Season 4 Episode 6

Franklin and the Puppet Play / Franklin's Stopwatch

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"Franklin and the Puppet Play"

Franklin and Beaver at the library when Rabbit's brother Bunny comes along. They ask him if he wants to hear a story and Bunny does. So they use puppets to perform "Little Miss Muffet." Mrs. Goose, who was watching their impromptu performance, asks them if they'd like to put on a performance in the Reading Nook. They agree and Mrs. Goose schedules them for Saturday. As they walk home, Beaver says that she wants to make it the best play ever. Franklin suggests having Bear and Goose help out. Beaver agrees as they're going to need all the help they can get. Preparations begin for the play and Beaver immediately tries to show who's in charge by taking command of the meeting. But nobody will let her complete a sentence and they keep shouting out their own ideas. They decide to do the play "Little Red Riding Hood." As preparations continue, Beaver becomes even more and more bossy. She gets annoyed when the puppets that Goose bring are in disrepair and makes her fix them. She then assigns parts - not only giving herself the role of Little Red Riding Hood, but also assigning everyone else's parts without considering what parts they'd actually be good for. They complain, but Beaver makes them stick with it. When Beaver leaves, Goose comments that she thinks Beaver would make a good Wolf. The next day, a practice is being held and Beaver is still being bossy. When she leaves for a minute, Franklin, Beaver and Goose start imitating her behind her back. They don't realize it, but Beaver returns and overhears their imitations of her. Then, Bear and Goose notice her, but Franklin keeps going. When Franklin realize that Bear and Goose aren't saying anything anymore, he looks up. Hurt and angry, Beaver leaves. The next day, Beaver is by herself. Using the puppets she enacts a scene in which she's the wolf. "Everyone knows that." Then, from over the fence, she sees the other puppets. It's Franklin, Goose and Bear, apologizing for making Beaver feel bad. Beaver apologizes too, for being so bossy. With that resolved, they're finally able to practice for the play. They put on a great performance, which delights Bunny and the other children of Woodland.

"Franklin's Stopwatch"

While retrieving something from the "junk drawer" for his Mom, Franklin discovers a stopwatch. At first, he thinks it's a regular watch and wonders how the time can be "60 o'clock." Mr. Turtle shows him the use of it and Franklin eagerly tests it out, by timing how fast he can clean his room. Excited by this acquisition, he starts timing himself on all sorts of things. Then, Rabbit comes and Franklin shows him the stopwatch. Rabbit asks Franklin to time him. Franklin does and is shocked when Rabbit does the same thing he just did four times faster. When solving a puzzle at his house with Goose, Goose solves the puzzle in about thirty seconds. It takes Franklin about two minutes to do it and he got some of the puzzle wrong. He tries it with his best friend, Bear, but Bear seems to be faster at everything too. Finally, he tries jumping rope with Beaver, but Beaver does it ten seconds to do what it takes him nearly 30 seconds to do and he can't even complete it. Franklin's getting annoyed. He's a turtle and he can be slow, but he didn't think he was this slow. He doesn't need a stopwatch to time himself. He needs a sundial. Beaver asks Franklin if she can borrow the stopwatch and Franklin happily agrees. Then, one day, Franklin is walking with Bear when he hears his friends cheering someone on. It's Snail! He's about to cross the bridge at his fastest time ever: one hour and two minutes! Snail's so slow that there's no way he could beat anybody else. But he shaved twelve minutes off of his previous best time. Franklin didn't realize that it counted if you beat your own time. He decides to try running to his mailbox again, only this time, it'll be the fastest that he's ever done it.moreless

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