Season 6 Episode 14

Franklin and the Green Knight: The Movie

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Oct 17, 2000 on Noggin
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Franklin and the Green Knight: The Movie
Franklin is at first excited when he learns that his parents are going to have a baby. As the winter months drag on, he grows antsy as he knows that the baby is coming in spring, but it seems like the winter is lasting especially long. Worse, he's now becoming confused as some of his friends' comments have led him to wonder if once the baby comes, his parents won't have any time for him. While Franklin is dealing with this, his friend Snail has a different problem. Franklin is a great friend, who has always had time for him and been nice to him, even when his other friends sometimes leave him behind. Now, though, with Franklin about to become a big brother, he's worried that Franklin won't have any time for him. When Franklin hears again a story he loved as a kid of knight who brought spring to his town, he first suggests it is a class play and then begins thinking that he himself could be the story's hero, the Green Knight and bring spring to Woodland. He enlists Snail as his squire and together they go on a journey which brings them head-to-head with all the issues they've been struggling with.moreless

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    Richard Newman

    Richard Newman

    Mr. Turtle

    Noah Reid

    Noah Reid

    Franklin Turtle

    Janet-Laine Green

    Janet-Laine Green

    Narrator (Credited as Janet L-Greene)

    Julie Lemieux

    Julie Lemieux

    Various (Uncredited)

    Bryn McAuley

    Bryn McAuley

    Harriet Turtle

    Luca Perlman

    Luca Perlman


    Juan Chioran

    Juan Chioran

    Green Knight

    Guest Star

    Paul Essiembre

    Paul Essiembre


    Guest Star

    Jonathan Wilson

    Jonathan Wilson


    Guest Star

    Kristen Bone

    Kristen Bone


    Recurring Role

    Ruby Smith-Merovitz

    Ruby Smith-Merovitz


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    James Rankin

    James Rankin

    Mr. Owl

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      • Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He loved warm spring showers, hot summer days and crisp autumn winds. He also loved the winter because winter meant snow and playing in the snow made him very happy. One January, when the snow laid deeper and thicker than anyone in Woodland could remember, Franklin was especially happy. Something was about to happen that would change his life forever.

        Snail: Hey, has anyone seen Franklin this morning?
        Bear: No, Snail. But I'm sure we'll run into him.

        Franklin: Snail, are you okay?
        Snail: I think there's snow in my shell.

        Beaver: Excuse me, there are only three turtles in your family. Who's this?
        Snail: That's not a turtle. It's me. Right, Franklin?
        Franklin: (laughs) Good try, Snail. But there are four turtles in my family. I mean, there's going to be four.

        Franklin: I've always wanted to be a big brother.
        Snail: But why? You've got your friends.

        Beaver: Hello? Everyone knows that babies aren't fun all the time.
        Goose: Come on, Beaver, babies aren't that bad.
        Bear: That's right! (singing) Hey, Franklin, I've got a sister / I hug her when she cries / (sound effect of baby crying)
        Beaver: Then when she's feeling better / She bops him in the eye!
        Bear: (spoken) Beaver!

        Bear and Goose: (singing) The wonderful thing about brothers and sisters / Sisters and brothers are wonderful thing / The thing we like about brothers and sisters...
        Beaver: (spoken) I can't think of anything!

        Bear, Beaver and Goose: (chanting) Big brother Franklin! Big brother Franklin! Big brother Franklin! Big brother Franklin! ....
        Narrator: And so as much as he loved the winter, Franklin couldn't wait for spring to arrive. Spring, on the other hand, seemed in no hurry at all. January gave way to February and February to March. But still, Woodland was cloaked deep in a snowy shroud. Franklin's friend Sam was very worried, almost as worried as Franklin himself.

        Mr. Turtle: The baby is due next month, whether spring comes or not.

        Mrs. Turtle: Here it is. Your great aunt Harriet gave me this book when I was a little girl.
        Franklin: Great Aunt Harriet always give the best gifts.

