time.#10202
      In "Franklin's Bad Day", Franklin is sad because his best friend, Otter had moved away. Even though he refuses to admit it, he's also angry and mad at everyone, including his friends. He then realizes, no matter what, it's no excuse for his behavior.moreless
    • #30501
      "Franklin and the Fortune Teller"

      Franklin's friends start to get excited because of Beaver's new toy, a spinning top. Beaver soon becomes convinced that the toy can tell everyone's future. Everyone joins in, except Franklin who spends his time at home, away from his friends because of his disbelief in it. When Franklin finally decides to try it, Beaver comes up with predictions about Franklin's next day, which ends up to be false information.

      "Franklin's Cellar"

      Franklin deals with his fear of the cellar located in the basement. While him and his friends are playing hide and seek, Franklin faces his fear of the cellar while trying to locate Bear, who is hiding somewhere in the cellar. Later on, Franklin's friends put on super costumes and try get rid of the imaginary monsters one by one in every cellar of each household, just for a game.moreless

    • 2/14/00

      "Franklin and the Puppy"

      Franklin and Bear are playing when a field, when a small puppy comes up to Franklin. They play catch with it and find that it's pretty good at it. Bear notices that he doesn't have a collar. Franklin, thinking that it might be a stray, decides that they can't simply leave it out its own. He's going to take it home with him. Bear's not sure it's a good idea, but he does agree that it shouldn't be left out to fend for himself. So Franklin takes the puppy home and explains the situation. His parents agree to take the puppy in, but with a caveat- they're going to search for the puppy's rightful owner. Franklin begins caring for the puppy and the puppy is a lot of work. One morning, Franklin is leaving for school. He wants to say goodbye to the puppy, but he can't find it. It turns out that the puppy snuck into Franklin's backpack. Franklin doesn't find this out until the puppy pokes out of his backpack on the bus. When Franklin gets to school, he tells the puppy to wait for him outside. But the puppy follows him inside unseen and creates quite a commotion running around the oom. Mr. Owl finally catches him and asks who he belongs to. Franklin admits the puppy is his and apologizes for the mess. But Mr. Owl doesn't mind, saying that it's not often they start their mornings with that much excitement. The search for the puppy's owner continues, but Mr. and Mrs. Turtle also buy a collar and leash for him. Then, one day, Franklin is at his house with Bear, when someone comes knocking at the door. It's the owner of the puppy! Franklin panics. He's grown attached to the puppy and doesn't want to give him away. So he tries to sneak out of the house with Bear, who definitely doesn't think this is such a good idea. But then he hears the puppy's owner talking about how much she misses the puppy. He decides to do the right thing and return the puppy. The owner's mother explains that they have the puppy stay at her Granny's place, but Grandma isn't much for dogs and she's also getting up in years and so that's how the puppy got loose. Franklin volunteers to watch the puppy from now on when they go away and the owners agree.

      "Franklin Takes the Bus"

      Mr. Owl has a lot of neat toys in his toy chest. One of them is a toy bus, which Franklin really likes to play with. He likes it so much, that he decides he wants to take it home with him. So he takes it, but without asking. He'll just return it the next day. That afternoon, Bear comes over to Franklin's house and sees Franklin playing with the bus. He says that it looks like the bus in Mr. Owl's oom and Franklin says that it is. Bear asks him if he asked if he could take it and Franklin admits that he didn't. He doesn't think that Mr. Owl will mind though, as he never plays with it. Bear's not so sure, but Franklin reassures him that everything will be okay. However, everything isn't okay. The next day, Franklin forgets to take the toy bus with him to school. He hopes that no one will notice that it's missing, but Beaver does. She needed it for the safety demonstration she was going to do today. Franklin starts to admit that he took it, but Mr. Owl cuts him off before he can finish his sentence and Franklin ends up saying that he wants to help look for it. The entire searches for the bus, but naturally they come up empty. That afternoon, Franklin and Bear continue playing with the bus. Franklin says that he's definitely going to return it tomorrow. Then, Franklin and Bear have to leave and they leave the bus, as well as some other toys, in a hollowed log. Beaver and Goose are playing hide-and-seek and Goose hides in the log. When Beaver finds her, she notices the toy bus and Franklin's other toys. She thinks that the toys must belong to the "thief," the one who took the bus. So Beaver takes the bus and the toys to the school and starts talking about a thief. She says that she's going to find out who this thief is. So Franklin admits the truth: there is no thief. He's the one who took the bus. Mr. Owl's not happy that Franklin took it without asking, but he's glad Franklin told the truth. Beaver goes ahead with the safety demonstration, with the help of some of Franklin's other toys. But not before asking Franklin if she can borrow them first.

    • 10/25/99

      In "Franklin's Nature Hike", Franklin & his friends are on a trip... a Nature Hike. However, Franklin becomes over protective of his friend, Snail. He soon learns Snail is able to care for himself.

      In "Franklin's Starring Role", Franklin is disappointed he did not get a part in the spring play. Even worse, he has to be the stage manager. He soon learns his role is just important as everyone else's.

    • 11/3/97
      In "Franklin Plays The Game", Franklin is not looking forward to playing soccer for his team always loses. During a practice, Franklin notices how his teammates play and suggest they practice every day to get to know their positions. Eventually, they all learn to play as a team and have fun, even though they haven't won a game.

      In "Franklin Wants A Pet", Franklin still loves his stuff dog Sam but have trouble deciding which pet to choose and tries to convince his parents he is ready for a real pet.moreless

    • 4/3/04
      "Franklin's Cookie Question"

      Franklin and Bear have been making homemade cookies for a while now and this time, they've made their biggest batch ever. They want them to last a long time, but are tempted to eat them all up at once. After Bear literally gets his paw caught in the cookie jar, they find the cookies to be the least of their worries.

      "Franklin's Picnic"

      Franklin is sure that he won't like anything spinach, or lots of unfamiliar foods in general. Bear seems to agree with him, but the two find themselves facing this issue head-on when Beaver organizes a picnic and those in change of bringing the food announce plans to bring some pretty strange-sounding things.moreless

    • 9/21/98
      In "Franklin the Spy", Franklin and Bear play secret agents and uses a hidden tape recorder on their friends. But the recorder stopped taping just when the secret was about to be revealed and Franklin & Bear takes it one step to far.

      In "Franklin's Library Book", Franklin receives his first library card and takes out his first library book. He was so excited with this new responsibility. Unfortunately, he left his library book out in the rain and tries to hide the damaged book.moreless

    • 3/31/04
      "Franklin's Spring First"

      Everyone in Woodland has been looking forward to spring, but a late snowfall make it seem like it's taking forever. Franklin decides to celebrate the first day of spring by creating a holiday based around it, with special traditions such as having waffles for breakfast. On the day of the big celebration, melting snow and heavy rains cause an unfortunate flood, but Franklin and his family still find reason to celebrate after receiving help from a certain animal family who's well-equipped to deal with the problem.

