Season 6 Episode 4

Franklin's Swimming Party / Franklin's Soccer Field Folly

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Jun 12, 2004 on Noggin



  • Trivia

    • Character Watch: Viewers see Mr. Goose and here him speak for the first time in "Franklin's Swimming Party." He runs the pharmacy. Raccoon can be seen and heared speaking in "Franklin's Soccer Field Folly." A character that may be Squirrel can be seen sitting next to Badger on the schoolbus, also in "Franklin's Soccer Field Folly." Younger versions of Mr. Mole and Mr. Turtle also appear in that story. Mrs. Turtle is not seen in Mr. Owl's classroom with Mr. Turtle, suggesting that they did not attend school together and there may be something of an age difference between them.

  • Quotes

    • Mrs. Turtle: (seeing a pile of oranges) A dozen oranges for a dollar. Now that's a good deal. (She grabs one and they all come toppling down.)
      Mrs. Muskrat: That reminds me. I forgot to put oranges on my shopping list.

    • Bear: I know you're mad at me for laughing at you.
      Franklin: We're supposed to be best friends, Bear.
      Bear: We are.
      Franklin: Best friends don't laugh at each other.
      Bear: Sorry, Franklin. I couldn't help it. It was funny.

    • Bear: Maybe you put your shell on the wrong way this morning?
      Franklin: All right! That's it! Just drop it, would you, Bear?

    • Fox: I'll go get the compass.
      Bear: Compass? What are you talking about?
      Fox: So Franklin will know which way he's going. (laughs)
      Bear: A compass. That's funny.

    • Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He liked playing with his friends and always laughed along with them when something funny happened. But one day, something funny happened to Franklin.

    • Franklin: Um, how come you didn't tell anyone about my turtle foot?
      Skunk: I know what it's like when poeple find out about something that you really don't want them to know. I didn't want you to feel that way.

    • Beaver: (fake gasp of surprise) A swimming party? What a surprise!
      Mr. Owl: Yes. I hoped it would be. It's this Sunday afternoon. (clears throat to stop Bear from goofing off)
      Bear: Oops.
      Mr. Owl: Of course, you'll have to get notes of permission from your parents.
      Beaver: Here's mine, Mr. Owl! (giggles nervously)
      Mr. Owl: What?
      Franklin: Beaver's really good at charades?
      Mr. Owl: Yes, well, it takes two to play charades.
      Rabbit: Acutally, four. (His ears droop down.) We kinda talked Franklin into letting us guess.

    • Franklin: I guess being a classroom helper means I get secret information.

    • Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He liked to help his parents with chores and he was a good helper. One day, Franklin volunteered to be a helper at school too.

  • Notes

    • Premiered on Noggin on January 3, 2005.

    • The plot for "Franklin's Swimming Party" seems at least vaguely reminiscent of the Arthur story "Water and the Brain," in which the character Brain made up all sorts of excuses to keep from admitting he was afraid of water. "Franklin's Soccer Field Folly " bears resemblance to the Clifford the Big Red Dog story "Embarrassing Moments" in which a character is embarrassed after spilling water his jeans. (And another says she'll never be embarrassed about anything.)

    • "Franklin's Swimming Party" also appears in online listings as "Franklin & the Swimming Party."

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