Season 3 Episode 10

Franklin and the Copycat / Big Brother Franklin

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Oct 11, 1999 on Noggin
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"Franklin and the Copycat"

Franklin's class is drawing pictures with crayons. Franklin's picture is very nice. He's drawn some very realistic sunset clouds. Everyone's very impressed and they start asking Franklin to help them with their drawings. Then, Rabbit presents his drawing to Mr. Owl. Franklin's shocked: it's basically a perfect copy of his sunset cloud drawing, except Rabbit added in a red scooter. Mr. Owl lavishes it wish praise. At home that night, Franklin explains to his parents about what Rabbit did. Mrs. Turtle suggests that maybe Rabbit just liked his drawing. She thinks it's a bit flattering. Franklin isn't convinced though. The next day, it's raining and Mr. Owl tells the class that they won't be able to go out and play baseball. The good news is that he's bought brand-new crayons for them to draw with. Rabbit asks Franklin what he's going to draw. Franklin, realizing what Rabbit is after, goes over by the window, alone, to draw his picture. Inspired by the storm, he paints a very realistic storm cloud. Mr. Owl sees it and holds it up. Not long after Owl holds it up, Rabbit soon shows everyone a nearly identical drawing. Now, Franklin's really mad. He comes straight out and calls Rabbit a copycat. Everyone stares at him and Franklin doesn't really know what to say, other than that, well, Rabbit is a copycat. At home again, Franklin sees a poster hanging on his wall. Looking at it, he notices something: the clouds in it look just like the ones he drew. Oh my gosh, he's a copycat too. But that's no big deal, actually. When he sees Mr. Mole teaching his parents a golf swing, his parents explain that copying can actually be a good way to learn something. In the morning the next day, Franklin meets Rabbit at Rabbit's bus stop. He apologizes to Rabbit for calling him a "copycat" and tells him that he's actually one too. Rabbit tells him that he was just inspired by his favorite artist: him. To end, we see a drawing of Franklin and Rabbit, done by the both of them.

"Big Brother Franklin"

Franklin, Raccoon and Fox are playing when a youngster named Squirrel shows up. He's on his own for the day and wants to know if he can play with them. Fox and Raccoon aren't so sure, they're doing "big-kid" stuff. But Franklin decides to adopt him for the day as his little brother. The first thing they do is go on the merry-go-round. Franklin is worried about Squirrel's safety and has Fox and Raccoon go slow. Squirrel tells them to go faster. Squirrel's enjoying this and has them keep going faster and faster. Then, everyone ends up flying off the merry-go-round. Everyone except Squirrel, that is. He's able to hang on. This doesn't faze Franklin. He asks Squirrel to call him "big brother." The next thing they do is play hide-and-seek. Franklin's sure he'll have to help Squirrel out with this one. He knows all the great hiding places in the woods. After counting down with Squirrel, he starts searching. But to his surprise, Fox and Raccoon aren't in the normal hiding spot. Then, Squirrel calls out both Fox and Raccoon, having found them both. Franklin, looking for something to help Squirrel with, tries the monkey bars. He demonstrates how to hang on them to Squirrel. Then, he sees Squirrel up above him. Fox and Raccoon call Squirrel a natural at climbing. Franklin's not out of ideas yet. He goes to his house so that they can play marbles. But Squirrel is so dexterous that he's able to knock three of the marbles out of the ring in one shot. Then, he shows Fox and Raccoon how to do it. Franklin's really bugged now, he's supposed to the big brother. He has one more idea: playing frisbee. But Squirrel throws the frisbee back and forth with ease, while Franklin ends up stumbling and falling just trying to catch it. Franklin gives up. Fox jokes that Franklin's the one who has a big brother. Franklin goes down by himself to the pond. Fox, Squirrel and Raccoon continue playing. But then, when Squirrel tries to catch the frisbee, the force of it sends him flying. He's now a "flying squirrel." He "flies" all the way into the pond. The frisbee is barely keeping him afloat and if somebody doesn't do something, he's going to drown. Franklin quickly hops in, swims expertly through the water and rescues him. Back on land, Squirrel tells Franklin that he's a natural at swimming. Franklin's a hero and Squirrel likes having him as a big brother. He's going to ask his parents if he can visit Franklin again soon. He wants Franklin to teach him how to swim.moreless

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