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  • Somebody please cook this turtle into soup!

    If you want a furry version of Caillou, look no further. This show is almost as bad as Caillou. Franklin always get angry whenever he doesn't get his way, for instance, in one episode, he gets all depressed and mad because Beaver moved. Look, creators, one of my friends got home-schooled about a month ago, and I wasn't THAT depressed or angry. Not to mention, it came from a Canadian company called Corus, and Corus does NOT make very good shows because, they're Canadian. I don't mean to offend Canadians, but shows that come from that country tend to suck very badly. Unless you want your kid to be spoiled, then I'd avoid exposing this to MY kids if I had any.
  • Alright Nick Jr show

    Various ep (97-02)
  • Cool!

  • This show great and cute.

    I like both the original series and CGI series of Franklin!
  • The CGI version of this SUCKS!

    Seriously, Franklin the animated show went from a gorgeous 2D kids program, to an ugly, & cheap-looking CGI crap-fest for today.

    Why did they remake this show using CGI? It didn't need it. But they did it for the most obvious of reasons; because people would rather pay to watch an ugly animated character move all around a screen, or on Franklin's occasion, simply for more views, & because it's cheaper. The CGI Franklin is cheap & awfully animated, the characters all look ugly, & the show focuses more on being more one-dimensional rather than warmhearted.

    The old hand-drawn Franklin was beautifully animated, well constructed, had a warmth for kids that they could relate to, & was even developed with good storytelling in each of it's episodes. Cancel the new Franklin, & bring the old one back.
  • show needs to be taken off air.


    This show point blank needs to be cut and every copy burned. The show is nothing but a cry baby turtle that has to have everything his way. He knows nothing about peer pressure and does everything his friends say. He lies about every little thing. The beaver in this story is the worst person ever. what a spoiled little brat. she one ups everything. bear is a down syndrome tard that cant get anything going. I'm sure in life he'll end up being the garbage man. while Franklin is out doing drugs cause his friends says it was cool. I blame the parents. look at there house. it loooks like a crack house. OH and poor Franklin he wants a pet. your a TURTLE.. what are you going to get... OH a fish... how LAME. good way to show your kids responsibility. hey did you feed your fish today Franklin? his response. no I'll do it later. like he says every episode he never listens to his parents what so ever. hes nothing but a whinny little brat that isa compulsive liar.every time i see this show is about to come one I'll switch it to somethingelse for my son to watch.

  • Lies to cover his tracks or make things go his way almost every episode. Franklin while learning a lesson every episode, never seems to learn this basic very fundamental lesson.

    One of the very basic things a child should know is that lying is wrong. Almost every episode Franklin spends lying to some one to get his way or cover his tracks. He then spends the remainder of the episode covering the tracks of the lie he told. Parents, if this was acted by real people you might see in better, but perhaps some of you are distracted by the cute animals or don't actually watch your children's shows. The quick forgiving and most of the time the absolute no mentioning of the lie he told each episode is frustrating to me as a parent. The show is supposed to teach chidren lessons but it seems that Lying to people is the one lesson never learned. I for one know it's only a show but worry about my children lying to me or others because it's deemed acceptable in Franklin. I blame the writers story structure, following a model made in the first episodes to quickly churn out stories with the same feeling to keep the show going. I reccomend anyone who watches this show to look for his lying and you will see the trend I spoke of plain as day in almost every episode.
  • Franklin is always down on himself whenever he doesn't get his way. He's always complaining to everyone. He is very needy and materialistic! I will never allow my daughter watch this show.

    After watching two episodes I realized quick that my daughter will never watch this show. Franklin is needy and when he doesn't get his way, loses a possession of his or goes somewhere he doesn't want to go he complains, wines, cries.. ect... I don't want my daughter to learn this emotion this early in life. I fill my daughter's life (14 months) with joy, excitment, and fun. As she gets older I will explain to her that the world is not made of material possession, and it's family and love that makes the world a happier place. Franklin is a horrible show and she will never watch it.
  • What a Boring Nelvana Cartoon!! Am I the only Person that Hates this show?!?! But It's good for kids.

    My 57th after another bad nelvana cartoon, Max and ruby.

