Season 4 Episode 7

Franklin Meets Ermine / Franklin's Funny Buisness

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Jun 19, 2000 on Noggin
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"Franklin Meets Ermine"

When Franklin and his friends race paper boats, Franklin's boat gets stuck in a tree branch in the stream. Everyone goes on ahead, while Franklin tries to rescue his boat. But then a kid Franklin's never seen before, wearing glasses, accidentally tumbles onto Franklin's boat while trying to rescue it. Upset at what he's done, he runs off. Franklin's annoyed, thinking he wrecked his boat on purpose. He goes back to his friends and explains what happened. They all wonder why they never saw him. Later on, Franklin and his friends are flying kites. Suddenly the wind dies down and everyone starts running to keep their kites in the air. Franklin tells them that they're just impatient, if they wait, the wind will come back again. But they run off, leaving Franklin alone. Suddenly a new kite appears in the sky. It's the one of the kid from earlier. But then, his kite accidentally bumps into Franklin's kite, knocking it into a tree. Upset once again at what he's done, he runs off. When his friends return, Franklin tells them about what happened, but this time they don't believe him so quickly. He convinces a couple, but Beaver quips that he must have an imaginary friend. Sometime later on, Franklin and his friends are playing baseball. Bear hits the ball way back and it goes into some bushes. Franklin goes to get it, only to see the kid from earlier once again. He gets the ball for Franklin, but when Franklin confronts him about wrecking his kite and boat, he runs off, much to Franklin's disappointment, as he's once again disappeared when he wanted his friends to see him. Finally, when Franklin is walking through the woods, he sees the new kid with his grandmother, who is trying to rescue Franklin's kite. Ermine explains to his grandmother that he doesn't think he's going to make any friends here. He's just too shy. So Franklin introduces himself. He apologizes for getting angry at him, now understanding what happened. He agrees to introduce the new kid, Ermine, to all of his friends. And he does, but not before playing a little joke on them first, by pretending that he can't see anyone when they all point to Ermine. Then he tells him that he's just kidding, since they had all thought Ermine was invisible. They ask Ermine what he'd like to play and he says hide-and-seek, since he seems to be good at that. Everyone laughs.

"Franklin's Funny Business"

Franklin tells jokes on the school bus that amuse everyone. But when Rabbit tries to tell jokes, they fall flat. Everyone's heard them before. On the way home that day, Rabbit asks Franklin for help on being funny. Franklin tells him that he actually got all of his jokes out of a book from the library. So they go to the library where they find a great new book with practical jokes. With the new book, Franklin and Rabbit play a series of practical jokes on their friends. Everyone finds them funny, except the person that the joke is on. Finally, tired of being the butt of Franklin and Rabbits' jokes, Franklin and Rabbits' friends play a practical joke on them. However, nobody's laughing, not Franklin, not Rabbit and nobody else either. It's hard to find such a joke funny when you know how it feels. Franklin realizes that jokes are only funny when everybody is laughing together, not at someone.


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