      "Franklin Plays Golf"

      When Franklin sees his Dad warming up for golf season, he becomes interested in the game as well and soon agrees to an outing at the golf course with Mr. Turtle. Bear is worried that the outing will conflict with a soccer game, but Franklin feels that he'll have plenty of time for both events. When Franklin finds that golf not only takes a long game, but he isn't as good as it that he thought, he enlists Bear's help in an ill-advised plan to speed things up.moreless

    • #11101
      In "Franklin and the Tooth Fairy", when Bear shows Franklin what he received from the tooth fairy, Franklin was upset that since turtles don't have teeth, he'll never receive a visit and a gift from the tooth fairy.

      In "Franklin Takes the Blame", Mr. Mole asks Franklin to take care of his flower garden while he goes on vacation. However, Franklin gets sidetracked and kept forgetting to water Mr. Mole's garden. When he discovered his error, he tries to correct the problem, only it couldn't be fixed.moreless

    • 3/29/04
      "Franklin's Float"

      Franklin and his friends have always enjoyed watching the annual Woodland parade, but this year, some of them are actually going to be in it, riding their bikes. At least, that was the plan, until Franklin thinks big and suggests that they create their own float. They create the Mothership One and load it up with gimmicks, only to find that it won't even move.

      "Franklin's Party Plans"

      When Franklin finds Skunk crying and learns that she's moving, he tells some of his friends about it and they decide to put together a surprise party to cheer her up. They create a number of items for her to remember them by, but when it comes time for the surprise party, it turns out to be Skunk who surprises them.moreless

    • #41001
      "Franklin's Robot"

      Franklin and Fox are playing in the sandbox. Fox has a toy robot and he pretends that it's a real robot and that he's using it to make a castle. The two both agree that it would be neat if they had a real robot. It could build huge sandcastles and clean their rooms and all sorts of things. So Fox says that maybe his Dad will let him use some of the old things he has to make a robot. They get to work and put one together. Beaver and Bagder come along. They see and ask it can do. Franklin and Fox have to admit, the only thing they can do is make its eye light up red. Beaver and Badger aren't impressed. Then, Fox says that the reason it can't really do anything is because it's not ready yet. If they come back later, they'll be able to see it clean rooms and do all sorts of neat things. After they leave, Franklin asks just how it's going to do that. Fox isn't sure, but he knows that Beaver and Badger are just going to laugh at them if it doesn't. So Fox comes up with an idea: he puts Franklin inside the robot and has him wear it as a suit. Beaver and Badger return, this time with Goose and Rabbit. Fox is ready for them. He has Franklin, dressed as the robot, follow their commands to spin around and jump up and down. But Franklin gets pretty tired from doing all of this and when Beaver asks Fox to have the robot clean his room, Fox says he has to take it to get its battery recharged. He runs off with the "robot" and he and Franklin trade spaces. Now, Fox is inside the robot and Franklin is the one operating it. He takes it to Beaver's, where Fox, as the robot, cleans her room. Pretty soon, everyone is competing to have the robot clean their room next and Franklin and Fox are finding it harder to maintain their deception. They try to concoct a plan where the "robot" ends up in the water and Franklin will claim it's "short-circuited," but the plan itself is short-circuited when their friends show up earlier than expected. Fox, as the robot, makes a run for it, but they chase him. Finally, he stops and takes off the robot head. Beaver says that she knew all along it wasn't a real robot. Later on, everyone discusses the deception. Everyone's actually sort of impressed, they never did make the connection that both Fox and Franklin were never present at the same time when the robot was around. Fox and Franklin show the thing with the eye lighting up again and Rabbit thinks it's neat. He calls it the "world's biggest night-light." Fox explains how they set up the eye so it goes on whenever there's a shadow over it. Now, everyone wants to borrow the robot for use as a night-light.

      "Franklin the Detective"

      Franklin and Bear are playing a Clue type game in which they try to solve international crimes. Franklin catches the jewel thief and wins again. Then, Mr. Turtle comes in, looking for his keys. Through deduction, Franklin figures out that they were locked in the back trunk of the car. They use Mom's car keys to unlock it and get them out. Then, as Franklin and Bear are walking along to a baseball game, Franklin spots a hat. It's rather small, so at first they think it might be a child's hat. Then, they find a plant marker in it that says "rhododendron." Maybe it belongs to Mr. Mole, since he gardens. But Franklin notices that it doesn't look like a guy's hat. So he figures out that it belongs to Mrs. Heron and returns it to her. He also figures out something else: he and Bear are late for the baseball game. They head for the game, but nobody seems to be there. All of the equipment is still there though, so they must be somewhere. They find them, looking for the ball. Apparently Fox hit the ball so hard that he sent it flying someplace that they can't find it. Franklin tells them that he's a detective and that he'll find it. Beaver's rather skeptical about this. Franklin's first deduction is that "what goes up, must come down." Beaver says that anyone could have figured that out. Franklin looks for tracks and finds those of Goose. He thinks that maybe following them will lead them to the ball. But when he finds Goose, she says that she was just passing through and she didn't see any ball. However, she did hear a splash. So Franklin thinks that the ball must be in the stream. He goes and gets his baseball, thinking that the stream will carry downstream and they'll find Beaver's ball that way. But when he puts it in, it just sinks. He doesn't understand where he could have gone wrong. Later on, as Bear and Franklin are walking along, Bear notices a couple of things. He sees Baby Skunk with a balloon and he sees a chef twirling pizza dough, which gets stuck on the ceiling. So maybe not everything that goes up comes down. He tells Franklin this and Franklin gets a new idea. This time: he finds Beaver's ball, stuck in a tree branch. He explains his logic: the crack that Beaver heard must have been the cracking of a tree branch. The branch fell into the stream, causing a splash. Meanwhile, her ball remained stuck up in the tree. Beaver thanks Bear and Franklin for figuring it out. They go back to the baseball game, except Beaver warns that nobody will be able to steal any bases. They'll just be caught, since there's a couple of detectives on the team.moreless

    • #20101
      In "Franklin's Visitor", Mr. Mole's grandson visits and Franklin has to keep him company until he leaves. Mr. Mole's grandson doesn't seem to be interested in anything Franklin wants to do so Franklin has to find a way to compromise.#20102
      In "Franklin Not-So-Broken Bone", Franklin noticed the attention Skunk was getting with a cast on her arm. He then finds a way to put a cast on too so he can get heaps of attention, but he soon learns that there are down sides too.moreless
    • 11/8/99
      In "Franklin the Trooper", Franklin helps Mrs. Muskrat fix up her old boat except Franklin didn't really want to when there was so much work to be done. He soon learns how much Mrs. Muskrat appreciates his help and when he saw the final results, he felt much better being able to assist a friend.

      In "Franklin's Fossil", Franklin and Bear found a fossil in his backyard and tries to set up a museum. However, they do not know anything about the fossil and decided to give it to Mr. Mole, who happens to know a lot about fossils.moreless

    • 1/26/98
      In "Franklin and the Baby", Franklin's best friend, Bear have a new baby sister. Franklin wishes he could have a baby brother or sister too. Until Franklin heard what Bear had to say about the new baby.

      In "Franklin Goes to Day Camp", Franklin and Bear befriends Possum at day camp until he notices Possum was getting all of Bear's attention. Franklin tries to clown around and get back Bear's attention but just ended up getting in trouble.moreless

    • 11/10/97
      In "Franklin Goes to School", Franklin is excited about the first day of school. However, he is also scared as to the expectations. He then learns what school is all about and even drew a picture of his family to take home.

