Season 4 Episode 8

Franklin and Sam / Franklin's Berry Patch

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Unknown on Noggin



  • Trivia

    • In "Franklin and Sam," when Franklin discovers that his friends still sleep with stuffed toys, viewers learn the names of Rabbit's toy, "Panda" and Bear's toy "Grizzly." Fox's toy, however, remains unnamed.

    • In "Franklin and Sam," Bear sleeps with a stuffed grizzly bear, but in "Franklin Has a Sleepover," Bear's toy that he sleeps with is a stuffed bunny.

  • Quotes

    • Franklin: Well, I suppose I'd better take these eggplants back to Mrs. Muskrat.
      Bear: Now?! After a scary story like that?!
      Rabbit: I don't know why you waited until after dark.
      Franklin: It's okay. I've got my flashlight, and it's only next door.
      Fox: Hey, Franklin. If we find your shadow in the morning, can I hang it on my bedroom wall?
      (Rabbit, Bear and Fox chuckle)

    • The following quotes are from "Franklin and Sam".

    • Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could ride a bike and he could climb a tree. He knew he wasn't a baby anymore, but one day, Franklin was worried that his friends might think he looked like one.

    • Bear: She won't go to sleep without her teddy.
      Rabbit: Really?
      Fox: (shaking his head) Babies and their stuffed toys.
      Franklin: Uh... yeah.

    • Franklin: You've been a really good friend, Sam, but only babies sleep with stuffed toys and I'm not a baby anymore.

    • Franklin: If you don't tell anyone, I won't tell anyone. Good night, Sam.

    • Mrs. Muskrat: You'd better keep an eye on those blueberry muffins. I've seen bears over there.

    • Mrs. Muskrat: Meet Kitty. I've had her since I was five.
      Franklin: Really?
      Mrs. Muskrat: Uh huh. And after all these years, I still need her.

    • Franklin: I'm going to hang on to Sam, Mrs. Muskrat. Just not while my friends are looking.

    • Bear: It's hard to get to sleep without Grizzly.

    • The following quotes are from "Franklin's Berry Patch".

    • Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He liked blueberries and he liked blackberries, too. But one day, Franklin learned that berries you share with everyone are the best kind of all.

    • Franklin: Don't forget, Bear. We're filling our baskets, not our stomachs.

    • Rabbit: Hey, guys! How am I supposed to hold three kites?

    • Rabbit: Why are you carrying forks and spoons in your shell?
      Franklin: I... uh... found them.

    • Skunk: First it was forks and spoons and now plates! What's going on?

    • Bear: They can find their own berry patch. This one's ours!

    • Franklin: Gee, Bear. We're only two mouths.
      Bear: And we tried to keep the whole berry patch to ourselves.

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