Season 6 Episode 1

Franklin Itching to Skateboard / Franklin Forgives

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Jul 25, 2004 on Noggin

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  • Franklin and Bear get posion ivy after they fall of there skateboards / Franklin loses Gordie, thanks to his sister.

    This must be not the greatest episode of Franklin. I just watched this episode on Noggin this morning, and I don't know what Franklin is teaching young children these days.

    In the first episode, Franklin Itching to Skateboard is when Franklin and Bear get posion ivy on their legs and some around their body. And they keep itching. And they don't tell their mother. Not a great example.

    In the next episode, Franklin Forgives. Franklin loses Gordie in a pond, after his sister trips the bowl and falls in the pond. And I don't want happened to poor nice Franklin. He got all mean and grouchy. And it puts me to a 3.1, because not the best episode, or the greatest finale season premiere.