Season 4 Episode 8

Franklin and Sam / Franklin's Berry Patch

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"Franklin and Sam"

Franklin is over at Bear's house, playing a game with Bear, Fox and Rabbit. Things are going pretty well until Bear's sister Beatrice ("Bea Bear") comes into the room looking for her teddy. It disturbs the game, but nobody really minds too much and they all help to look for Beatrice's teddy bear. Rabbit finds it, under a couch cushion. Mr. Bear thanks Rabbit for doing that. Bear explains that Beatrice can't get to sleep without her teddy bear. Fox shakes his head and comments "Babies and their stuffed toys." Franklin looks nervous. That night, Franklin sets his stuffed dog, Sam, next to his goldfish, Goldie. He says that Goldie can keep him company, but he can't sleep with him anymore, as stuffed toys are for babies. He tries to get to sleep, but he just tosses and turns and is bothered by the ticking of his clock. Finally, he takes Sam down from next to Goldie. He says that he won't tell if Sam won't tell. He goes peacefully to sleep. The next day, Bear says that he has some good news for his friends. His parents said that he can have a campout in his backyard. Better yet, he has a large tent, so they can all sleep together. They don't have to bring their own tents. Franklin is immediately nervous about this, but tries not to show it. Later, Franklin is packing for the camping trip. He's bringing Sam, but he's hidden him in his pillow so that nobody will see him. Mrs. Turtle gives him a bag of blueberry muffins to share with his friends. Mrs. Muskrat is also there, picking eggplant. Mrs. Turtle gave her the okay because they have so much, they don't know what to do with it. Franklin, having so much stop, drops some of it. Rabbit comes by and asks if Franklin wants any help. But Franklin panics when Sam falls out of his pillow. Thinking quickly, he stuffs it the muffin bag. Over at Bear's place, Franklin tells his friends that he has a surprise. They all want to know what it is, but he tells them they have to wait until they're inside the tent. Inside the tent, Franklin tells his friends to cover their eyes and then he'll reveal the surprise. His plan is to pull out Sam and hide him while they're not looking. So he's surprised himself when he reaches into the bag and pulls out... an eggplant!? It would seem that he and Mrs. Muskrat accidentally switched bags. Aggravating Franklin's fears, it would seem that Mrs. Muskrat has discovered this too. She comes over to Bear's gate, waving Sam. Franklin stops her before his friends can see her. She gives Franklin the bag of blueberry muffins, but she's also added some cookies. Franklin thanks her, but asks her to hide Sam and not say anything. That night, Bear tells a scary story. Then, Franklin says he has to leave and return the eggplants to Mrs. Muskrat. Everyone finds it odd that Franklin is waiting until night to do this, but they let him leave anyway without too much questioning. At Mrs. Muskrat's house, Franklin explains that he doesn't want his friends to see him with Sam. They would think he was a baby. Mrs. Muskrat asks if they would think she is a baby. She presents Kitty, a stuffed toy that she's had since she was five years old. She tells Franklin that even adults hang on to a few very special stuffed toys. Franklin tells her that he's still going to hang on to Sam, but he still doesn't want to see his friends to see him. Franklin returns to the tent and is pleased to see that his friends are all sleeping. He tries to sneak in, but he ends up tripping and waking them up. Using his flashlight, he sees them all their sleeping bags, with their stuffed toys! Each and every one of them, including Fox! Franklin asks why they didn't just tell him that they sleep with stuffed animals. He's been trying to hide Sam from them all day. Fox answers that he didn't ask. Franklin sets aside Sam, telling him that there's something he has to do. He then picks up a pillow and starts a pillow fight.

"Franklin's Berry Patch"

Franklin, Bear, Skunk and Rabbit are out picking berries. However, the picking this year is a lot worse than last year. There are hardly any berries on the bushes. Franklin and Bear decide to head off to go do something else. On their way, they come across a huge, secluded berry patch. Delighted at having found this, they pick a huge bunch of berries and vow not to tell anyone else about the patch. The next day, they return to the patch. This time, though, they find that there are birds everywhere picking the berries. They don't like this, as it's their patch and so they try to chase the birds away. When the birds keep coming back, they go to more trouble. They create cardboard "scarecrows" of themselves to keep the birds away, hang up pie pans to flash light in the birds' eyes and set up chimes made of forks and spoons to scare them away with sound. Later, they're flying their kites with Rabbit and Skunk. Rabbit and Skunk hear the chimes that Franklin and Bear set up and wonder where they're coming from. Not wanting their cover to be blown, Franklin and Bear run for the patch and disassemble the chimes. However, when they return, some of the forks and spoons fall out of Franklin's shell and Rabbit and Skunk wonder what Franklin is doing with them. Worse, Bear and Franklin left Rabbit with their kites and they're now stuck in a tree. Later, the group is playing on the playground when Skunk sees the light being flashed by the pie pans. Bear and Franklin claim that it's lightning or something and race to take down the pie pans. Rabbit and Skunk become more and more suspicious. They decide to go and investigate when Franklin and Bear say that they're going home, but instead head towards the berry patch, the opposite direction of home. First, they find the "scarecrows" they set up and then they find the berry patch. Franklin and Bear try to chase them away, saying that the patch is theirs. But now the birds have returned too. The group watches as one of the birds grabs a berry and takes it to its nest, where it feeds one of its hungry babies. Franklin and Bear realize that the birds weren't just taking the berries for themselves, they were taking them for their children. They decide that sharing the berry patch would be the best thing to do.moreless

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