      In "Franklin is Lost", Franklin and his friends are playing hide and seek. However, things turn to worst when Franklin and Fox tries to hide in the forest and wound up getting lost.moreless

    • 3/28/04
      "Franklin in Two Places"

      Franklin finds himself caught in a difficult situation when he promises to support Bear during his big-kid baseball game and attend Beaver's art-show, both of which are happening at the same time. Bear is best friend and he did promise him first, but he wants to honor his commitment to Beaver because he's always dodged attending her events in the past. Not wanting to hurt either's feelings, he tries to make himself visible at both events without Bear or Beavers' knowing, but quickly finds the juggling act harder to maintain than he thought it would be.

      "Franklin's First Star"

      Franklin and Bear are big hockey fans and have a favorite professional player - Coyote. They take part in outdoor hockey games against Beaver and Fox and Mrs. Muskrat stops by often to provide encouragement and hot chocolate. One day, Mr. Turtle takes them to see a hockey game and they get to meet Coyote. They tell him about how great they think he is, but his response brings them to have a new respect for someone else entirely.moreless

    • 3/27/04
      "Franklin's Big Game"

      Franklin and his friends are out playing baseball when the Churchill Bears, a visiting team on their way to a big tournament, roll onto the baseball field. Mr. Mole knows them and invited them to stop by. He arranges for a big game between them and Franklin's team, but when Franklin and his friends see how well the Bears play, they try to back out of the game, worried that they'll get "murgalized."

      "Franklin's Reading Club"

      Mrs. Goose at the Woodland library announces a summer reading contest to Franklin and his friends: anyone who reads thirty or more books will receive a nifty reading club t-shirt. Franklin and Bear like the look of the t-shirt and decide to try and read really fast so that they can get their t-shirts before anyone else. When they find that their friends are getting great enjoyment out of reading, while they can't even remember what they read, they question the wisdom of their idea.moreless

    • #31201
      "Franklin and the Thunderstorm"

      Franklin has a fear of thunder and lightning, and does not want his friends to know, since they all think he is fearless. But when a particularly strong thunderstorm forces all of them to wait in the library until it ends, Franklin learns that admitting your fears isn't a problem at all.

      "Franklin's Maple Syrup"

      Franklin and Bear are inspired by Coach's maple syrup-making techniques and decide to make some themselves, by tapping trees for sap first. But soon it begins to become a big competition against Beaver and Fox just to get some sap, until they learn that doing it together makes it able to be done easier.moreless

    • 10/11/99
      "Franklin and the Copycat"

      Franklin's class is drawing pictures with crayons. Franklin's picture is very nice. He's drawn some very realistic sunset clouds. Everyone's very impressed and they start asking Franklin to help them with their drawings. Then, Rabbit presents his drawing to Mr. Owl. Franklin's shocked: it's basically a perfect copy of his sunset cloud drawing, except Rabbit added in a red scooter. Mr. Owl lavishes it wish praise. At home that night, Franklin explains to his parents about what Rabbit did. Mrs. Turtle suggests that maybe Rabbit just liked his drawing. She thinks it's a bit flattering. Franklin isn't convinced though. The next day, it's raining and Mr. Owl tells the class that they won't be able to go out and play baseball. The good news is that he's bought brand-new crayons for them to draw with. Rabbit asks Franklin what he's going to draw. Franklin, realizing what Rabbit is after, goes over by the window, alone, to draw his picture. Inspired by the storm, he paints a very realistic storm cloud. Mr. Owl sees it and holds it up. Not long after Owl holds it up, Rabbit soon shows everyone a nearly identical drawing. Now, Franklin's really mad. He comes straight out and calls Rabbit a copycat. Everyone stares at him and Franklin doesn't really know what to say, other than that, well, Rabbit is a copycat. At home again, Franklin sees a poster hanging on his wall. Looking at it, he notices something: the clouds in it look just like the ones he drew. Oh my gosh, he's a copycat too. But that's no big deal, actually. When he sees Mr. Mole teaching his parents a golf swing, his parents explain that copying can actually be a good way to learn something. In the morning the next day, Franklin meets Rabbit at Rabbit's bus stop. He apologizes to Rabbit for calling him a "copycat" and tells him that he's actually one too. Rabbit tells him that he was just inspired by his favorite artist: him. To end, we see a drawing of Franklin and Rabbit, done by the both of them.

      "Big Brother Franklin"

      Franklin, Raccoon and Fox are playing when a youngster named Squirrel shows up. He's on his own for the day and wants to know if he can play with them. Fox and Raccoon aren't so sure, they're doing "big-kid" stuff. But Franklin decides to adopt him for the day as his little brother. The first thing they do is go on the merry-go-round. Franklin is worried about Squirrel's safety and has Fox and Raccoon go slow. Squirrel tells them to go faster. Squirrel's enjoying this and has them keep going faster and faster. Then, everyone ends up flying off the merry-go-round. Everyone except Squirrel, that is. He's able to hang on. This doesn't faze Franklin. He asks Squirrel to call him "big brother." The next thing they do is play hide-and-seek. Franklin's sure he'll have to help Squirrel out with this one. He knows all the great hiding places in the woods. After counting down with Squirrel, he starts searching. But to his surprise, Fox and Raccoon aren't in the normal hiding spot. Then, Squirrel calls out both Fox and Raccoon, having found them both. Franklin, looking for something to help Squirrel with, tries the monkey bars. He demonstrates how to hang on them to Squirrel. Then, he sees Squirrel up above him. Fox and Raccoon call Squirrel a natural at climbing. Franklin's not out of ideas yet. He goes to his house so that they can play marbles. But Squirrel is so dexterous that he's able to knock three of the marbles out of the ring in one shot. Then, he shows Fox and Raccoon how to do it. Franklin's really bugged now, he's supposed to the big brother. He has one more idea: playing frisbee. But Squirrel throws the frisbee back and forth with ease, while Franklin ends up stumbling and falling just trying to catch it. Franklin gives up. Fox jokes that Franklin's the one who has a big brother. Franklin goes down by himself to the pond. Fox, Squirrel and Raccoon continue playing. But then, when Squirrel tries to catch the frisbee, the force of it sends him flying. He's now a "flying squirrel." He "flies" all the way into the pond. The frisbee is barely keeping him afloat and if somebody doesn't do something, he's going to drown. Franklin quickly hops in, swims expertly through the water and rescues him. Back on land, Squirrel tells Franklin that he's a natural at swimming. Franklin's a hero and Squirrel likes having him as a big brother. He's going to ask his parents if he can visit Franklin again soon. He wants Franklin to teach him how to swim.moreless

    • 10/19/98
      In "Franklin Takes a Trip", Franklin and his parents takes a trip to a pioneer village. Franklin was not too thrilled about it until he discovered how the early settlers were doing fun things long before amusement parks were built.

      In "Franklin's Bicycle Helmet", Franklin had to have the flashy new helmet. He was so proud of it until he overhead his friends laughing about the new helmet. He decided not to wear his new helmet for the bicycle safety test but couldn't pass because he didn't have a proper helmet on.moreless

    • 10/26/98
      In "Franklin's Birthday Party", Franklin's parents couldn't afford to take Franklin and all his friends to Tamarack Point so they built their own little amusement park for Franklin's birthday party.

