Season 6 Episode 7

Franklin Migrates / Franklin the Photographer

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Jun 06, 2004 on Noggin

Episode Recap


"Franklin Migrates"

Franklin is riding his bike and ran into Goose. Goose had a wingload of branches. Franklin asked her what they were for. Goose explained they would be used to decorate her house for Migration Needs. Franklin asks what's Migration Needs? Goose explained it's their holiday celebration and since her and her family stay in Woodland, their relatives fly south in the winter where it's warmer. Franklin said they migrate. Goose invited Franklin to the celebration, which is tomorrow.

Franklin showed up at Bear's and told him about Migration Needs Holiday. Franklin felt silly for never heard of her holiday and didn't know what to bring. Bear suggested they look it up at the library. They went to the library and looked through a book and Franklin noticed there weren't any turtles and also noticed they dance. Mrs. Goose, the librarian said to Franklin she had heard he will be coming to their celebration and told him to bring his dancing shoes. Franklin didn't know what to do and wanted to get out of going. He went to Goose and tried to explain but Goose was excited that Franklin will be there. Franklin couldn't tell her and said he's looking forward to it.

Mrs. Turtle made shoofly pie for Franklin to bring to the celebration. When Franklin got there, Goose introduced him to everyone. Grandpa Goose was just telling the story of their first migration. Franklin then told them the story of his Grandpa when he first came to Woodland.

Dinner is served and a special poem was said. They have all the traditional dishes, which symbolizes special meanings. Gisele (Goose's cousin) asked what Franklin's pie mean and he said dessert and they all laughed. Franklin liked the dinner and all the food was good. Grandpa Goose is ready to start the music and the dance. Grandmas Goose asked Franklin to join her for the first dance. Franklin choked and asked to be excused because he wasn't sure how to migrate dance. Goose went to find him. Franklin explained to her he felt bad for not knowing the poem or what the special foods meant. Goose explained nobody expected him to know their stuff. They were just teaching him. Goose liked sharing their tradition and asked him to stay. They all started to dance and eventually, Franklin got the hand of it.

It was then time for Goose's relatives to take off and they all said their goodbyes.

At home, Franklin wished turtles could fly so they could have a migration party. He asked his mom why there wasn't a special day for turtles. Mrs. Turtle said maybe it would be a nice idea to start one and they said their good nights.


"Franklin the Photographer"

At the library, everyone was enjoying the photography display. Mr. Owl explained how we all see things differently and taking photos is an excellent way to show how we all see things. Beaver wishes they had a camera club. Mr. Owl thought it would be a good idea and asked the children to bring their cameras to school tomorrow.

At school, Mr. Owl showed them how to use a camera. Franklin suggested they could have a photo exhibit afterwards. Mr. Owl agreed. Bear wanted to know whey they should take photos of. Goose suggested since it was beautiful day, how about nature photos. Beaver called it Beauty in Nature. They all went their separate ways. Franklin and Bear were trying to find something to take photos of. Bear saw a berry patch and started eating the berries. They were big and delicious so Bear started to take photos of them. Franklin saw a butterfly and ran after it to take its photo. But Bear yelled out for Franklin and the butterfly took off. Franklin ran off to chase the butterfly.

Meanwhile, Badger took photos of different parts of a tree so it will be like a great big jigsaw puzzle. Beaver was trying to take a picture of herself with pretty flowers.

Just when Franklin thought he had the butterfly, Bear screamed out his name. The butterfly keeps coming so Franklin ran off after it. Another opportunity arose for Franklin but this time, Beaver yelled out his name. Franklin ran out of film which was too bad because the butterfly landed on Badger's flowers. Beaver and Goose tried to take the photo but Franklin wanted to do it and the butterfly took off again.

At the photo exhibit, all the children were admiring each other's photos. Mr. Owl inquired why Franklin wasn't participating. Franklin explained he didn't get what he wanted. Mr. Owl asked if he could take a look at the photos Franklin had. Franklin explained he was trying to take a photo of a butterfly but ended wasting a whole role of film. Mr. Owl didn't think so and showed him his photos. They were quite wonderful and the colors and textures were lovely. Even though Franklin thinks he took them by accident, Mr. Owl explained they were wonderful surprises. Franklin felt better.

Mr. Owl told the class their exhibit were exceptional and bravo to them all. Beaver said there's only one thing that's missing and it's Franklin's butterfly. Franklin said he had tried so hard to get one thing, he had no idea he already took other wonderful photos.