Season 5 Episode 5

Franklin and the Bus Patrol / Franklin and Wolvie

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Mar 25, 2004 on Noggin

Episode Recap

"Franklin and the Bus Patrol"

Franklin and his friends are outside playing a game of baseball. Franklin is pitching. He winds up and throws as Raccoon, the batter, warns Rabbit in the outfield that he's going to hit the ball a mile. He swings and connects, sending the ball rocketing deep into the outfield, just missing Rabbit's catch. Raccoon rounds the bases quickly as Skunk grabs the ball and shoots it towards home. Raccoon makes it in, but scampers past home plate. The throw connects with home plate and bounces into Bear's glove. As Raccoon and everyone else celebrates, Bear heads over to Raccoon and announces that he's out in c umpire- Raccoon protests as Franklin watches what's happening. Bear explains the situation: Raccoon never touched home plate, like he was supposed to and so he's out. Raccoon counters that he was at home plate way before the ball was. Franklin comes up and says that Bear's right. Raccoon tells them that he didn't know he had to step on the plate. He sags his head in despair and Bear decides that maybe they can excuse the rule this time. Franklin happily agrees and compliments Raccoon's great hit. Raccoon thanks him and says that he'll remember to touch the plate next time. The bell rings for everyone to head inside. In the oom, Mr. Owl is talking about "Bus Safety Month," saying that students who follow all of the bus-safety rules will receive a "Trusty the Bus Rider Pal Certificate." Everyone thinks it's pretty neat. Mr. Owl asks if anyone can name the first rule and Bear volunteers. Mr. Owl calls on him and he quickly starts rattling off three of the rules before Mr. Owl can stop him and say that it's not a race and he needs to catch up. Bear apologizes and everyone laughs. Raccoon comments that Bear really likes to follow the rules. Mr. Owl thinks that this qualifies Bear to be a fine "bus patrol officer." Everyone wonders what that is and so Mr. Owl explains as he comes up to Bear and pins a gold sheriff's-type badge on his blue vest. Everyone oohs and aahs at the badge, which is made of real metal. He tells Bear that the job is a responsibility and he'll have to give tickets if anyone breaks a rule. Anyone that gets "too many" tickets won't get the honor of becoming a "Trusty the Bus Rider Pal." Now that that's taken care of, Mr. Owl asks if anyone else can name one of the safety rules other than Bear, for example: Rule #5. That afternoon, the kids are all on the bus heading home. Rabbit's sitting the seat across the aisle from Franklin and shows him something neat that he got, a bright-green "Super Bouncer Ball." Goose, who is sitting next to Franklin, has heard of these - she says they bounce like crazy and Franklin affirms this. He hands it back to Rabbit, who tries to demonstrate its bouncing power, but unfortunately it bounces a little too well and ends up bouncing over to Bear, who stops it with his foot. Rabbit gets up to grab it and Bear, who is busily munching a sandwich, tells Rabbit sorry and says that he has to give him a ticket. Rabbit protests that he didn't do anything, but Bear reminds him of Rule #1: that you're not supposed to get up while the bus is moving. Rabbit says he was just getting his ball, but Bear tells him he should have waited for the bus to stop. Rules are rules. Rabbit grumbles that he thought they were friends. That afternoon, Bear is standing on the bridge, moping. Franklin wheels up on his bicycle and says hi, calling him "Officer Bear." Bear says that it's not funny and explains what happened. He says it wasn't much fun giving Rabbit a ticket. Franklin says it was Rabbit's fault. Bear says he still feels bad because they're friends. Franklin tells him that he did the right thing and rules are rules. Bear