      In "Franklin's Nickname", everyone loves their nickname that was given to them. Everyone that is except for Bear. Franklin realizes that good-spirited kidding has its place and not all nicknames were meant for everyone.moreless

    • 11/23/98
      In "Franklin's Gloomy Day", Franklin is bored and there was nothing to do especially with the weather not cooperating. With his parents' encouragement, Franklin used his own creative imagination to chase away those boredom blues.

      In "Franklin Tells Time", Franklin pretends to know how to tell time until he realizes it doesn't help when he was always late. Franklin confesses to Mr. Owl and asks for his help to learn and Mr. Owl assures Franklin that everyone needs extra help some times.moreless

    • 11/29/99
      "Franklin Plants a Tree"

      For Earth Day, Franklin is excited to get his very own tree. When he receives a small maple seedling, he doesn't understand that it will grow into a big tree and becomes disenchanted. It's up to Mr. Heron to teach him the value of his small plant.

      "Franklin the Hero"

      Franklin and Snail idolize their favorite comic-book character: Dynaroo. They're very excited when they find out that Dynaroo's going to be doing a signing at Mr. Heron's bookstore. They plan to be the first in line, but on the way there, find neighbor Mrs. Muskrat in need of help. They really don't want to miss the signing, but they can't just leave her there. They learn an important lesson about heroism.moreless

    • 5/8/00
      "Franklin's Good Deeds"

      Mr. Groundhog has hurt his foot, so Franklin and his friends are helping him with chores around his garden. Mr. Groundhog says that they should take a break, but Franklin wants to pick just one last pumpkin. As he goes to pick the pumpkin, a reporter for the newspaper, Mr. Coyote comes along. He does a story on how the kids are helping Mr. Groundhog. He takes their picture, but Franklin doesn't get back in time for it. The story is published in the paper, with the picture. However, Franklin's not in the picture and although he's mentioned in the article, they accidentally print his name as "Frank." Nobody's going to know that's him. So Franklin tries doing a series of good deeds so he can get in the paper. But nothing works, the newspaper reporter always leaves him out. Then, while walking in the woods, Franklin finds a wallet that somebody lost. He checks and it belongs to Mr. Beaver. He races to return it and ends up bumping into Mr. Groundhog. Franklin notices Mr. Groundhog's trash bag and jokes that he must have had a very large lunch. Mr. Groundhog explains that it's actually litter; he picks up whenever he goes for a walk in the forest. Franklin tells him that he should do that someplace where people can see him, but Mr. Groundhog explains that he doesn't care about that. He just does it because it makes him feel good. It gives him a "special feeling." Franklin continues on to return the wallet, but nobody's home. So he just drops it in the mailchute. When Mr. Beaver returns home, he's pleased to find it, but doesn't know who to thank. He decides to write a letter to the paper to thank the person who returned his wallet. Sometime in the future, Franklin comes to the forest to help out Mr. Groundhog with his picking up of litter. He puts his hand on his heart and asks Mr. Groundhog if you usually get that "special feeling" right there. Mr. Groundhog says that indeed, he believes you do.

      "Franklin's Submarine"

      Franklin's selling of some of his old toys. Why? He's raised $4.50 and if he can raise $4.50 more, he can order a submarine through the mail. Bear sees what he's doing and says that he'll chip in the other half, since Franklin is his best friend. That way, Franklin doesn't have to sell his toys. Franklin waits and waits for the submarine to arrive, but it takes weeks. Finally the mail-carrier has a package for him. It's his submarine. But how can it be? It's just small little package. When Franklin opens it, he's shocked: it turns out it's just a cardboard submarine. Beaver tells him that he should send it back and get his money back. So Franklin tries it, but he doesn't have enough money for the postage. So he sets up another toy sale, when Bear comes along and says he has a strange feeling he remembers this happening before. Franklin breaks down and shows Bear the cardboard submarine. But Bear's not so upset about it. It may be cardboard, but it has a real periscope. They go ahead and assemble it and turn out to have actual fun, using their imaginations.moreless

    • 5/29/00
      "Franklin's Sailboat"

      As Franklin and his Dad are at a store searching for things to fix up their old shed, Franklin spots a sleek looking new sailboat. Franklin wants it, but Mr. Turtle doesn't think he should buy it. He already has his old boat, the S.S. Snapper at home. But Franklin doesn't think much of the S.S. Snapper. It's a really old boat. Mr. Turtle thinks that he should give it a chance. With a little fixing up, it could be a great boat again. He promises to help Franklin with this. Back at home, Mr. Turtle starts work on the shed. Franklin's worried because there's a boat race on Saturday and at the rate Mr. Turtle is going, there's no way the S.S. Snapper will be ready by then. A practice is held for the race and Franklin doesn't have anything to race. Convinced that the S.S. Snapper isn't going to be ready, Franklin springs for the expensive new boat at the store. But when he tests it out, it's a dud. Instead of racing like it's supposed to, it goes crooked, then sinks. Now what is he to do? He searches for his old boat with Bear, but it's nowhere to be found. Then, he searches the shed. There, he finds the S.S. Snapper, but not as he knows it. It's been completely revitalized! Surprise! While Franklin thought Mr. Turtle was cleaning up the shed, he was actually repairing Franklin's boat. Franklin thanks his Dad and says that he wants to help him do something in return - clean the shed! On the day of the race, the Snapper races like a dream and Franklin takes first place. For repairing his sailboat (and being the best Dad ever) Franklin presents Mr. Turtle with a trophy, made out of the boat he bought at the store.

      "Franklin Snoops"

      Mrs. Turtle is talking with Mrs. Bear (who's just leaving) and although he can only hear his Mom's end of it, Franklin overhears enough of it to know that there's some sort of secret that's being kept from him. He asks his Mom to tell him, but she won't as it has to do with Bear and she knows that best friends can't keep secrets from each other. Franklin says that he'd keep it a secret, but Mrs. Turtle still won't tell. Then, Mrs. Bear calls and thanks to Mr. Turtle, Franklin learns that the secret is Bear's birthday present. Now, he wants to know what it is. He's not told, but sometime in the future, while looking for his baseball glove in the closet, Franklin spots a gift bag. He peeks inside and sees the contents: a Power Pal. Later on, Bear and Snail are playing baseball. But Bear can't catch the ball because his glove is too small. Snail jokes that this is a good excuse. Franklin comes He knows what Bear's getting him for his birthday and asks him to guess. Franklin is shocked when Bear gets it correct on the first try and isn't able to hide it. Now, he's upset because he's spoiled Bear's surprise. Franklin and Snail try to coach Bear on acting surprised at his party, but he's a bad actor. On the bus, though, Franklin figures that maybe such a bad thing that they know what Bear's getting for his birthday. He and all his friends get together and decide to buy him accessories to go with his Power Pal. On the day of Bear's party, Franklin and Mrs. Turtle are about to leave. Franklin catches Mrs. Turtle as she nearly forgot Bear's gift. She thanks him for saving her an extra trip and pulls a box out of a nearby cabinet. Franklin comments that it isn't Bear's gift. It doesn't look at all like the one in the closet. Uh oh. Rewind the tape. Looks like Franklin saw his birthday gift. Now he knows what happens when you snoop. Franklin realizes that there's something he has to do. At the party, Bear unwraps all of his friends' gifts, which all Power Pal accessories and then opens his Mom's gift. At first, he just acts surprised, but then is really surprised when he sees the gift - a baseball glove! He's really surprised, but now everyone is giving Franklin dirty looks. Franklin says that there's one more gift and it's from him. Bear opens it - it's a Power Pal! Turns out that this birthday is full of surprises, which is just how it should be.moreless

