Season 6 Episode 17

Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Dec 20, 2006 on Noggin
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Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure
Franklin shares many good times with his Granny, but when she takes ill, he's determined to help her. When his Aunt Lucy, an archaeologist, comes to visit, they find an old treasure map made by his grandmother. It show the location of a time capsule that she buried near Turtle Lake and never dug up; shortly after she buried it, her parents died in a house fire and she hasn't been back since.

When Granny becomes ill, Franklin learns that there is a turtle talisman inside the capsule, containing a strong magic that can help his Grandma. He sets out to find it with the help of Bear, Beaver, Snail and Aunt Lucy. However, he also has to contend with Aunt Lucy's headstrong goddaughter Samantha.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • When they are eating dinner after Franklin calls Sam a monster Franklin's mom calls his name but when she does her purple necklace turns red for the scene.

      • Viewers learn in this special that Grandma Turtle lived on Turtle Lake when she was little until a huge fire destroyed her house and killed her parents.

      • At the end of this special, the dedication "To everyone's grandma" appear before the credits.

      • At least two new characters are introduced in this film, Aunt Lucy and Samantha. Aunt Lucy is Franklin's kindly aunt and a good friend of Franklin's Grandma. Samantha is described as her "headstrong young god-daughter." Little else is known about Samantha at this time, but it is written that she will complicate affairs for Franklin and his friends.

    • QUOTES (4)

      • Samantha: You might get your chance to be a hero.
        Franklin: I don't want to be a hero. I just want my granny to get better.

      • Bear: We're going on a treasure hunt.
        (Samantha yawns)
        Aunt Lucy: (In pirate talk) Not one to join us Missy? You'll walk the plank if you don't.
        Samantha: Guess I'll take my chances with the sharks.
        Franklin: So what do you want to do?
        Samantha: Not play some dumb kids game.

      • Little Crow: Family is much nicer than shiny pretties.
        Aunt Lucy: I'll second that.

      • Aunt Lucy: Why don't you come over tomorrow and we can go out together?
        Franklin: Is "she" going to be there?
        Aunt Lucy: Sam? I imagine so. But I promise, she won't bite. We turtles don't have teeth you know.

    • NOTES (7)

      • Though promoted as "Franklin and Granny's Secret," this film premiered as "Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure" on January 1, 2007 on Canada's Treehouse TV. The film was released on DVD later in the year, and premiers on television on Noggin in the United States on New Year's Day 2008, one day after Noggin converts to a 24/7 format, spinning "The N" off as a separate network.

      • John Van Bruggen completed work on the script for this film in 2005.

      • Production for this film is complete. The film was screened at the American Film Market (AFM) film festival on November 4 at 11 A.M. and November 5 at 9 A.M.

      • Animation for this film was done by a team of former Disney animators.

      • This film was penned under the title Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure. It is John Van Bruggen's first feature film. It also goes by the names "Franklin and the Secret Talisman" and "Franklin et le Talisman Secret" (French title.)

      • Length: Approximately 75 minutes

      • Airdate / release date reflects release in France. Release date in the United States and Canada is unknown at this time. This film is slated to release in theaters, although whether or not it will be direct-to-video in some locations is currently also unknown.

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