    This cartoon is just as Bad as Arthur!! They should change the name to Boreklin because it's sooooo Boring!!! first of all it's about this dumb-*beep* Turtle named Franklin, He goes on pointless mis-adventures with his stupid and brainless friends. This cartoon I really don't like, while I'm NOT being mean, but how can anyone like this cartoon?!?! I read the books and they were good but when they showed it on tv, It bored me to sleep! NOW! This cartoon desveres a D-. Here the results:

    Voice-acting: A 8.0/10.0 Great young voice-acting.

    Animation: A 8.0/10.0 Greatly designed and Polished. There's hardly any bright colors.

    Graphics: C 6.0/10.0 The Graphics is so lacky and Blurry.

    Sound: B 7.0/10.0 Banjo-like Music. It's average.

    Dialouge: D-- 4.0/10.0 Lame and poorly made.

    Educational Value: D-- 4.0/10.0 There is no good Educational systems to this show, AT ALL. It teaches kids how to rip people's drawings, screw secrets up, even learns how to be mean to their friends.

    Lasting Appeal: B- 7.0/10.0 Solid. There are some GOOD episodes in this series but most of them are bad and boring.

    Overall: D- 4.2/10.0 Nelvana must have been on crack to make this piece of turtle poop show. If they made it better and less BORING, I would watch it and give it a higher score. Yeah, well It's my opinion. I am I really the only person in this planet that hates this show?! Huh?! Ok, I don't wanana talk about this cartoon anymore! This is the end of my review for this boring Nelvana Cartoon. Nelvana can't get any worse. Good day everyone.
  • Good...

    This show is educational for kids including teenagers (in my opinion), OK lets talk about the plot, its all a turtle named Franklin a simple little boy who loves having friends and also loves to adventure. I didn't know this show was created in 1997 I seen this in the first time in 2005 or 2004 (because I can't remember what year is did I watch in the first time). Ok now for the scores.

    Graphics: 8.0
    Nice graphics and nice animation.

    Dialogue: 7.9
    Nicely written dialogue but may contain bad words in here.

    Educational Value: 7.5
    There is good educational value in here. It teaches children to be good and have good manners.

    Voice Acting: 8.5
    A thumbs up for this


    Overall: 7.0
    I'll just rate it 7 because this show is quite a little bit childish. That's all I got.
  • It's okay...but not my favorite.

    Well, let's do this in sections.

    Voices: B-

    The voices for the characters can sometimes be weird or annoying. I don't really like it when characters in TV shows have annoying voices.

    Stories: B+

    It's okay to say that the stories in this show are good. They're sometimes the kind that could be better, but hey. That's what nearly every show is like.

    Dialouge: C

    Not really the best. I mean, you'd have to admit, there aren't really many funny lines in the show.

    Humor: C

    Like I just said, there isn't a lot of humor in the show, unfortunately. It seems to rely on the educational value and the cuteness of the characters more than the humor. In my opinion, every show needs good humor to survive.

    Animation quality: A

    It's nearly perfect, I must say. There aren't special effects, of course, because this is a younger kids' show, but it's pretty good to say the least.

    Overall grade: B-

    Final show grade: 7.5
  • A cute little turtle and the saga of his daily life.

    One of the keys to a good show is good characters. Here you will find one of the most fun stars to watch since Clifford or Oobi. Franklin is a turtle, and we get to meet his family, which is a good story element for young viewers and their parents alike. He has two pets and loves school. The show is based on a book series. It also features some aspects of French-Canadian culture, in a warm and endearing way that opens them up to all viewers. Franklin loves hockey, and he can skate up a storm. What kid wouldn't watch that? "Franklin" strikes just the right balance between sweet and compelling stories. Anyone who likes animation can add it to their viewing list.
  • Alittle too childish but I love it!

    i used to watch frankilin when i was alittle kid and if it was still on the iar i would still watch it but sadly it isnt they should really release some dvds some time soon because i miss it and its really good fopr young kids and educational and teaches them good values. i watched it and loook how i turned out! frankilin the turtle is such a cute little guy its equally as good as little bear and well the other nick jr shows i watched when i was little.its a great great greta show for kids and adults too
  • The most consistently great series from Nelvana, a studio that has produced many gems. "Franklin" features the adventures of a young turtle and his animal friends. The program has covered a wide variety of topics and each episode is wonderfully-crafted.

    Warning - Contains Some Minor Spoilers
    (Recommened for those who have seen all episodes, or who don't mind some spoilers.)