agrees and thanks him. That morning, the bus is on the way to school. As it zooms by the screen, a bluebird flies off a stake and into the distance. Inside the bus, Raccoon and Skunk are sitting next to each other and Raccoon compliments a drawing that Skunk did. Skunk thanks him and starts talking about something she has to finish, but then she loses the drawing and it rolls onto the floor. It rolls over to Franklin, who stops it with his foot and grabs it. He starts to get up to return it, but then sits down. Skunk asks if he's going to return it and he reminds her that they're not supposed to get up while the bus is moving. She complains that she wants to finish it and so Franklin says that it's not a problem - he just throws it over to her. Skunk thanks him, but before he can even turn around, Bear is handing him a violation slip. Franklin asks who it's for and Bear tells him it's for him. Franklin thinks it's a joke, but Bear tells him that he broke rule #6: no throwing things on the bus. Franklin tries to rationalize, but Bear tells him about some of the problems it could have caused. Franklin grumbles that he won't get his "safety certificate" but Bear hits him with the old saw that "rules are rules," even for friends. Franklin snits that he's lucky he doesn't have more best friends. That afternoon, Franklin and the gang, sans Bear, are up in the treehouse talking about Bear. He's gotten everyone into trouble for various infractions. Franklin tells them that if he were bus patrol officer, he wouldn't get his friends into trouble. Everyone thinks this would be great, saying he'd be the best bus patrol officer ever. Sometime later on, everyone is at school and Mr. Owl is complimenting Bear on his work as bus patrol officer. It's been a couple weeks and now Mr. Owl wants someone else to take a turn at being bus patrol officer. Rabbit immediately nominates Franklin and soon everyone is agreeing. Mr. Owl tells him that it seems unanimous and hands Franklin the badge. As everyone gathers around Franklin, Bear can be seen sitting by himself in his seat with his arms crossed. He doesn't look happy. That afternoon, on the bus, Franklin and Bear are sitting the back and Franklin tells Bear that being bus patrol officer doesn't seem so hard. Bear tells him it's his first day and the bus hasn't even started moving. They take off and Raccoon blows a yellow balloon and starts tossing it around. One of the kids calls for Skunk to toss it to them and Skunk reminds him about the no throwing rule. Raccoon reminds her that Franklin said he wouldn't give his friends any tickets. Bear calls Franklin on this and they realize that they have a problem. Things soon descend into complete chaos as everyone starts tossing around balloons and making lots of noise. Rabbit says their worries are over and one of the balloons hits Franklin. Franklin suggests that they quiet down, but nobody can hear him and nobody's paying attention. Mr. Fox loses his concentration and brakes the bus to a halt. Everyone stops and Mr. Fox tells them that a safe bus is a bus where passengers obey the rules. He tells them all to sit down and be quiet. They moan as Mr. Fox warns for them not to said a word for the rest of the trip. That afternoon, everyone is gathered around in a grassy patch as Franklin laments that things went better when Bear was in charge. Skunk says that being bus patrol officer seems like a tough job and everyone agrees that they just made it tougher. Franklin says it wouldn't be hard if everyone followed the rules, it wouldn't be so hard. They agree that it's not a big deal and Bear says that ten rules aren't that hard to remember. Franklin tells him that there's actually eleven: number eleven is "no eating on the bus." He tickets Bear, saying that "rules are rules," even for hungry friends. Bear's stomach growls and everyone laughs as a butterfly flutters by.