        Mrs. Turtle: (reading from The Green Knight) "We're doomed," the people cried. But all was not lost. For in a castle, overlooking the village, was the bravest knight of all: The Green Knight.

        Goblin: Deep in the forest, where the sun rises and the rainbow ends is a cherry as old as time itself. Take of its blossoms and scatter them about thy land. Spring will come.

        Green Knight: A true knight acts with a true heart.

        Green Knight: Farewell, winter. Bid thee welcome, spring.

        Franklin: I'm not sleepy.
        Mrs. Turtle: Well, I am.

        Beaver: Spring better come soon! The winter is becoming very boring.

        Mr. Owl: The class will present "The Quest of the Green Knight."

        Bear: Do you think spring will come soon?
        Franklin: Mr. Owl thinks so and he knows everything.

        Franklin: Snow, snow and more snow.
        Beaver: You know, it must be the snow hiding spring.
        Rabbit: We've gotta search far and wide.
        Bear: High and low.
        Franklin: Search for a place that doesn't have snow.

        Song Lyrics: Bring on the spring, right now if you please! / Enough with the ice / And there's way too much frost / Go away Old Man Winter, 'cause everybody wants you to get lost now!

        Franklin: Snow, snow...
        All: ...and more snow.

        Beaver: Maybe spring is just asleep.
        Franklin: That's it, Beaver. We have to wake it up.

        Granny: Of course, there's the baby shower.
        Franklin: How can you wash the baby if it isn't here yet?

        Beaver: Your family's not having a baby shower, are they?
        Franklin: What's wrong with a baby shower?
        Rabbit: The baby's not even born yet and already your family's throwing parties for it?
        Beaver: Enjoy your parents while you can, Franklin.

        Franklin: Presents! Maybe one of them is for me. For Baby Turtle. To Baby Turtle. (disgusted) Baby Turtle!

        Franklin: Beaver was right. Grown-ups do like babies best.

        Mrs. Goose: April showers bring May flowers... I hope.

        Granny: If only the Green Knight could rescue us.
        Franklin: That's it! I'll bring Spring to Woodland. Everyone will be so proud of me.

        Snail: Hey, Bear, wait for me! Bear? (sighs) I'll never make it to Beaver's house on time.

        Snail: You're dressed for the play.
        Franklin: Not for the play. I am the Green Knight!

        Franklin: (to Snail) The Green Knight needs a squire. Would you like to be mine?

        Mr. Gopher: Me, call for help? Does it look like I need any help?
        Franklin: Um...
        Snail: (laughs) It looks like you're stuck.

        Franklin: Never fear. I'm the Green Knight and I'm here to rescue you.
        Snail: We're here to rescue you.

        Franklin: This doesn't look easy.
        Snail: He got stuck. We can get him unstuck.

        Snail: Franklin, I'm scared.
        Franklin: (high-sounding voice) You're safe with me, Snail. The Green Knight fears nothing. (meekly) Except maybe that.

        Eagle: A turtle with a snail on his back? I have seen many interesting things, but this is a first.

        Snail: (to Franklin) If you're in such a hurry, why don't you go find Spring yourself?

        Snail: But, Franklin! (to himself) Just as I thought. Now that Franklin's going to be a big brother, he doesn't need me anymore.

        Snail: (singing) I wonder if someday he will remember...
        Franklin: I wonder... if someday they'll think of me... I wonder...
        Snail: What I'll do tomorrow...
        Franklin: I'm gonna be alone just him and me.
        Snail: I wonder, what I'll do tomorrow, I'm gonna be alone, it's plain to see.

        Franklin: We're here, Snail. I did it! I did it! I found the magic cherry tree.
        Snail: Uh, we did it.

        Franklin: This must be the Guardian of the Tree.
        Snail: She's small, like me.

        Snail: Oh, Guardian.
        Mrs. Warbler: What's with this "Guardian" stuff? I'm Mrs. Warbler.

