Season 4 Episode 11

Franklin the Fearless / Franklin's Lucky Charm

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"Franklin the Fearless"

Franklin and his friends are going down Acorn Hill in their wagons. It doesn't really seem to be much fun though. They've gotten too big for the small little hill to be much excitement. Then, they decide to try going to "Thrill Hill." This is an especially steep hill that some of the big kids in town go down. But after getting there, they take a look at how steep it is and decide that maybe it isn't such a good idea after all. They start to leave, but then Franklin's wagon slips, with Franklin in it and he barrels down the hill. Thinking that Franklin did this intentionally, they cheer him on as he rockets down the hill. Franklin reaches the bottom intact and his friends call him "Franklin the Fearless." Franklin decides to go along with it and endures their praise. Things take a turn for the worse when his friends tell some of his other friends about Franklin's feat. Now, they all want to see Franklin go down the hill. They're all going to gather tomorrow to watch him do it. That night, Franklin has a bad dream. He tries to go down Thrill Hill and at first is doing okay. But then he just keeps falling and falling, as if Thrill Hill were actually a steep cliff. As with all such dreams, he wakes up before he can hit the ground. Realizing that it was a bad dream, he grabs his stuffed dog Sam and goes back to sleep. Franklin gets up and goes out to take his plunge down Thrill Hill. But when he does it, his friends just laugh at him and how scared he was. Then, he wakes up. It was just another bad dream! Eventually, morning comes. Franklin pinches himself and confirms that he's not dreaming. He tries to get out of the stunt, by leaving his wagon at the house, but Bear notices that he doesn't have it and helpfully reminds him that he forgot it. When Franklin gets to Thrill Hill, many of his friends are there. Then, Rabbit's cousin Jack Rabbit shows up. Too scared, Franklin admits that what happened the day before was an accident. He's not really Franklin the Fearless. He wanted to tell them, but everyone was calling him "Fearless" and it was too hard. Jack Rabbit praises Franklin for admitting that he's scared. He says that some kids would go down the Hill just to act brave in front of their friends, like, for example, him. He broke his arm last year doing just that. Franklin's friends are all glad he didn't go down the hill, as he could have hurt himself. However, his wagon did make it to the bottom of the hill. So they cheer for Franklin's "fearless" wagon.

"Franklin's Lucky Charm"

During a basketball game at recess, Bear suddenly starts missing really easy shots. He doesn't understand why he's missing them, as he normally does just fine. He must be having bad luck and worries that it could spread to his friends. Trying to solve the problem, his friends decide that he needs a lucky charm. Beaver says that she has a lucky rock. So they search for one for Bear, but there's nothing around but gravel. Franklin remembers that four leaf clovers are supposed to be lucky. They have Bear search for a four leaf clover, but he comes up empty. Then, while Bear's not looking, Franklin gets an idea. He picks a three-leaf clover, pulls a leaf off another and ties it to the three-leaf clover using a clover stem. He gives it to Bear, who doesn't notice that it's not a real four leaf clover. With the new "lucky" clover, Bear makes all of his basketball shots. Back inside class, Bear's luck continues. He finds a mitten he lost and manages to get his pencil sharpened using a pencil sharpener that just eats everyone else's pencils. Then, when rain comes and threatens to ruin the continuation of their basketball game once school ends, Bear goes over to the window with his lucky clover and the clouds part. After school, Franklin's friends try to continue the game. But Bear is busy trying to balance books on his head and ride his bike with his eyes closed. And the thing is, he's doing great! Still, Fox and Franklin are worried about him and they decide they should tell him that he doesn't have a real four-leaf clover. They do so and Bear crashes his bike. They try to resume their basketball game, but Bear says that without his lucky clover, he can't do anything right. Franklin reminds him that it was a fake clover and so he really did everything that he did earlier himself. And the things that happened to him such as finding his glove and the clouds parting were just luck. Bear thanks Franklin for believing in him and the basketball game resumes. This time, Bear has no trouble making his shots.moreless

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Tyrone Savage

Tyrone Savage

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Annick Obonsawin


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James Rankin

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