    It's not often that you find a show that you can always tune into and be guaranteed of an episode that your really enjoy. Nelvana has made a lot of great shows, but if there were ever one that I had to peg as an absolute favorite, it would be this. "Franklin" is everything that I could ever want and expect from a show. Every episode of the series is well-crafted, the characters are lovable, entertaining and interesting, the music is a joy to listen to, and the animation itself is a joy to watch, sometimes amusing, sometimes beautiful. And the best thing about the show is that it hasn't remained stagnant. As the series has progressed, it's naturally changed and evolved. Bigger and more interesting issues are covered, new characters have been introduced, and the quality of the animation has been upped. Another reviewer stated that the show is "almost better than 'Arthur'." I'm going to go one step further -- it *is* better than "Arthur."

    Franklin is necessarily a bit of an everyturtle. Sometimes, he acts in ways that you might not expect of him, or might not necessarily be pleasant. Still, I think I have Franklin's shell cracked, pardon the pun. Franklin is a turtle who generally tries to be to kind to others and good to his friends. He values loyalty and also serves an inspiration to those around him. Franklin, however, sometimes has trouble when comes to accepting new friends. He also can be quiet and keep to himself, particularly when it comes to things that are bothering him or his personal feelings -- even with his best friends.

    "Franklin" covers a lot of issues covered by other similar shows, such as "Arthur" or "Cliffod the Big Red Dog" in its stories. Yet, somehow, almost all of the time it's the "Franklin" story that seems to have the most satisfying resolution. The show delights from start to finish.

    Of course, no show can be absolutely perfect. Having been on the air for so long, perhaps the main problem with the show is some weird consistency errors. Franklin and his friends start the show attending kindergarten, and as of the sixth season, are only in first grade. Yet, even though Franklin's little sister was born before the start of the fifth season, she's suddenly nearly old enough to attend school, and Bear's little sister is four years old, even though she was born in the fourth season. Something's not adding up. Also, there are many characters that seem to pop in and out of the series, such as Badger, Squirrel, and Raccoon, all of whom are around the same age as Franklin and should be attending every class he is. Still, minor issues aside, I love this show. "Franklin" has been on for six seasons and also had four direct-to-video specials, each one bringing something different and special to the series. It's been a while since there's been a new season, but I hope we haven't seen the end of this show. I haven't said everything that I feel about this show, but those that know me from this guide know all the things I like about it.
  • A childhood favorite.

    Why isn't there a "Childhood Favorite" in the classification thing? There really should be one, because this was one of my favorite shows I used to watch when I was a younger kid. This show tells the tales of this turtle, Franklin, and his other animal friends in a town I do not know of.

    So of course, the main character is Franklin the Turtle. He has two wonderful parents, Mr. and Mrs. Turtle. He has a lot of friends, including Bear, Fox, Beaver, Otter, Racoon, Skunk, and more. Those aren't just the types of animal friends he has, those are their names too. Pretty plain, don't you think? They could at least have a first name with a first letter that resembles the first letter of the type of animal they are? His teacher's name is also Mr. Owl. Go ahead and guess what kind of animal he is. Go ahead. GUESS!

    But other than that, this show is good. It is a bit better than another childhood favorite, Little Bear, because, Franklin uses his imagination, but not wildly, like Little Bear does. Little Bear goes a little extreme. But now that we've covered everything, that's it! Thanks for reading my review, on what in my opinion is an awesome show for the youngins'!
  • A cute show that teaches kids daily problem solving.

    I watch this with my kid, and he really enjoys watching Franklin and singing along to the theme song. I like how the show has alot of problem solving and teaching life long lessons. Like doing the right thing, and helping out friends.
    I admit to watching it when I was little myself. It is an adorable show and I think they need to make more episodes of it. My kid absolutely loves this show, and its nice to know that he is watching an educational program, that is suitable for his age. Please make more episodes of Franklin. It seems they have taken it off the air here where I am......
  • What a great show!

    I don't normally watch many cartoons but this show is just amazing!
    Franklin is a turtle who lives with his family and he goes out and plays with his friends! It's great to be a cartoon for sure! It always got me hooked, because It's such a great show! Each episode provides something new and cool! I don't know what else to say except that's it's awesome!!!
    Watch it and see for yourself!
  • I have just started to watch this show!

