Season 6 Episode 13

Franklin Sees the Big Picture / Franklin Figure Skates

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Jun 26, 2004 on Noggin

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  • Franklin, Stand up against Beaver! Don't care what people say!

    Okay, while I haven't watched this episode myself, the synopsis piqued my interest. Franklin has no need to qualm over that picture, especially since it's old. He could just say he's outgrown it.

    Seriously, tho, there's no shame in reading any books, children or otherwise. I confess that I too am an childrens book connoisseur (although I bet you already know that- it's in my profile) and I keep a stack of these on my bed for bedtime reading and to unwind if my eyes start to get blurry from those fine prints in the programming manuals. I don't care what people say. And neither should Franklin.

    It's nice to know there's something you still can read once your brain wears out for the day. And they make a fine source to pull names to use as program variables too.