Season 4 Episode 13

My Franklin / Franklin's Mom

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"My Franklin"

Franklin goes over to Bear's house. He wants Bear to come with him to the playground. Bear wants to go too. However, he can't right now because he has to babysit his little sister Beatrice until his father finishes cleaning the house. The worst thing is that Beatrice keeps crying and he can't find a toy that will make her happy. He's got toys strewn all around the room, but nothing is working. He finds one that he thinks might work. He throws it to her and then goes to do pushups. He's getting in shape because he wants to do a flip on the rings at the playground. This doesn't go anywhere because Beatrice starts crying again. This time, Bear pulls out a bunny puppet and entertains Beatrice with it. But then Bear hands it to her and tells her to keep playing with it, while he goes back to doing pushups. It's not long before she's crying again. Franklin suggests that maybe he could entertain Beatrice while Bear tries to get his pushups done. So Franklin plays peekaboo with Beatrice and makes funny faces at her. Beatrice likes this and is soon laughing delightedly. Then, Mr. Bear comes in. He's done with the cleaning, so Bear can go to the playground now. As Bear and Franklin leave, Beatrice starts crying "Fooh, Fooh!" Franklin thinks that maybe she's hungry and is asking for "food." But Mr. Bear says that she just had a big lunch not that long ago. It's not long before they find out that Franklin is "Fooh." She wants him to stay and play with her. Mr. Bear tells Franklin and Bear to go on and play. He'll read Beatrice a story. But as Franklin and Bear are leaving the house, Beatrice is still crying for "Fooh." Franklin says that he can't leave when she's calling for him like that, so he decides to stay around for a little longer. He tags along and entertains Beatrice while Mr. Bear goes to the store. Bear comes too, since he's waiting for Franklin to come with him to the playground anyway. Franklin stays outside and entertains Beatrice while Mr. Bear goes instead and shops. Bear goes to the playground, where he works on his flip. But he doesn't quite seem to have it down yet. Franklin suggests more pushups. When Mr. Bear comes out of the store, Beatrice is sleeping. Franklin's glad because that means that maybe he can go play now. But then Bear starts yelling about how he nearly did a flip and Beatrice wakes up and starts crying. Mr. Bear comments that he hopes Beatrice doesn't do that when he goes to the library and so Franklin agrees to watch her some more, until Mr. Bear comes out of the library. Meanwhile, Beaver and Goose have joined Bear on the playground. They ask him why Franklin has to watch his little sister. Bear says that Franklin doesn't have to, he just wants to. Besides, Beatrice doesn't seem to want him to watch her. Finally, Bear masters the flip on the ring. He calls for Franklin to watch him and also Beatrice. But Beatrice won't look over. She's more interested in watching "Fooh." Bear gets mad. She's his little sister, so why won't she watch him. Does she not like him. Franklin says that she does like him and we see that she's giving him a big bear hug. It's just that Bear wasn't spending any time with her. He was so busy trying to be an acrobat, that he wasn't being a big brother. Mr. Bear comes out of the library and is surprised to see that Beatrice isn't with Franklin. We see it's because she's with Bear, spinning around on the merry-go-round.

"Franklin's Mom"

Franklin and his parents, along with Bear, are getting ready to go on a camping trip. It doesn't help that Bear only packed a big bag of marshmallows and his toothbrush, but fortunately Franklin has a sleeping bag that he can use. Mrs. Turtle is running through a checklist of things they need for the camping trip. Everything goes okay until she gets to "frying pan." Mr. Turtle has the frying pan, but he's also trying to juggle other stuff. It's a bit too much and the frying pan falls, right on his big toe. It's apparently not broken, but it is very swollen and it means that he's not going to be able to go on the camping trip. Franklin thinks this means they'll have to cancel it, but Mrs. Turtle says that they can still do it. She says that "where there's a will, there's a way" and she's going to lead the way. So they set out to go camping, but soon come across an obstacle. The bridge across the stream is out. So they set up a makeshift boat to transport themselves and then their stuff across. However, when trying to transport the stuff the backpack falls out of the wagon and into the stream. It floats away before they can rescue it and falls down a waterfall. Franklin thinks that now they'll have to cancel their camping trip for sure, but Mrs. Turtle has other ideas. She shows Franklin and Bear how to make their own shelter of wood. So everything's okay, until they want something to eat and realize that all the food was in the backpack. But Mrs. Turtle also has that taken care of. She gathered up a whole bunch of delicious plants and nuts from the woods. Well, delicious after they're cooked, as Bear finds out when he tries to eat one of the carrots raw. That's another problem: all the matches were in the backpack. Mrs. Turtle solves that problem by showing Bear and Franklin how to use flint to make a fire. Franklin, Bear and Mrs. Turtle have a nice dinner and then the two boys decide to go adventuring, in the hopes of finding some berries for dessert. What they find instead is their backpack, now floating near the bottom of the waterfall that it fell down. Using Mrs. Turtle's philosophy, they use a log to navigate their way to the backpack and rescue it. Then, the current threatens to send them down another waterfall. But they grab onto a tree branch and manage to escape that way. Back at the campsite, Mrs. Turtle is glad they didn't hurt themselves. They roast the marshmallows from the rescued backpack. Then, Mr. Turtle shows up. He has some of Mrs. Turtle's philosophy in him too and has created a makeshift cast for his leg to make to it to the campsite. He joins his family and Bear for roasted marshmallows.moreless

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