    • My Franklin / Franklin's Mom
      Season 4 - Episode 13
      "My Franklin"

      Franklin goes over to Bear's house. He wants Bear to come with him to the playground. Bear wants to go too. However, he can't right now because he has to babysit his little sister Beatrice until his father finishes cleaning the house. The worst thing is that Beatrice keeps crying and he can't find a toy that will make her happy. He's got toys strewn all around the room, but nothing is working. He finds one that he thinks might work. He throws it to her and then goes to do pushups. He's getting in shape because he wants to do a flip on the rings at the playground. This doesn't go anywhere because Beatrice starts crying again. This time, Bear pulls out a bunny puppet and entertains Beatrice with it. But then Bear hands it to her and tells her to keep playing with it, while he goes back to doing pushups. It's not long before she's crying again. Franklin suggests that maybe he could entertain Beatrice while Bear tries to get his pushups done. So Franklin plays peekaboo with Beatrice and makes funny faces at her. Beatrice likes this and is soon laughing delightedly. Then, Mr. Bear comes in. He's done with the cleaning, so Bear can go to the playground now. As Bear and Franklin leave, Beatrice starts crying "Fooh, Fooh!" Franklin thinks that maybe she's hungry and is asking for "food." But Mr. Bear says that she just had a big lunch not that long ago. It's not long before they find out that Franklin is "Fooh." She wants him to stay and play with her. Mr. Bear tells Franklin and Bear to go on and play. He'll read Beatrice a story. But as Franklin and Bear are leaving the house, Beatrice is still crying for "Fooh." Franklin says that he can't leave when she's calling for him like that, so he decides to stay around for a little longer. He tags along and entertains Beatrice while Mr. Bear goes to the store. Bear comes too, since he's waiting for Franklin to come with him to the playground anyway. Franklin stays outside and entertains Beatrice while Mr. Bear goes instead and shops. Bear goes to the playground, where he works on his flip. But he doesn't quite seem to have it down yet. Franklin suggests more pushups. When Mr. Bear comes out of the store, Beatrice is sleeping. Franklin's glad because that means that maybe he can go play now. But then Bear starts yelling about how he nearly did a flip and Beatrice wakes up and starts crying. Mr. Bear comments that he hopes Beatrice doesn't do that when he goes to the library and so Franklin agrees to watch her some more, until Mr. Bear comes out of the library. Meanwhile, Beaver and Goose have joined Bear on the playground. They ask him why Franklin has to watch his little sister. Bear says that Franklin doesn't have to, he just wants to. Besides, Beatrice doesn't seem to want him to watch her. Finally, Bear masters the flip on the ring. He calls for Franklin to watch him and also Beatrice. But Beatrice won't look over. She's more interested in watching "Fooh." Bear gets mad. She's his little sister, so why won't she watch him. Does she not like him. Franklin says that she does like him and we see that she's giving him a big bear hug. It's just that Bear wasn't spending any time with her. He was so busy trying to be an acrobat, that he wasn't being a big brother. Mr. Bear comes out of the library and is surprised to see that Beatrice isn't with Franklin. We see it's because she's with Bear, spinning around on the merry-go-round.

      "Franklin's Mom"

      Franklin and his parents, along with Bear, are getting ready to go on a camping trip. It doesn't help that Bear only packed a big bag of marshmallows and his toothbrush, but fortunately Franklin has a sleeping bag that he can use. Mrs. Turtle is running through a checklist of things they need for the camping trip. Everything goes okay until she gets to "frying pan." Mr. Turtle has the frying pan, but he's also trying to juggle other stuff. It's a bit too much and the frying pan falls, right on his big toe. It's apparently not broken, but it is very swollen and it means that he's not going to be able to go on the camping trip. Franklin thinks this means they'll have to cancel it, but Mrs. Turtle says that they can still do it. She says that "where there's a will, there's a way" and she's going to lead the way. So they set out to go camping, but soon come across an obstacle. The bridge across the stream is out. So they set up a makeshift boat to transport themselves and then their stuff across. However, when trying to transport the stuff the backpack falls out of the wagon and into the stream. It floats away before they can rescue it and falls down a waterfall. Franklin thinks that now they'll have to cancel their camping trip for sure, but Mrs. Turtle has other ideas. She shows Franklin and Bear how to make their own shelter of wood. So everything's okay, until they want something to eat and realize that all the food was in the backpack. But Mrs. Turtle also has that taken care of. She gathered up a whole bunch of delicious plants and nuts from the woods. Well, delicious after they're cooked, as Bear finds out when he tries to eat one of the carrots raw. That's another problem: all the matches were in the backpack. Mrs. Turtle solves that problem by showing Bear and Franklin how to use flint to make a fire. Franklin, Bear and Mrs. Turtle have a nice dinner and then the two boys decide to go adventuring, in the hopes of finding some berries for dessert. What they find instead is their backpack, now floating near the bottom of the waterfall that it fell down. Using Mrs. Turtle's philosophy, they use a log to navigate their way to the backpack and rescue it. Then, the current threatens to send them down another waterfall. But they grab onto a tree branch and manage to escape that way. Back at the campsite, Mrs. Turtle is glad they didn't hurt themselves. They roast the marshmallows from the rescued backpack. Then, Mr. Turtle shows up. He has some of Mrs. Turtle's philosophy in him too and has created a makeshift cast for his leg to make to it to the campsite. He joins his family and Bear for roasted marshmallows.moreless

    • 11/30/98
      In "Franklin's Test", Franklin so desperately wants to win a pen during a spelling test that he cheated. When Bear didn't get a pen because he didn't pass the test, Franklin felt guilty for not earning the pen fairly.

      In "Franklin and the Duckling", Franklin finds a duckling at the pond and tries to hide it from his parents. He soon realizes there's more to it than meets the eye with how much care a duckling needs.moreless

    • #40901
      "Franklin's Rival"

      Franklin is over at his Granny's house for a visit. Granny says she has a surprise for him and Franklin thinks it's chocolate-chip cookies. Actually, it's Possum. She babysits him sometimes and today she invited him over to her house. Franklin recognizes Possum. She has pictures of him on her mantel. Granny explains that she used to babysit Possum's Mom. She wants Franklin to get to know Possum and has them come outside for a picnic. Franklin is looking to his favorite sandwich, but when he bites into his sandwich, it's not peanut butter and lettuce, it's watercress. That's Possum's favorite kind of sandwich. They go into town and everybody recognizes Possum. Granny's told them so much about him and how he sends her letters. Franklin asks if he can send Granny a letter. Then, later, Franklin wants to play checkers with Granny. But you can't play checkers with three people. So they play cribbage, which Possum is especially good at, instead. From there, the two start competing for Granny's attention, helping her out with stuff and picking all of the flowers in her garden when she asks for some flowers. Finally, the two actually talk with each other. Possum thinks that it must be neat for Franklin who have a Granny who lives so close to him. His Granny lives so far away, he has to take an airplane to see her. Also, whenever Granny comes to babysit him, she brags about Franklin all the time. Franklin's surprised to learn that Granny brags about him. He decides that he can share Possum with Granny and they can both be her favorite "grandturtle."

