Season 6 Episode 11

Franklin's Bike-A-Thon / Franklin's Candy Caper

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Jun 19, 2004 on Noggin

Episode Recap


"Franklin's Bike-A-Thon"

A special meeting was being held at the library and all the kids were there. Mrs. Goose made an announcement that the library will be getting a new computer and to help raise money to purchase them, how does a charity bicycle ride along Woodland Creek sound. Rabbit called it the Bike-a-Thon and they'll need to collect pledges.

Franklin and Bear were late to the meeting and had walked in towards the end of the meeting. They think it will be a bike race and started practicing and training all week long.

Meanwhile, the other kids were gathering sponsors for the Bike-a-Thon and were counting how many pledges they have. They met up with Franklin & Bear at the park and Beaver asked what they were doing. Franklin & Bear told them they were training for the race. Beaver said it's not a race. Skunk added it's the money they're collecting for a new computer that's important.

Franklin & Bear looked at each other. Just then, Fox & Rabbit showed up to show their pledges and they all decided to show them to Mrs. Goose.

Franklin & Bear took off because they didn't know they were supposed to collect donations.

They quickly went to Mr. Turtle to get a pledge. Mr. Turtle noticed there weren't any other names on the list and the bike-a-thon is tomorrow. There's still time for to collect more pledges. Everyone Franklin & Bear went to have already pledged to someone else.

They went to see Mrs. Goose and handed in what they have. They walked in on Coyote & Mrs. Goose who wanted to write an article about the Bike-a-Thon. Mrs. Goose saw Franklin & Bear and Coyote wanted to interview them. Franklin explained what had happened and how they had missed the beginning of the meeting and they've been training for the Bike-a-Thon instead of collecting pledges. Mrs. Goose said every little bit helps. Coyote wrote everything down and because they've been training, the Woodland News will sponsor them. But to make it more interesting for the readers, they have to go beyond the original bike path and up a hill and get the red balloon. Once they bring the balloon back, he will honor the pledge.

It's the day of the Bike-a-Thon and all the kids are off. Once they have finished their destination, they all stood by the bridge. Franklin & Bear saw the hill and know they have to continue. They struggled up the hill and reached top. They grabbed the balloon and made it back. Mr. Coyote took a photo of all of them for the front page.


"Franklin's Candy Caper"

Franklin is at Mr. Mole's store having the light on his helmet fix. Mr. Mole gave back too much change and Franklin was honest about it.

Franklin ran into Bear outside the store and Bear told him he had found a penny. It was scratched and bent but a penny's a penny. Bear used it to buy fruit fritters and put it in the machine. It was caught but then, it gave way and all the candy came out. Franklin had to use his helmet to catch it all. They went to share with the rest of their friends.

Franklin went home and gave Harriet a fruit fritter. Harriet thanked Franklin and Franklin said to thank Bear. Mrs. Turtle said that was very thoughtful of Bear and Franklin told her what happened. Mrs. Turtle explained the machine did not mean to empty out the candy. The owner of the machine still had to pay for all the candy. Franklin realized what had happened and quickly ran to find Bear. He went to Rabbit's but Rabbit said he had just left.

At the store, Mr. Mole noticed the candy machine was empty and Beaver showed up. When he opened the machine to refill and retrieve the coins, there was no money in it. He and Beaver wondered what had happened.

Franklin saw Bear give some more candy away and he quickly tried to stop him. All the fruit fritters are gone. Franklin explained to Bear. Beaver showed up and gave the news of a candy bandit and what had happened to Mr. Mole. Bear didn't know what to do. They both went home and emptied their piggy banks.

Meanwhile, Fox and Snail told Beaver Bear had been giving out candy. Beaver's getting suspicious.

Franklin & Bear went back to the store and tried to put pennies into the machine but noticed the bent penny was stuck in there. Franklin tried to pick it out with a wire and Beaver caught them in the act. Just then, Mr. Mole showed up and Bear quickly explained what had happened. Franklin slowly explained to Mr. Mole. They had come back and tried to fill the machine with pennies and were trying to take out the stuck penny and that's when Beaver showed up.

Mr. Mole believed Franklin even though it sounded farfetched but coming from Franklin, who had a habit of being honest. Bear apologized and tried to give him his pennies.

Mr. Mole is not worried about the money, just the one penny that's stuck. He asked if they would like to help him fix it and went to get his toolbox.

Beaver said Bear is lucky to have a friend like Franklin. Bear knows and Franklin is luckier for him than the penny he had found.
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