Season 3 Episode 1

Franklin and His Night Friend / Franklin and the Two Henrys

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Oct 18, 1999 on Noggin

Episode Recap

"Franklin and His Night Friend"

Franklin is out stargazing with his Dad. He shows Franklin constellations that are supposed to look like animals. There's Pegasus, the horse and there's also Ursa Major, the great bear. Franklin doesn't think they look like animals and Mr. Turtle encourages him to use his imagination. Then, Franklin sees a firefly and starts chasing after it. He's surprised when he runs into someone else who's chasing after it. The other chaser introduces himself, he's Bat. Franklin wonders why he hasn't seen Bat around before. Bat apparently lives in a nearby tree. Then, Franklin learns that Bat is up during the night and sleeps during the daytime. His parents call him in for breakfast. Franklin promises to meet with him the next evening. He heads home with Mr. Turtle, asking him to show him the "turtle constellation." Franklin finds Bat fascinating. Not only does Bat sleep during the day, but he sleeps hanging upside-down. When Bat asks how he sleeps, Franklin tells him that he normally lies down. Franklin also likes how well Bat can fly. He starts trying to emulate Bat, making himself his own Bat costume. But no matter how hard he tries, he can't fly. When Bear finds Franklin hanging upside-down on a tree trying to sleep, he wonders what Franklin's fascination is. Doesn't Franklin want to go bike-riding? Franklin finally has a conversation with Bear, in which Bear tells him that he's okay just the way he is. He's good at lots of things, including being his best friend. Franklin visits with Bat again, except this time, he doesn't try to fly. Instead, he gives Bat a bike ride and offers to bring his friends over to meet him.

"Franklin and the Two Henrys"

Bear's excited, as Beaver is going away for the weekend and she's entrusting him with the care of her pet hamster, Henry. He's also wanted a hamster and if he can take care of Henry, his parents will let him have one. Beaver lugs all of Henry's care supplies into Bear's room. Since this is Beaver, we're talking about, it's a lot of stuff. She thinks Henry is a very special hamster. He can even come when you call his name. Beaver, Bear and Franklin all take turns trying this. After Beaver leaves, there's a montage of scenes of Franklin and Bear taking care of Henry. They feed him, play with him, give him water, groom him and otherwise keep him happy. At the end, the weekend's just about over. Bear's going to bed for the night. He puts Henry in his cage and closes the door. Then, after he goes to bed, Henry forces the cage door open. He wanders out, sniffs around a little bit and then hops the open window. The next morning, Franklin comes to see Bear. Bear discreetly directs him into his room and then closes the door. It's a mess in his room! Franklin doesn't understand how Henry could have made such a mess. Bear tells him: he was the one who made the mess! Henry escaped. He looked for him everywhere, but couldn't find him. Franklin and Bear go outside to discuss a plan. As they sit and watch, Henry watches from nearby, eating some plants. Franklin and Bear know that they're in trouble if Beaver gets back and find out that Henry is gone. So they concoct a plan to buy Beaver a new hamster, without telling her. They meet at the pet store and purchase a hamster that looks just like Henry. Back at Bear's, they pop it in Henry's cage. Then, they discover they haven't planned things so well, as this hamster might look like Henry, but it doesn't come when called like Henry does. They decide to pawn it off on Beaver anyway. They'll tell her the truth later, preferably when Bear's parents aren't around. Beaver comes and doesn't seem to notice the difference. She takes Henry's cage and Bear offers to bring offer all the supplies back to her house later. As she walks along, she talks to the hamster and addresses it as Henry. Henry, hearing his name called, scurries from where he was in the yard and starts following Beaver. Franklin and Bear see him. They pick him up and admit the truth to Beaver about the switcheroo. Beaver's not happy with this, they should have just told her the truth. She's happy though that Bear did come clean. Bear's parents tell him that they're happy that he told the truth too. They think he's ready for his own hamster, say, how about the one he bought from the pet store. They'll have to go back to the pet store to get a new cage though, as Henry's is taken. Bear says he'll name the hamster Henry. When Beaver gives him an annoyed glare, he changes it: Henry II.
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