        Franklin: With these blossoms, I will bring Spring to Woodland and then everyone will think I'm the bravest and the greatest and pay attention to me!
        Snail: That's not a very good reason for wanting the blossoms, Franklin.
        Franklin: Yes, but...
        Snail: You're acting just like the Green Knight did in the story - selfish!

        Mrs. Warbler: Hold that thought. Is this gonna take long?

        Franklin: You like taking care of your baby brother, don't you?
        Armadillo: Sure, I guess.

        Armadillo: Hey, who do you love more: your Mom or your Dad?
        Franklin: That's a silly question! I love them both!
        Armadillo: Exactly! And my parents have plenty of love for both me and my little brother. Nothing to worry about, right?
        Franklin: Right.

        Mrs. Warbler: (in her best Guardian voice) Oh, Green Knight, as Guardian of the Tree, I give you permission to take as many cherry blossoms as you need.
        Franklin: Really?
        Mrs. Warbler: (normal voice) Yeah, knock yourself out.

        Mrs. Turtle: Franklin, we were so worried. Are you hurt?
        Franklin: No. I'm okay, Mom.

        Beaver: (to Eagle) Don't be a stranger!

        Franklin: Farwell winter... Bid thee welcome, Spring.

        Bear: Good try, Franklin:
        Franklin: But I thought Spring would just... appear.

        Beaver: Excuse me. But there's still snow all over the place. Spring is not here.
        Snail: Yes, Beaver. But at least it's a start. (points out a bird chirping in a tree) See? Another sign of Spring.

        Franklin: Great Aunt Harriet sent this mobile, Sam. I hope the baby likes it.

        Franklin: I wish I may, I wish I might, see my parents home tonight.

        Franklin: She's so small.
        Mr. Turtle: But she'll get bigger. Just like you did.

        Franklin: Great Aunt Harriet always gives the perfect present. She gave you that Green Knight book, Mom. And she gave he baby this mobile. And, well, the baby is like a perfect present.

        Mrs. Turtle: I think it's a lovely idea. Harriet it is.

        Franklin: (places a cherry blossom in Harriet's crib) This is for you, Harriet. By the way, I'm Franklin. I'm your big brother.

    • NOTES (11)

      • Check out the page for Franklin and the Green Knight: The Movie at Movie Tome here.

      • Franklin and the Green Knight has aired at least once on television: Friday, June 8th 2003 at noon eastern on Canada's Family Channel.

      • Many aspects of this story, including Great Aunt Harriet's mobile, Harriet's being named after Great Aunt Harriet and the idea of Franklin trying to hurry the coming of spring came from the book Franklin's Baby Sister.

      • First ever mention that Goose has a baby brother. He is seen in the "Brothers and Sisters" song. She also said back in "Franklin's Halloween" that she has a sister, but this sister has never been seen.

      • John Van Bruggen is credited as John van Bruggen, Merle-Ann Ridley is credited as Merle Anne Ridley, Ruby Smith-Merovitz is credited as Ruby Smith Merovitz, Elizabeth Hanna is credited as Liz Hanna and Debra McGrath is credited as Deb McGrath.

      • Franklin and the Green Knight features four musical numbers: Brothers and Sisters, Spring Where Are You? (Parts 1 and 2) and I Wonder.

      • Approximate Length: 1 Hour and 15 Minutes

      • Premiered on Nick Jr. on Monday, July 12 at 10:30 A.M.

      • Franklin and the Green Knight is available on both video and DVD. The DVD includes "music videos," a selectable chapter menu, and "making-of" feature that includes Paulette Bourgeois, author of the Franklin books, Noah Reid (voice of Franklin), Kristen Bone (voice of Snail) and many other crew associated with the show.

      • Premiered on Noggin in the United States on March 15 at 11 A.M.

      • Franklin and the Green Knight introduces the character of Harriet, Franklin's baby sister.

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