Season 6 Episode 4

Franklin's Swimming Party / Franklin's Soccer Field Folly

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Jun 12, 2004 on Noggin

Episode Recap

"Franklin's Swimming Party"

After school, Franklin stayed behind, as he had volunteered to help Mr. Owl after school. Mr. Owl was planning a swimming party at the pond and Franklin was the first to know about it. It was a surprise for the class. He asked Franklin to put the invitations into the envelopes so they could hand them out tomorrow during class.

Franklin showed up at the playground and Bear asked why he had stayed so long after school. Franklin said he had lots of fun, especially when he heard secrets from Mr. Owl. Beaver asked what kind of secrets. Rabbit said he didn't have to tell, just act it out, like charades. So Franklin acted it out, thinking that nobody would ever guess. Beaver, however, did. They promised to act surprised when Mr. Owl told them about it.

The next day at school, Beaver feigned surprise when the announcement was made, although not very well. Mr. Owl explained the party will be this Sunday and they would require permission slips from their parents. Beaver held up hers, which she already had and surprised Mr. Owl. By way of explanation, Franklin said that Beaver's really good at charades. Mr. Owl countered that it takes two to play. His friends then confessed they talked Franklin into letting them guess. Franklin apologized and Mr. Owl just laughed.

Later on, Skunk told Mr. Owl she'd really like to go but can't swim. Mr. Owl assured her that they'd be having other activities besides just swimming. Franklin overheard and felt bad for Skunk.

At Franklin's backyard, Franklin & Harriet were playing in the pool. Franklin had an idea and asked Harriet if he could borrow her floater ring.

The next day, Franklin brought out the floater ring for Skunk. She wanted to know why and Franklin said that he overheard her talking to Mr. Owl. Skunk got really upset, as that was supposed to be a secret. She fled the scene and got mad at Franklin for trying to give her a "baby toy."
At breakfast the next day, Franklin's foot was really itchy. It turned out he got turtle foot from being in the pool so much. Mrs. Turtle took Franklin to the Pharmacy to pick up some ointment. Skunk overheard and when Franklin saw Skunk, he left in a hurry.

On the day of the party, Franklin didn't want to go because he thought Skunk would tell everyone about his turtle foot. Mr. Turtle convinced Franklin it's nothing to be ashamed of and convinces him to go. He said that Franklin needed to give his friends more credited. At the pond, all the kids were splashing around in the pond and when Franklin showed up, they asked him to join them. Franklin was surprised. He saw Skunk playing by herself at the ring toss and asked why she didn't tell everyone about his turtle foot. Skunk explained that she knows how it feels when people find out about something they didn't want people to know about and didn't want Franklin to feel the same way. Franklin apologized. His friends asked again if Franklin wanted to come in the water --- they had just started a game of "Marco Polo." But Franklin wanted to beat Skunk at ring toss instead.

"Franklin's Soccer Field Folly"

The kids were playing soccer when Franklin & Fox collided and Franklin's shell had spun around. Because he couldn't see very well, he ended up scoring his own net. All the kids were laughing at him and Franklin wasn't happy.

At school, the kids continued to tease Franklin all afternoon. Franklin still wasn't happy but took it in stride. The next morning, they were all riding to school on the schoolbus.

Bear made some comments about Franklin's mishap on the soccer field and Franklin snapped back at him to drop it.
Later at the bridge, Bear was riding his bike and saw Franklin. He asked Franklin if he would like to go bike riding. Franklin said no to that and also rejects the idea of getting ice cream. Franklin was just not into it. Bear then said he knew that Franklin was mad at him for his laughing. Franklin was sad --- he thought they were supposed to be best friends, but best friends don't laugh at each other. Bear said that he just couldn't help it. As he thought what happened, he started to laugh again and Franklin walked away.

Franklin explained what had happened to his parents. Mr. Turtle told Franklin something embarrassing that had happened to him when he was younger. He had burped while singing a song at school and everyone laughed, including his best friend, Mole. He just started laughing along. Mrs. Turtle also explained what had happened to her this morning. At the supermarket, she had accidentally knocked over the pile of oranges. Mrs. Muskrat was there and burst out laughing. Franklin's parents told Franklin they were sure that Bear didn't mean to hurt his feelings. Franklin said that he'd go over to Bear's and apologize, but they suggested inviting him for dinner instead.

That night, Franklin's family had a cookout and Bear joined them. As they sat down to eat, Bear had trouble squeezing mustard out of the mustard bottle. It splattered all over his vest and everyone laughed. After a moment, Bear laughed along with them.