Season 4 Episode 12

Franklin at the Seashore / Franklin & Snail's Dream

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Unknown on Noggin
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"Franklin at the Seashore"

It's a fun day at the beach for Franklin and Bear. Looking for fun, they find some seashells. Franklin tells Bear that if he holds one up to his ear, he can hear the ocean. But Bear can't hear anything, as the real ocean is drowning it out. They decide to use the shells as part of a sandcastle they're making. They make a wonderful sandcastle and go off to do some other things. While they're gone, two crabs come along. They wreck the castle and take all the shells. When Franklin and Bear return, they're mad that their castle has been wrecked. They notice that whoever took their shells left footprints. They follow them and reclaim the shells where the crabs left them. As Franklin and Bear leave, the crabs are indignant. How dare Franklin and Bear take their shells. Franklin and Bear make a new castle and agree that it's even better than the first one. They go off again and once again the crabs come for the shells. This time, though, they cover up their tracks by dusting them. Franklin and Bear return and are upset once again that their castle has been destroyed. The thieves may not have left any footprints this time, but Franklin and Bear know where their hideout is. They'll find them! The two crabs hide in a log, but they blow their cover and Franklin and Bear reclaim the shells. This time, they decide to take the shells someplace where the crabs can't get to them, like an island. There happens to be one not so far away from the beach, so they head there. While they're not looking, the crabs follow them. They're heading to the island too, as they can swim perfectly well. On the island, the crabs continue following Franklin and Bear. But then, one of them falls into a crevice. He's stuck! The other crab tries to rescue him, but is unable. Franklin and Bear overhear the commotion and realize that they're in trouble. Although still mad at them for taking their shells, Franklin and Bear agree that if someone's in trouble, you have to help them. They rescue the crab. The crab's surprised and comments that he never expected they would help them. They're the ones that kept taking their shells. This surprises Franklin and Bear. Their shells?! They ask if Bear found them in a pile and Bear admits that he did. They explain that they were in a pile because they had already gathered them. Bear and Franklin apologize and Bear decide that they should introduce each other the right away. So the crabs meet Franklin and Bear and Franklin and Bear meet "the Crab brothers."

"Franklin & Snail's Dream"

Franklin is walking along on a nice day, his friend Snail on his shoulder. As they watch the clouds, Snail is reminded of something. Franklin asks him what. Snail starts to tell him, but then stops for fear of being silly. Franklin says that he won't laugh and Snail explains that his big dream is to someday fly. Franklin tells Snail that he doesn't think it's silly and that his Dad says that you should always follow your dreams because that's how they come true. Snail thanks Franklin for encouraging him to follow his dreams. Sometime in the future, Franklin encounters Snail. He's at the top of a hill, wearing a couple of feathers and jumps off. Unfortunately, this is not a good method of flying and he only succeeds in falling. Franklin tells Snail that if he really wants to fly, he'll help him. Franklin comes up with a number of ideas, but nothing works. Then, Beaver comes along says that Franklin should tell Snail that snails can't fly. Some dreams are just too big to come true. Franklin keeps on anyway, but Snail gives up, saying that Beaver's right. That night, Franklin removes the astronaut pictures from his wall. His big dream is to be an astronaut, but if snails can't fly, then maybe turtles can't be astronauts. His Dad, Mr. Turtle, comes in and tells him about a bright star that's in the sky right now, but when Franklin shows no interest, his Dad wonders if he's given up his interest in astronomy. Franklin explains what happened with Snail. Mr. Turtle once again tells him he has to keep following his dreams, but Franklin figures this is just something he has to say because he's a Dad. Mr. Turtle truly means it though and, in fact, he thinks he knows a way that he might be able to help with Snail's dream. The next day, Franklin, Mr. Turtle and Snail are all outside when they hear something coming. It's a plane! Snail is introduced to the pilot, Mrs. Periwinkle. She's a snail too. It turns out that when she was a kid, her classmates told her that she couldn't fly either. But back then, it wasn't because that "snails can't fly," it was because "girls can't be pilots." Imagine that! Mrs. Periwinkle takes Snail up for a ride in the clouds. Down on the ground, Beaver sees and comments that snails really can fly. Franklin asks his Dad if he thinks someday a turtle will land on Mars. Mr. Turtle says he doesn't know, but it's certainly a great dream.moreless

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Marc Donato

Marc Donato

Little Crab

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Nickolas Swan

Nickolas Swan

Big Crab

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Jill Frappier

Jill Frappier

Mrs. Periwinkle

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Kristen Bone


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