Season 5 Episode 7

Franklin's Big Game / Franklin's Reading Club

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Mar 27, 2004 on Noggin



  • Trivia

    • In "Franklin's Big Game," Mr. Mole says that the entire town will turn out for the game, but only he and the and the opposing team's coach are there. (And of course, the opposing team.)

  • Quotes

    • The following quotes are from "Franklin's Big Game".

    • Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could win hockey games and ball games, too. But one day, Franklin realized that the score doesn't matter when everyone's having fun.

    • Raccoon: These guys are really good.
      Beaver: They're amazing.
      Fox: They're gonna "murgalize" us.
      Raccoon: You mean stomp us.
      Fox: Same thing... only worse.

    • Fox: It's kind of hard to look forward to getting murgalized.
      Franklin: I think maybe we could use a little help. Let's go see Coach Porcupine.

    • Coach Porcupine: Now, children, try not to worry about winning or losing. Just have fun.

    • Beaver: Great idea, Franklin. If we get eaten alive by mosquitoes, we won't have to play the Churchill bears.

    • Franklin: They have "bang-bang, double plays," we have "bang-crash, double daze."
      Bear: They have "heads-up" plays, we have "mess-up" plays.

    • Franklin: Bear! I thought I was the only one coming to the game today.
      Bear: Gee, Franklin, I couldn't let you get clobbered all by yourself.
      Badger: Yeah, we're a team, right guys?
      Beaver: So we're gonna get creamed as a team.
      Fox: Murgalized as a team.
      Raccoon: Stomped as a team.

    • Mr. Mole: Speaking of teamwork, can I get some help demolishing this?
      Bear: Now that's something I know I'm good at!

    • The following quotes are from "Franklin's Reading Club".

    • Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could spell his own name and he could say the alphabet really quickly. But one day, Franklin learned that some things aren't meant to be done in a hurry.

    • Franklin: I wonder what we'll get.
      Rabbit: Probably a bookmark.

    • Rabbit: Have you guys picked out a book yet? ... You're borrowing all those?

    • Franklin: The tortoise won? How did he do that?

    • Bear: The wagon was a great idea, Franklin.
      Franklin: Why waste time making four trips to the library when you can make one instead?

    • Beaver: Do you remember anything about the book?
      Franklin: I remember a dragon... I think.

    • Mrs. Goose: Sometimes, I'll read a good book twice myself.

    • Franklin: And I can't wait to read about how the Tortoise beat the Hare.
      Bear: The Tortoise beat the Hare? No way!

  • Notes

    • "Franklin's Reading Club" is the second of two episodes on the video Franklin's Reading Adventures. A Franklin First Reader by the same title is also available, however, the plot of the book isn't even anywhere close to that of the television episode, even though the fine-print claims that it is based on the events of the television script.

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