Season 3 Episode 2

Franklin's Nature Hike / Franklin's Starring Role

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Oct 25, 1999 on Noggin

Episode Recap

"Franklin's Nature Hike"

Mr. Owl is taking the on a nature hike. There's lots of neat stuff to do and everyone is eager to get moving. Everyone runs along and Snail is left looking at some fungus. The thing is, Snail actually seems to find the fungus fascinating. He doesn't get to look at it for long though, as Franklin comes and scoops him up, saying that they have to get moving and he'll give him a ride. Franklin and his friends find a dandelion patch and have fun blowing dandelion seeds. Snail wants to blow some too, but he can't quite reach. So he starts crawling and nearly reaches it, but before he can blow it, Franklin scoops him up again so that they can move on to the next thing. Then, seeing the dandelion, Franklin blows the seeds.

The group comes to stream, but there's no branch to cross it with. Goose swims across, while everybody else uses stones in the water. Franklin leaves Snail on the other side, but Snail doesn't mind. He invents a makeshift sailboat and blows on it to get to the other side. On the other end, Franklin sees what he's doing. He tells Snail to save his breath, that if he ever needs any help, he should just whistle. Snail sighs with unnoticed irritation. Now, Franklin and his friends are looking for things to fill their sacks with. Everyone's found something, except Snail. Franklin gives him a pine cone and tries to put it in his pouch. But it's too heavy for Snail, and it tips him onto his side, so Franklin says he'll hang on to it.

Snail speaks up, saying that Franklin's being too helpful. He wants to find something on his own. Franklin doesn't understand how you can be "too helpful", until his friends explain that Snail is pretty good at taking care of himself, as he's developed his own way of doing things. Suddenly, to everyone's pleased surprise, they notice Snail climbing up a cliff. He reaches a ledge and finds some beautiful quartz crystals. He pushes them off the ledge for everyone to collect. Back on the ground, Franklin apologizes to Snail for being too helpful. He then asks Snail if he wants a ride, instead of just picking him up. Snail accepts, as he likes getting help when he needs it.

Back in the Mr. Owl studies what everyone collected. There's some brown tail feathers someone found and it would seem that they're his, from his last molt. He then praises the quartz crystals. They tell him that Snail found them. Snail's brave and doesn't let anything get in his way. Snail agrees, but says that if anything ever does get in his way, he knows he can count on his friends for help.

"Franklin's Starring Role"

Franklin and his friends are out on the playground. The subject of conversation is the spring play. They're all wondering what parts they're going to get. Franklin is hoping for the starring role. Back in Mr. Owl assigns the parts. The play they're putting on is Sleeping Beauty and notable roles include Bear as the King, Fox as a brave knight and Beaver as the wicked witch. Mr. Owl finishes, but Franklin's name hasn't been called. So Franklin asks Mr. Owl and he says that he didn't forget him. Franklin will be the stage manager. He'll be in charge of operating the curtains, the lights, the props and such. Franklin's not happy at all about this. He wanted to be on stage. But he accepts the role anyway.

On the way home, Franklin's friends are all talking about the great parts they got. Bear asks if Franklin wants to go swimming. But Franklin just wants to go home. At home, Franklin doesn't want to admit to his parents that he's just the stage manager. So he tells them that his role in the play is a surprise. At practice, Franklin seems to have everything on the ball in his role as stage manager. But he's not at all happy and speaks to everyone in a low, meek voice.

He listens as one of his friends messes up a line and wonders why he's not on stage, as he knows all the lines. The night of the play, Franklin sees that his parents and Granny are in the front row of the audience. He laments that he should have just told them his role, as they're not going to see him any better from the front - but they're just as happy to see that Franklin's the stage manager, and understand why He didn't tell them.

The play goes on though and everyone's doing well in their roles, including Franklin. Then, Franklin has to close the curtain. He pulls the rope, only for it to snap. In a panic, Franklin tries a stool, but he can't reach. On stage, everyone's starting to wonder what's going on. Franklin runs out, grabs a prop on stage and uses it as a ladder to pull what's left of the rope, closing the curtain. After the play, everyone goes on stage to take their bows. Offstage, Franklin talks with Mr. Owl. He praises Franklin on a job well done and explains that made Franklin the stage manager because he knew he was a quick thinker.

Franklin admits that he thought it was because Mr. Owl didn't think he was good enough for a part. Mr. Owl tells him that after Franklin being the star in the Christmas play, he just wanted to give someone else a chance. Franklin's friends come backstage. They have him come out, as he has to take his bow. They all thank him for helping them during the play.