Season 5 Episode 5

Franklin and the Bus Patrol / Franklin and Wolvie

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Mar 25, 2004 on Noggin



  • Trivia

    • Everyone panics about getting even so much as one ticket from Bear, but Mr. Owl clearly stated that it would take several tickets to keep someone from getting a certificate.

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    • The following quotes are from "Franklin and the Bus Patrol".

    • Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He liked baseball and soccer and always tried to play by the rules. But making sure that his friends followed the rules was a responsibility Franklin wasn't quite prepared for.

    • Franklin: Bear's right. The rules say that you have to touch home plate.

    • Mr. Owl: Now does anyone know our first rule of bus safety? Yes, Bear?
      Bear: (standing up) Rule #1: Stay seated while the bus is moving and #2 is no shouting. #3 is never stick your arm out the window. #4 is...
      Mr. Owl: (giggles, trying to write this on the board) Very good, Bear, but it's not a race. Please give me time to catch up.

    • Mr. Owl: Being a bus patrol officer is an honor and also a big responsibility. If anyone disobeys the rules, you'll have to give them a ticket.

    • Bear: Sorry, Rabbit.
      Rabbit: What for?
      Bear: I have to give you a ticket.

    • Franklin: Hi, Bear. I mean (giggles) Officer Bear.

    • Franklin: You did the right thing, Bear. Rules are rules, even for friends.
      Bear: Not funny, Franklin.

    • Franklin: It was just a piece of paper and it didn't hit anybody.
      Bear: It could have. Or you might have bothered the driver. That could cause an accident.
      Franklin: But I won't get my safety certificate.
      Bear: I know, but rules are still rules, even for best friends.
      Franklin: Lucky for me I don't have more best friends.

    • Franklin: If I was bus patrol officer, I wouldn't get my friends into trouble.

    • Franklin: See Bear? Being bus patrol officer isn't so hard.
      Bear: Just wait, Franklin.

    • Raccoon: Don't worry. Franklin won't give his friends any tickets. He even said so, remember?
      Bear: You said that?
      Franklin: That was before I knew I was gonna be bus patrol officer.
      Bear: Uh oh.

    • Mr. Fox: What in tarnation?

    • The following quotes are from "Franklin and Wolvie".

    • Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He liked swimming and playing soccer with his friends. But sometimes, a new friend can take a little getting used to.

    • Wolvie: Think fast, Franklin.
      Franklin: Huh?
      Wolvie: My brothers get me with that one all the time. You really have to be on your toes around those guys.

    • Skunk: Wolvie, pass it here!
      Wolvie: Pass it? You have to take it away from me.

    • Wolvie: Say hello to robo-stick! Welcome to Monster Stick Demo Derby 4000! Neato! You were right. This is lots of fun.

    • Franklin: A whole shoofly pie and I didn't even get a piece.

    • Beaver: Where's... Wolvie?
      Franklin: It's okay, I'm alone. I just had to get away from him for a while.
      Bear: Us, too, only we were hoping to get away from him for the whole weekend.

    • Beaver: Without Wolvie.
      Franklin: But he's not such a bad guy, he just...
      Friends: ..."takes some getting used to," we know.

    • Franklin: Psst, Mom, where's Wolvie.
      Mrs. Turtle: He's playing inside.
      Franklin: Oh no, my toys!
      Mrs. Turtle: (giggles) Your toys are safe. He's playing with Harriet.
      Franklin: Oh no! My little sister!

    • Beaver: How come you're playing so nice and quiet with Harriet?
      Wolvie: Gee. I'd never play rough with Harriet. She's little. I mean, it's not like playing with my brothers.

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