      "Franklin and the Trading Cards"

      Franklin, Beaver and Fox are all trying to complete a set of trading cards. They're getting annoyed because there's just this one card that they can never find. Then, Franklin finds two of the same card that they don't have in his pack! That makes one for him and one for... Beaver or Fox? Both of them want it, but Franklin doesn't know who to give it to. He says he'll have to think on it. The two immediately begin vying to get the card from Franklin. Fox comes all the way to his house to help him out. On the bus, Beaver saves a seat for him. Plus, both of them give him food and other assorted bribes. Throughout the school day, the two are always write behind him, ready to help him out with something, like when he knocks something over, or breaks his pencil. At recess that day, he's trying to play with Snail, when Beaver and Fox each separately try to get him to play a game with them. Snail's not really sure what to make of all this and wonders who Franklin will give the card too. On the bus that day, Fox and Beaver both try to find Franklin and save a seat for him. But when they see that he's not sitting by Snail and ask Snail where he is, Snail tells them that he thinks Franklin is walking home today. After they leave, Franklin comes out. Snail was covering for him! Franklin and Snail go back to the store that's selling the trading cards. Franklin thinks maybe he'll get lucky and get that card again. Instead, he just ends up with eight of the same card. Later, he tells Snail that he's come up with the perfect solution and that he's going to have Beaver and Fox meet him at the playground tomorrow morning. Snail, thinking Franklin is going to have them race or something, announces "let the games begin!" The next morning, when Fox shows up, Franklin simply gives the card to him. Then, Beaver comes and Fox wonders what Franklin is going to tell her. He's surprised when Franklin walks over to Beaver and hands her the card - the one that would have completed his set! Feeling guilty, the two both try to give Franklin back his card. But Franklin says that they've both given him stuff, so he feels that they're even. Then, Goose comes. She shows them her card collection: she has 26 of a particular card. She's trying to collect as many of the same one as possible. Fox and Beaver are surprised by this: they never thought of collecting cards that way. Then, Franklin tells Goose it's her lucky day: the eight of the same card he got the day before just so happen to be the card she's collecting. She offers him three cards in exchange. Fox, Beaver and Franklin are dumbfounded: the card she's offering is the card they've all been chasing after. What are the odds of that? Goose wonders what's going on.moreless

    • #40701
      "Franklin Meets Ermine"

      When Franklin and his friends race paper boats, Franklin's boat gets stuck in a tree branch in the stream. Everyone goes on ahead, while Franklin tries to rescue his boat. But then a kid Franklin's never seen before, wearing glasses, accidentally tumbles onto Franklin's boat while trying to rescue it. Upset at what he's done, he runs off. Franklin's annoyed, thinking he wrecked his boat on purpose. He goes back to his friends and explains what happened. They all wonder why they never saw him. Later on, Franklin and his friends are flying kites. Suddenly the wind dies down and everyone starts running to keep their kites in the air. Franklin tells them that they're just impatient, if they wait, the wind will come back again. But they run off, leaving Franklin alone. Suddenly a new kite appears in the sky. It's the one of the kid from earlier. But then, his kite accidentally bumps into Franklin's kite, knocking it into a tree. Upset once again at what he's done, he runs off. When his friends return, Franklin tells them about what happened, but this time they don't believe him so quickly. He convinces a couple, but Beaver quips that he must have an imaginary friend. Sometime later on, Franklin and his friends are playing baseball. Bear hits the ball way back and it goes into some bushes. Franklin goes to get it, only to see the kid from earlier once again. He gets the ball for Franklin, but when Franklin confronts him about wrecking his kite and boat, he runs off, much to Franklin's disappointment, as he's once again disappeared when he wanted his friends to see him. Finally, when Franklin is walking through the woods, he sees the new kid with his grandmother, who is trying to rescue Franklin's kite. Ermine explains to his grandmother that he doesn't think he's going to make any friends here. He's just too shy. So Franklin introduces himself. He apologizes for getting angry at him, now understanding what happened. He agrees to introduce the new kid, Ermine, to all of his friends. And he does, but not before playing a little joke on them first, by pretending that he can't see anyone when they all point to Ermine. Then he tells him that he's just kidding, since they had all thought Ermine was invisible. They ask Ermine what he'd like to play and he says hide-and-seek, since he seems to be good at that. Everyone laughs.

      "Franklin's Funny Business"

      Franklin tells jokes on the school bus that amuse everyone. But when Rabbit tries to tell jokes, they fall flat. Everyone's heard them before. On the way home that day, Rabbit asks Franklin for help on being funny. Franklin tells him that he actually got all of his jokes out of a book from the library. So they go to the library where they find a great new book with practical jokes. With the new book, Franklin and Rabbit play a series of practical jokes on their friends. Everyone finds them funny, except the person that the joke is on. Finally, tired of being the butt of Franklin and Rabbits' jokes, Franklin and Rabbits' friends play a practical joke on them. However, nobody's laughing, not Franklin, not Rabbit and nobody else either. It's hard to find such a joke funny when you know how it feels. Franklin realizes that jokes are only funny when everybody is laughing together, not at someone.

    • 11/13/97
      In "Franklin has a Sleepover", Franklin has Bear over. However, towards the end of the night, Bear was feeling homesick. Franklin helped Bear overcome his fear and had a wonderful night.

      In "Franklin's Halloween", it's Halloween and everyone's buzzing about. They all can't wait for the Halloween party. When strange noises and ghosts appear, Franklin thought it was Bear until he heard he was home with a cold.moreless

    • 11/20/97
      In "Franklin Rides A Bike", Franklin noticed all his friends are riding their bikes without training wheels. At first, he was a little embarrassed with his training wheels but with the help of his mother, he learned how to finally ride a bike without training wheels.#10502
      In "Franklin Is Messy", Mr. & Mrs. Turtle are always on Franklin to clean up his room. Franklin never seemed to have time to get around to it until he accidentally stepped on his favorite toy. He also realized he couldn't find anything. He starts to organize his room with his dad's help and eventually have everything in place.moreless
    • #10801
      In "Franklin's New Friend", a new family have moved into Woodland and Franklin is curious. Little did he know the new kid in town is also a six foot tall Moose!

