Season 3 Episode 1

Franklin and His Night Friend / Franklin and the Two Henrys

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Oct 18, 1999 on Noggin



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    • Franklin: Whoa. What happened to your room?
      Bear: Henry got out of his cage last night.
      Franklin: Wow. He made all this mess?
      Bear: No, I did, looking for him. And I can't find him.

    • Franklin: Gee, Henry is a special hamster.
      Beaver: Very special. And I'm gonna miss my little Chubby Cheeks.
      Bear: It's okay, Beaver. I'll take good care of him.

    • Bear: Here, Henry, want a cookie?
      Beaver: (gasps) No, don't feed him that! Henry has his own cookies. Happy Hamster Snaps. They're filled with vitamins and minerals and come in four delicious flavors. But he doesn't like the orange ones. He gets one of these a day. Got it?

    • Mr. Turtle: Come up on my shoulders. I'll show you some more stars on the way home.
      Franklin: Show me some stars that look like a turtle.
      Mr. Turtle: Ah yes. The constellation called Franklin.

    • Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could swim and ride a bike and do many things really well. But one day, Franklin learned that the thing he could do best was just be himself.
      Franklin: Wow, look at all those stars, dad. There must be a zillion of them.
      Mr. Turtle: Maybe we should count them to find out.

    • The following quotes are from "Franklin and His Night Friend".

    • Mr. Turtle: That group of stars over near the north is Ursa Major, the bear.
      Franklin: A bear? It doesn't look anything like the Bear I know.

    • Franklin: You're upside-down.
      Bat: So are you.

    • Franklin: You get to stay up all night?
      Bat: Actually, I'm supposed to have after-midnight naps, but sometimes I play instead.

    • Franklin: Hey, we can both be bats. You can sleep upside-down on that branch.
      Bear: Gee, Franklin, I don't have to take naps in the afternoon anymore. Don't you want to ride bikes or something?

    • Bear: What happened to your bat costume?
      Franklin: I put it away.
      Bear: How come? I thought you wanted to be a bat.
      Franklin: The only "bat" thing I can do is hang upside-down and that gives me a headache.
      Bear: Why do you want to be like Bat anyway? You're already good at being Franklin.

    • The following quotes are from "Franklin and the Two Henrys".

    • Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He had a pet goldfish named Goldie and a best friend named Bear. But Bear wanted to have a pet, too, and because they were best friends, Franklin wanted to help him.

    • Bear: My parents said that if I can take care of Henry, they'll let me have a hamster, too.

    • Beaver: Henry is a very special hamster, you know. (in a baby-talk voice) Aren't you, Chubby-Cheeks? Oh, yes you are. Yes you are.

    • Bear: We'll just go to the pet shop and buy a new Henry.

    • Bear: Instead of trying to trick you, I should have told you the truth.

    • Franklin: What are you going to call him, Bear?
      Bear: Henry... Henry II.

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