"Franklin and Wolvie"

Franklin heads inside his house, where Mrs. Turtle is taking some shoofly pie out of the oven. Franklin says that it's his favorite and Mrs. Turtle tells him that he's going to have to wait until their guest arrives. He wonders what guest this is and Mrs. Turtle tells him that her friend's son, Wolverine, is coming over for the weekend. Franklin gulps, thinking of Wolverine, who he knows as "Wolvie." Mrs. Turtle says he'll be coming any minute. Franklin goes to his room and starts hiding his toys - especially his stuffed dog, Sam. He breathes a sigh of relief and then Wolvie shows up. Wolvie points out a tower of Franklin's and compliments it. He takes a toy racer of Franklin's and knocks down the tower, thinking it's "neato." He then tells Franklin to think fast and throws a ball at Franklin, saying that his brothers do that all the time. Franklin's not amused, but before he can say anything, Wolvie grabs a powerpal, saying that he has the whole set, but most of them are missing their arms and legs, although some have two heads. He and his brothers tie parachutes to them and send them up into trees. He suggests showing Franklin how to do it, but Franklin says he has to meet his friends for soccer. Wolvie says he plays it with his older brothers all the time and decides to come along. They head off and Wolvie introduces himself to Franklin's friends. He agrees to play soccer and joins Beaver's team. He kicks the ball into a tree and Skunk comments that he kicks the ball hard, perhaps too hard. He continues to play with the ball as everyone asks him to pass it. He says that they have to take it away from him - that's how he and his brothers play - but they always get it from him in a few seconds. Franklin gulps in frustration. The game continues, although it's not much of a game anymore. Franklin and his friends are standing on the sidelines, while Wolvie kicks around the ball. They call him a ball-hog, but Franklin says that he's a good guy, he just takes some getting used to. Wolvie comes over and asks them why nobody's playing. Beaver complains that she's tired of playing soccer and Skunk suggests that they play another game. Wolvie offers a game of tackle football, an idea that doesn't sit well with anyone. Franklin decides instead on a fun game of "stick races" in the stream and everyone agrees to show Wolvie how to play. They've all gathered small sticks to race. Rabbit even found one that looks like a rabbit. Franklin says that if he wants to win, though, he has to pick one that's the right shape. Wolvie, however, has been elsewhere and as everyone races their sticks across the stream, he shows up on the side of the stream with a gigantic stick, which he calls "robo-stick." He lobs it into the stream, sinking everyone else's sticks, leaving it as the only stick left to win. He declares his stick the "winner and new champion." He calls for another round, but everyone says that they have to go home for lunch. Wolvie says they can meet after lunch for more racing, but everyone says that they have to stay home the rest of the afternoon. Wolvie says it's too bad. That afternoon, Wolvie and Franklin are out having some lunch. Wolvie is happy because it's the first time he's ever gotten seconds of anything. Normally, he fast to eat fast or else his brothers get all the food. Mrs. Turtle shows up with some shoofly pie and before Franklin can even move, Wolvie has gobbled it all up. Franklin protests that it's for both of them, but Wolvie isn't paying attention. He eats the entire thing and calls it great. Franklin sarcastically agrees that it was "just great" and Wolvie eats his crumbs. Later, Franklin is standing at the bridge, grumbling to himself. He hears his friends playing and goes to check it out. They all hide under the water, seeing him coming, but Franklin spots Rabbit's ears and asks what's going on. They ask where Wolvie is. He tells them that he's alone and had to get away from him. They agree with this, saying they had to get away from him too. They ask him to come in the water and Franklin says he has to ask his Mom first. They tell him to come back without Wolvie and he protests once again that he "just takes some getting used to." He goes home and finds his Mom in the garden. He asks where Wolvie is. She tells him that he's inside playing with Harriet. This worries him, so he heads inside and finds Harriet and Wolvie - playing peacefully! Harriet can be heard giggling and we see Wolvie playing with a ducky toy and rolling a ball to her - gently. Franklin heads back outside and gathers all of his friends. They're following him and he tells them to be quiet, as they head inside. They peek inside Harriet's and see Wolvie playing nicely. Wolvie spots Franklin and asks him where he's been. Franklin tells him that he wanted to show his friends something - him. Wolvie puzzledly comments that they've already seen him and they describe how the only way they've seen him is playing rough and loud and rowdy. Beaver asks why he's playing so peacefully with Harriet and he says that Harriet is little - he would never play rough with her. It's not like playing with his brothers. Franklin thinks that could be the problem, they're not as old as his brothers and aren't used to his roughhousing. Wolvie tells them he never thought of that. He apologizes and everyone decides that maybe he's really a good guy after all. Mrs. Turtle comes in, saying it's Harriet's naptime. She tells everyone to go out and play. They head outside and try to decide on a game. Wolvie suggests "stick-races" and Beaver carries over a huge stick, saying that they should play "Monster Stick Demo Derby 4000." It's time for the rematch!