      In "Finders Keepers for Franklin", Franklin finds a lost camera and his friends tell him it's his because he found it "Finders Keepers". He didn't realize the significant of a lost item until his own stuffed dog, Sam is also lost.moreless

    • Franklin's Magic Christmas
      Franklin's Magic Christmas
      Season 6 - Episode 15
      In Franklin's Magic Christmas, both Franklin and Harriet have grown and this year they're going to be spending Christmas at Faraway Farm where Mrs. Turtle grew up. Everyone's excited to go, but conflict is created because in Franklin's eyes, Harriet is getting special treatment that she doesn't deserve. This is aggravated more when Harriet's antics cause him to leave his favorite stuffed toy Sam behind at home in the snow. At Faraway Farm, Franklin tries to contact his friend Bear, only to find that he can't reach him. Franklin later becomes even more disenchanted with Harriet when she spills plans for a special surprise for Grandpa Turtle. It seems like things couldn't get any worse, but when an ice storm hits the farm, Franklin is left without any means to try and contact Bear and then Grandpa injures his leg when Mr. and Mrs. Turtle leave to check on the neighboring Collie family. Franklin comes up with a risky plan to try to bring him help all the way from Woodland, but it'll take a magical solution to keep him (and Harriet, who snuck along) from becoming trapped out in the snow.moreless
    • 11/27/97
      In "Franklin Fibs", all of Franklin's friends can do special things. Franklin can't seem to think of anything he could that his friends couldn't so he made up that he could eat seventy-six flies in the blink of an eye. But didn't realize fibbing could also get him into trouble.

      In "Franklin's Blanket", Franklin is spending a night at his aunt's place but couldn't find his favorite blue blanket. His friends and father tried to give Franklin something in it's place but in the end all Franklin really want is his special blanket.moreless

    • #61101
      "Franklin Itching to Skateboard"

      When Franklin and Bear decide they want to go skateboarding, they get more than they bargained for. They take a bad path home and end up with poison ivy rashes. Then they try to hide it from their parents.

      "Franklin Forgives"

      Franklin and his family pay a visit to the pond for a picnic supper. Franklin decides to bring his fish Goldie along too. When Harriet accidentally knocks Goldie into the pond, Franklin finds it difficult to accept her apology, even though he knows it was an accident.moreless

    • #20901
      In "Franklin and Otter's Visit", Otter has returned for a visit to Woodland and Franklin was excited. But soon he realizes how things have changed since Otter have moved away, including their once great friendship.

      In "Franklin's Collection", Franklin did not know what to bring to school for show and tell. Everyone had a collection of some sort except for Franklin. Franklin sets out to find a collection but didn't think it was anything spectular until Mr. Owl pointed out what a great collection Franklin has.moreless

    • 3/24/04
      "Franklin's Pumpkin"

      Franklin and Bear have been growing a huge pumpkin in the hopes of entering it in the county fair and winning first prize. As they run an errand to help Mrs. Muskrat, they tell her of their pumpkin and learn about the amazing things she does with seemingly useless broken glass. When their pumpkin suffers an unfortunate accident, Mrs. Muskrat shows them how they too can make something great out of something seemingly useless.

      "Franklin's Jug Band"

      Franklin's friends Beaver and Bear have started a band and Franklin wants to join too, but he finds that his sister Harriet has taken possession of the instrument he wants. It's up to his friends to show him that his own imagination and creativity is all he needs to have the perfect instruments to play.moreless

    • 3/22/04
      "Franklin the Teacher"

      When Franklin learns that Bear has taught his little sister, Beatrice, to count up to five, he decides it's time to start teaching Harriet things himself. He sets up a school session for her, complete with lessons on counting, painting and more. He soon begins to despair when it seems like Harriet isn't learning anything from his lessons.

      "Franklin's Allergy"

      One day, when playing with Bear, Franklin begins sneezing. Noting that the sneezing fits don't seem to happen all the time, his friends diagnose him as having an allergy and after some tests, conclude that he's allergic to Bear! Franklin and Bear try to find new ways to play together that won't cause Franklin to sneeze, but it turns out that the cause of Franklin's allergic reaction isn't exactly what they thought.moreless

    • #50201
      "Franklin and the Bus Patrol"

      As part of "Bus Safety Month," Bear is named "bus patrol officer" by Mr. Owl. Bear is familiar with the rules and seems to be good at the job, but when he ends up ticketing his friends for violations, they become upset with him. Franklin ends up commenting about how he'd do things if he became bus patrol officer and then regrets it when that's exactly what happens. Both he and Bear learn a lesson.

      "Franklin and Wolvie"

      Wolvie, the son of one of Mrs. Turtle's friends is coming to visit Franklin and pretty soon Franklin and all of his friends are on their guard when Wolvie's play turns out to be a little rough for them. Wolvie seems to be rough, rude and just not fun to be around. It turns out, though, that there's a reason for Wolvie's behavior and he can change if need be.moreless

    • #41101
      "Franklin the Fearless"

      Franklin and his friends are going down Acorn Hill in their wagons. It doesn't really seem to be much fun though. They've gotten too big for the small little hill to be much excitement. Then, they decide to try going to "Thrill Hill." This is an especially steep hill that some of the big kids in town go down. But after getting there, they take a look at how steep it is and decide that maybe it isn't such a good idea after all. They start to leave, but then Franklin's wagon slips, with Franklin in it and he barrels down the hill. Thinking that Franklin did this intentionally, they cheer him on as he rockets down the hill. Franklin reaches the bottom intact and his friends call him "Franklin the Fearless." Franklin decides to go along with it and endures their praise. Things take a turn for the worse when his friends tell some of his other friends about Franklin's feat. Now, they all want to see Franklin go down the hill. They're all going to gather tomorrow to watch him do it. That night, Franklin has a bad dream. He tries to go down Thrill Hill and at first is doing okay. But then he just keeps falling and falling, as if Thrill Hill were actually a steep cliff. As with all such dreams, he wakes up before he can hit the ground. Realizing that it was a bad dream, he grabs his stuffed dog Sam and goes back to sleep. Franklin gets up and goes out to take his plunge down Thrill Hill. But when he does it, his friends just laugh at him and how scared he was. Then, he wakes up. It was just another bad dream! Eventually, morning comes. Franklin pinches himself and confirms that he's not dreaming. He tries to get out of the stunt, by leaving his wagon at the house, but Bear notices that he doesn't have it and helpfully reminds him that he forgot it. When Franklin gets to Thrill Hill, many of his friends are there. Then, Rabbit's cousin Jack Rabbit shows up. Too scared, Franklin admits that what happened the day before was an accident. He's not really Franklin the Fearless. He wanted to tell them, but everyone was calling him "Fearless" and it was too hard. Jack Rabbit praises Franklin for admitting that he's scared. He says that some kids would go down the Hill just to act brave in front of their friends, like, for example, him. He broke his arm last year doing just that. Franklin's friends are all glad he didn't go down the hill, as he could have hurt himself. However, his wagon did make it to the bottom of the hill. So they cheer for Franklin's "fearless" wagon.

