Season 6 Episode 10

Franklin's Favorite Card / Franklin's Expedition

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Jul 24, 2004 on Noggin

Episode Recap


"Franklin's Favorite Card"

Franklin & Bear are at Bear's house looking over their soccer card collection. They are comparing and naming the soccer players. Franklin realizes that it's getting late and he needs to get home for dinner. He agrees to let Bear keep the complete card set overnight.

The next day, Bear brings the cards to Franklin on the bus and while they were discussing them, Franklin notices his favorite card is missing. Bear can't find it anywhere on him nor in his knapsack. Franklin tells him to check his room right after school. Bear looks annoyed --- he doesn't think that he lost it and he never saw it.

After school, Rabbit asks Bear to play ball but Franklin reminds Bear he has to go home and look for his card. Bear and Franklin look all over Bear's room for Franklin's card, but can't find it. Bear insists he never saw his Carl Cougar card. Franklin leaves Bear to clean up his room so he can play ball with Rabbit. Bear is even more annoyed --- he wanted to play ball and Franklin messed up his room.

The next day at school, Franklin, Bear and Snail are in the same group for coloring pictures. Bear and Franklin begin arguing over the card again after Snail asks for a yellow marker. Snail suggests that they draw happy faces, but when they continue arguing, he suggests he'll move to a different table. After school, everyone is playing soccer and pretending to be famous players. When Bear pretends to be Carl Cougar, Franklin gets mad and thinks Bear is rubbing things in. They argue again and decide not to be best friends anymore. They part ways, Franklin running off in a huff and not even realizing that Snail is perched on his shell. Franklin talks with Snail about what happened. Snail talks with Franklin about how Bear has been with him in the past. Franklin recalls an incident in which he did something that might have been upsetting, but Bear forgave him.

Just then, Franklin comes across Bear. Franklin says that he's glad to see Bear and apologizes. He says that the card wasn't worth their friendship and Bear completely agrees.

Franklin arrives home and Harriet gives him a book about space that he had been reading. Something falls out of it --- it turns out he had been using the Carl Cougar card as a bookmark. Later, Franklin goes over to Bear's. He tells him what happened and apologizes again. He offers the card to Bear, but Bear refuses. Franklin insists, saying that he wants him to have it because he's his best friend.

"Franklin's Expedition"

Franklin and Bear are at Franklin's kitchen looking over a map with a compass. They're planning an expedition to Blueberry Hill and tell Mr. and Mrs. Turtle. Mr. Turtle says that he can put off the yard work to come and Mrs. Turtle says she'll make a picnic lunch. Bear and Franklin clarify that this is something they want to do on their own, using the buddy system. Mr. and Mrs. Turtle are a bit disappointed, but agree as long as it's okay with Bear's parents. Bear already got permission and says that he'd still like that lunch if Mrs. Turtle will make it. That night, he and Franklin discuss the hiking trail and look over the map.

That Saturday, Franklin and Bear hit the trail. As they start walking, they come across a fallen tree and Bear's pack gets snagged on it. He manages to get loose with Franklin's help, but a bunch of stuff falls out of the pack. They gather it up, but don't realize they've left the lunch behind.

They reach the picnic grounds, but find them packed with people. They wanted something more secluded. Franklin spots another picnic spot marked on the map. But when they got there, it turns out it was a mistake, a raisin on the map. Furthermore, they realize their food is missing.

They continue on and fall into a mud pit. And they found their way to Monarch Meadow. However, they notice there were no butterflies around for they are still caterpillars. Bear is ready to turn back but Franklin says they're almost there. They arrive at Blueberry Hill Lookout, but there's no view because it's cloudy. Bear noticed the return trail is near a stream where they can skip stones. They try it, but the rocks are all jagged and won't skip. Bear says that they need to start looking on the bright side. Franklin says that on the bright side, things couldn't get any worse, but then it starts to rain. Noticing that it's all muddy, they start mudsliding and begin really having fun.