Season 4 Episode 4

Franklin's Sailboat / Franklin Snoops

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM May 29, 2000 on Noggin
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"Franklin's Sailboat"

As Franklin and his Dad are at a store searching for things to fix up their old shed, Franklin spots a sleek looking new sailboat. Franklin wants it, but Mr. Turtle doesn't think he should buy it. He already has his old boat, the S.S. Snapper at home. But Franklin doesn't think much of the S.S. Snapper. It's a really old boat. Mr. Turtle thinks that he should give it a chance. With a little fixing up, it could be a great boat again. He promises to help Franklin with this. Back at home, Mr. Turtle starts work on the shed. Franklin's worried because there's a boat race on Saturday and at the rate Mr. Turtle is going, there's no way the S.S. Snapper will be ready by then. A practice is held for the race and Franklin doesn't have anything to race. Convinced that the S.S. Snapper isn't going to be ready, Franklin springs for the expensive new boat at the store. But when he tests it out, it's a dud. Instead of racing like it's supposed to, it goes crooked, then sinks. Now what is he to do? He searches for his old boat with Bear, but it's nowhere to be found. Then, he searches the shed. There, he finds the S.S. Snapper, but not as he knows it. It's been completely revitalized! Surprise! While Franklin thought Mr. Turtle was cleaning up the shed, he was actually repairing Franklin's boat. Franklin thanks his Dad and says that he wants to help him do something in return - clean the shed! On the day of the race, the Snapper races like a dream and Franklin takes first place. For repairing his sailboat (and being the best Dad ever) Franklin presents Mr. Turtle with a trophy, made out of the boat he bought at the store.

"Franklin Snoops"

Mrs. Turtle is talking with Mrs. Bear (who's just leaving) and although he can only hear his Mom's end of it, Franklin overhears enough of it to know that there's some sort of secret that's being kept from him. He asks his Mom to tell him, but she won't as it has to do with Bear and she knows that best friends can't keep secrets from each other. Franklin says that he'd keep it a secret, but Mrs. Turtle still won't tell. Then, Mrs. Bear calls and thanks to Mr. Turtle, Franklin learns that the secret is Bear's birthday present. Now, he wants to know what it is. He's not told, but sometime in the future, while looking for his baseball glove in the closet, Franklin spots a gift bag. He peeks inside and sees the contents: a Power Pal. Later on, Bear and Snail are playing baseball. But Bear can't catch the ball because his glove is too small. Snail jokes that this is a good excuse. Franklin comes He knows what Bear's getting him for his birthday and asks him to guess. Franklin is shocked when Bear gets it correct on the first try and isn't able to hide it. Now, he's upset because he's spoiled Bear's surprise. Franklin and Snail try to coach Bear on acting surprised at his party, but he's a bad actor. On the bus, though, Franklin figures that maybe such a bad thing that they know what Bear's getting for his birthday. He and all his friends get together and decide to buy him accessories to go with his Power Pal. On the day of Bear's party, Franklin and Mrs. Turtle are about to leave. Franklin catches Mrs. Turtle as she nearly forgot Bear's gift. She thanks him for saving her an extra trip and pulls a box out of a nearby cabinet. Franklin comments that it isn't Bear's gift. It doesn't look at all like the one in the closet. Uh oh. Rewind the tape. Looks like Franklin saw his birthday gift. Now he knows what happens when you snoop. Franklin realizes that there's something he has to do. At the party, Bear unwraps all of his friends' gifts, which all Power Pal accessories and then opens his Mom's gift. At first, he just acts surprised, but then is really surprised when he sees the gift - a baseball glove! He's really surprised, but now everyone is giving Franklin dirty looks. Franklin says that there's one more gift and it's from him. Bear opens it - it's a Power Pal! Turns out that this birthday is full of surprises, which is just how it should be.moreless

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