Season 4 Episode 3

Franklin Delivers / Franklin's Shell Trouble

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM May 22, 2000 on Noggin
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"Franklin Delivers"

Franklin and Bear are having a great time playing in fallen fall leaves. They pretend that Bear is a ship captain, Franklin is first mate and that a pile of leaves is the "Red Sea." Then, Jack Rabbit, an older kid, comes along. He comments that he used to play in the leaves, when he was younger. Franklin and Bear say that they weren't playing in them, they just fell in them, by accident. Jack Rabbit, who tells them to call him "Jack," talks with them for a while. Franklin tells him that he's been doing the exercises he's shown him and gotten stronger. Eventually, Jack tells them that he has to leave to go do his paper route. They ask if they can come along and help and Jack agrees. So they tag along as he does his paper route. As they go along, we see that they've taken to wearing their caps backwards, like Jack does. They finish and when Franklin gets back home, he asks his parents if he can have his own paper route. His parents don't think he's ready for it though. They say that maybe he can do it when he's older. One day, Franklin and Bear are playing "Knights" when they see Jack coming. Not wanting to look like dopey little kids, they quickly take off their costumes and hide them. Jack Rabbit comes up and notices that they're still wearing their shinguards. They say that they were skateboarding. But they left their skateboards at home, so they were practicing falling. They talk some and Jack Rabbit says that he has to leave, as he's leaving for the weekend and he needs someone to do his paper route on Saturday. Franklin and Bear tell him that they'll do it. They know his route, so it shouldn't be a problem. Jack agrees, just so long as they get their parents' permission. Back at home, Franklin begs his parents again. They seem a bit more willing this time and ask what Bear's parents said. Bear arrives and says that his parents said yes. So Franklin's parents agree too. Saturday comes and Franklin and Bear find their papers to deliver. Already there are two problems: the Saturday paper is a lot heavier than the Tuesday paper and also, there's a whole bunch of flyers that they first have to bundle in with the papers before they can deliver them. They get to work, but not without a few problems, as the wind starts blowing the papers around. They finally get everything ready, but then find the papers are too heavy to carry. Bear suggests using a wagon. Franklin says that Jack would never use a wagon and that they shouldn't either, as they would look like little kids. Bear reminds him of something: they are little kids. So they use Franklin's wagon to deliver the papers, while their friends are out flying kites. Tired, they're pleased when they've finished the route and Mr. Turtle shows up and offers them a ride home in the car. On the way home, Mr. Turtle asks if Franklin still wants his own paper route, but Franklin is fast asleep, as is Bear. The scene changes and it's another beautiful day. Franklin and Bear are out flying kites. They're back to wearing their hats forwards instead of backwards. Jack comes and they thank him for giving them the kites. Jack says that he wanted to do something nice for them after they did such a good job with his paper route. He says that if they still want their own routes, he can put in a good word for them. But Franklin and Bear tell him that they've decided to wait until they're older. Jack says that he hasn't flown a kite in a long time. He asks if he can and Franklin lets him use the one he gave him. Jack calls it "neat," instead of "cool," the word he usually uses.

"Franklin's Shell Trouble"

Franklin is out playing with his friends when Beaver notices something wrong with the back of his shell. It seems to be peeling or something. They think perhaps that maybe it's just something normal. Bear says that some of his fur comes out every time he brushes it. But Franklin doesn't think that it's normal and says he'd better go home and tell his Mom. At home, Franklin is trying to solve the problem by using bandages. But it's not working. Mrs. Turtle says that she called Dr. Bear and she'll see him without an appointment. At first, Franklin doesn't want to go to the doctor, but after Mrs. Turtle says that the problem might spread, Franklin thinks that maybe it's not such a bad idea. Dr. Bear diagnoses the problem as "carpace eczema." She says that it's commonly known as "shell-flake" and it's easy to treat. However, Franklin doesn't like the treatment: a purple ointment that has to be rubbed all over his shell and is very smelly. Worse, it could take up to two days for it to work. What is he going to tell his friends? The next day, Franklin and his friends are out berry-picking. But Beaver, Bear and Raccoon are off picking berries in one area, while Franklin is all by himself in another area. His friends wonder why he's all by himself. He's been avoiding him all day. Beaver decides to go over and talk to Franklin. The first thing she notices is the awful smell. Then, as Franklin tries to run off, some the purple ointment comes off on a leaf. Beaver notices it and thinks that there's some kind of fungus growing on the berries. She warns everyone not to eat the berries and Bear thinks that he's doomed, as he's already eaten a hundred. Franklin tells them the truth, that the purple stuff is actually the ointment he has to have on his shell. His friends all try to backpedal, saying that maybe it doesn't smell so bad after all, but Franklin leaves, as he knows that it smells bad. Later, Franklin is in his backyard, playing with the garden hose. Bear comes and Franklin asks if he's alone. Bear asks why and Franklin shows him: if he wants to play in the water, he has to wear this bright red shell cap. He doesn't want anyone to see it, so he can't go swimming in the pond. Bear says that he'll clear everyone out of the pond and Franklin can have it all to himself. Bear comes back and tells Franklin that the pond is all clear. So Franklin comes back, but is startled when he hears his friends returning. Worse, it would seem that Bear is in on it too! Franklin turns around and looks at his friends: they're all wearing silly shower caps! Now they look just as goofy as him! They tell him that they're his friends and they never minded that he looked different. He's just Franklin to them. They proceed to have a splashfight, but not before Franklin covers his shell back up completely.moreless

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