      "Franklin's Lucky Charm"

      During a basketball game at recess, Bear suddenly starts missing really easy shots. He doesn't understand why he's missing them, as he normally does just fine. He must be having bad luck and worries that it could spread to his friends. Trying to solve the problem, his friends decide that he needs a lucky charm. Beaver says that she has a lucky rock. So they search for one for Bear, but there's nothing around but gravel. Franklin remembers that four leaf clovers are supposed to be lucky. They have Bear search for a four leaf clover, but he comes up empty. Then, while Bear's not looking, Franklin gets an idea. He picks a three-leaf clover, pulls a leaf off another and ties it to the three-leaf clover using a clover stem. He gives it to Bear, who doesn't notice that it's not a real four leaf clover. With the new "lucky" clover, Bear makes all of his basketball shots. Back inside class, Bear's luck continues. He finds a mitten he lost and manages to get his pencil sharpened using a pencil sharpener that just eats everyone else's pencils. Then, when rain comes and threatens to ruin the continuation of their basketball game once school ends, Bear goes over to the window with his lucky clover and the clouds part. After school, Franklin's friends try to continue the game. But Bear is busy trying to balance books on his head and ride his bike with his eyes closed. And the thing is, he's doing great! Still, Fox and Franklin are worried about him and they decide they should tell him that he doesn't have a real four-leaf clover. They do so and Bear crashes his bike. They try to resume their basketball game, but Bear says that without his lucky clover, he can't do anything right. Franklin reminds him that it was a fake clover and so he really did everything that he did earlier himself. And the things that happened to him such as finding his glove and the clouds parting were just luck. Bear thanks Franklin for believing in him and the basketball game resumes. This time, Bear has no trouble making his shots.moreless

    • 2/7/00
      "Franklin the Fabulous"

      Franklin and his family watch the magic show of Marten the Magician. They're amazed by his great tricks, which include making things appear out of thin air and making himself disappear. Back at home, Franklin says that he wants to be a magician. His parents demonstrate a couple simple tricks: making a coin appear in one hand when it should have been in another and a "magic paperclip." But Franklin's not impressed and decides to go to the library for information on the cooler tricks, such as making things disappear. He enlists Bear as his partner and they decide on some tricks to perform: the "Chamber of Seven Swords," making a chair levitate and then making Bear disappear. They put on a show in front of their friends, but everything goes wrong. When Franklin attempts the "Chamber of Seven Swords," the lid to the box Bear is inside pops open, revealing that the swords never actually went through him. When he attempts to make a chair levitate, he accidentally pulls down the sheet, revealing that Bear was holding it up the whole time. And when he tries to make Bear disappear, the curtain falls, showing that Bear just went behind the curtain. Back at home, Franklin laments that the show was a disaster. His parents suggest that maybe it was because he tried to start with the hardest tricks. Franklin says that he's quitting magic, but his parents convince him to try some easier tricks. So Bear and Franklin try the show again, with the magic coin trick and the paperclip trick, as well as a new trick: the "magic handkerchief." The show is a success and the even get the audience of Marten the Magician, who compares the performance to those of his early days.

      "Franklin Camps Out"

      Franklin's going on a camping trip. His father tries to show him how to tie a knot, but he's so excited about what's happening at camp that he doesn't pay attention. This causes problems at camp. Before the fun can begin, there are things that must be done to set things up. Instead of trying to do them himself, Franklin continuously relies on his friends to solve his problems for him. Finally, everyone gets tired of helping him and when they all have to tie a knot before they can play on the swings, everyone finishes except Franklin and Franklin misses all the fun. Franklin complains that they should have helped him, but Bear explains that everyone's tired of helping him. However, he says that he is going to teach Franklin, until he learns how to tie a knot himself. That night, Franklin is the only one awake when a strong wind threatens to blow down their tent. Using what he learned from Bear, he ties down the tent all by himself, to everyone's pleased amazement in the morning. Then, they go canoeing. Franklin tries to do it all by himself, but it would seem he still needs a little help.moreless

    • 12/6/99
      "Franklin's Day Off"

      Franklin is going out to ride bikes with Bear. However, his parents don't want him to leave until he's taken down the fort he set up in the backyard. Franklin says that he'll do it later and his parents remind him that's what he said the day before. Mr. Turtle tries to use an analogy about weeds growing to illustrate what can happen if you put things off. But Franklin counters that the fort isn't going grow out of control or anything and ends up getting his way. He's soon back inside, however, as his bicycle tire has gone flat and he needs the air pump. But his parents tell him that he had it last and if he hadn't put off going to Beaver's to get a patch for it, then it wouldn't be a problem now. So Franklin goes back out in search of the pump. Mrs. Turtle comments that she hopes he doesn't look for it in the garden because there's some very big weeds in it. Franklin's hunt for the pump is less than successful. It's fall and there's a whole bunch of leaves in the yard. He looks for the rake to rake them up, hoping to find the pump underneath them. But then he remembers that he used the rake to help hold up his fort. Franklin tries to get the rake, but since he's trying to get just the rake down and not the entire fort, it's causing a lot of problems. Bear comes and finds Franklin fighting to get the rake. He helps Franklin and Franklin finally gets the rake. With it, he's able to find the air pump and get his tire fixed, at least for the time being. He and Bear go off to ride their bikes, but then Franklin sees that a strong wind gust is blowing around everything that he had in his fort. He tries to save everything and finally, with Bear's help, he's able to get the fort down once and for all. Having learned his lesson, he also goes to Beaver's to get the tire patched too. Later on, talking with his parents, he finds that his Dad is pulling weeds. He suggests that it might be a good idea to get the leaves raked up, so they're not a problem later. Mr. Turtle jokingly asks if he can do it later, as he wants to pull weeds right now.

      "Franklin's Homemade Cookies"

      Franklin and his friends are playing a game called "Find the Acorn." Fox has hid the acorn and no one can find it. He points out where it was and everyone gets mad. Not only was it someplace that even Squirrel couldn't find, but he told them that they were "cold" (far away from the acorn) when actually they were "hot" (right by it.) Beaver can't believe that Fox fibbed. Fox promises to play fair from then on. Later on, Franklin is at home. Bear comes to his house and presents him with a paper bird construct that he made. He really likes it and wonders if Franklin likes it too. He asks Franklin if it's the best thing he ever made. Franklin, looking at the thing and remembering that honesty is the best policy, tells him that maybe it isn't the best thing and starts pointing out things that are wrong with it. This only angers Bear, who leaves in a huff. Franklin doesn't have too much time to think about it, as he's baking homemade cookies with his Mom. They're ginger cookies and Mrs. Turtle reminds him to use three shakes of ginger. Franklin thinks to himself that if three shakes make them taste good, then four shakes would make them even better. So he tries this, but accidentally makes the last shake an especially large one. After the cookies are done, he takes them to his friends in the tree fort. He asks them to try them and they all find them disgusting. One says that they don't even think they're cookies. They ask who made them and Franklin tells them that he did. They all try to say nice things about them now, but the damage is already done. When Franklin returns home, he tells his parents about what happened. He has them try the cookies. It's obvious that they too think they're disgusting, but they try to say nice things about them. Mr. Turtle suggests that Franklin try one of them himself. Franklin does and quickly spits it out because it's disgusting. He admits to his Mom that he used more ginger than he was supposed to. His parents explain that sometimes it hurts when friends tell the truth. For that reason, even if you don't like something a friend gives you, you should always try to find something complimentary to say about it. Mrs. Turtle gives an example: a really wild hat Aunt Tortoise gave her. It looks wacky, but she called it such things as "stylish." Franklin realizes that there's something he has to do. He apologizes to Bear for saying mean things about the bird construct he gave him. Bear admits that is kind of funny looking and Franklin tells him that he likes it anyway. Bear says that he likes Franklin's cookies.moreless

    • Loses A Book/Likes Betty
      Loses A Book/Likes Betty
      Season 5 - Episode 3
      Franklin gets tired of reading Harriet's favorite book to her over and over and devises a plan to have it go temporarily missing.