    Franklin is quite the show! I can't help not watch this show it is so good! This show must be geat for children! I like the episode Franklin the fearless because it teaches children that your brave to tell the truth not to be fearless!! Anyways this show is a cool show that can be for all ages!
  • I'll admit it; I'm a sucker for old kids shows! X3

    Ah, yes, Franklin. I remember watching this show when I was eight or so, watching with my sister on days off from school. Franklin was such a great cartoon, mostly because the stories were rich and interesting. Even today, I try to sneak an episode or two. The idea of having the characters animals is always a plus to me. I often enjoy watching the situations that Franklin gets himself into, while remembering how I was in that specific situtation. The only downside to it is that I wish I could be that young again, but I enjoy remembering those days X3 Overall, Franklin is a cute show with unforgettable characters, good plots, and a warm hearted center that leaves you feeling good after you watch.

    ...What roleplay?! XD
  • Nick Jr. lost a really great show

    Franklin was awesome, and I don't think i was its intentional audience.

    What made franklin good was that Frankln was a great character. He wasan't annoying or just plain stupid, he was franklin. Franklin's friends were cool too, but some could be annoying sometimes.

    Everyepisode was a little different. Franklin could have been dealing with a personal matter or a problem wih his friends, or problems at school.

    Franklin was also great because it was a kick jr. shows that didn't shout "educational!" There were morals at the end of episodes, but they werenm't full house style with some sappy music.

    So, if Franklin was still on nick Jr., I would still watch it. its just a fun show.

    its weird, all of franklin's friends are named after what animal they are, so why isin't Franklin's name "Turtle"?

  • a real good tv series that makes lots of fun to watch.

    The adventures of Franklin and his friends are real the best i have ever seen in a cartoon tv series. They real funny and it makes me lots of laugh when i see them doing there hobbies. My favorite figures are Fox and Bear next to Franklin and Rabbit. Enjoy every episode.
  • He teach kids new things.

    He nice to his friends. He's friend is bear. He sometimes need help or see what he did worng. He like to have fun & play games with his friend. He try be a good sport. Nick Jr. Have good cartoon for kids today. I hope see more cartoons soon.
  • Very nicely done ...

    I know those of you who are aware of my age will probably find it amusing that I actually watch this cartoon. To be honest, I try to never miss it! =)

    Franklin reminds me a great deal of the cartoons I grew up with in the 80s where the focus wasn't 100% geared towards selling more toys & junk.

    The voice acting is quite good. The stories are sweet, well written, and always have a good message for children to learn from.

    I highly suggest this show.

  • A great show for kids.

    I admit that I have watched some of this show and I found it great. It's a great show for kids that isn't boring. Franklin is about a turtle and his family and friends. They basically do all the things that characters in a kid's show do (they learn new things/lessons/etc.), but they make it good, too. The animation is good, and there can be something funny at times in the show. Not really sure if this should be in kid's shows, but there is great character development. The voice acting is pretty good, too. A great show for kids, but, some people that are not kids may enjoy this show, too.
  • This a good kids show.

    I liked to watch this cartoon all the time. When I was younger, now I only watch it from time to time. The only thing among the kids is there is only one of almost every species of animal. How are they going to reproduce? Franklin and Bear can't marry their sisters. No, but they will have to crossbreed with the other animals. But besides that goof this show is still good.
  • Franklin is a lovable turtle that loves to go on all kinds of adventures with his friends. I wish that they would bring this show back on T.V in Australia.

    The show is about Franklin and his friends. Although Franklin is a turtle, he attends school and enjoys playing with his friends. He has a goldfish named Goldie and a stuffed dog named Sam.

    I have enjoyed all the time that i have spent watching this wonderful cartoon. I just love to see Franklin and his friends go on all sorts of adventures.

    I just wish that they would bring the show back on T.V in Australia. I really miss watching it. I would highly recommend this cartoon.
  • This show was my favorite show as a little kid i watched this everyday

    Frankilin was a great show and it was awesome when i was a little kid i wish they would bring it back because i remember almost every episode in my head from all the times i watched it so if they could i would watch the new episodes if they would make them at all
  • He has his own line of books, plenty of merchendise, and his own Tv series - he's a pretty successful turtle, wouldn't you say so?

    Children will truly enjoy this successful and long-running series about their favorite turtle and how his adventures and mistakes all bear a lesson in itself. Some episodes are not worth anyones time, but, admittedly, most are funny, purposeful and they all share on thing in common: they appeal to kids.

    This show is definitely worth a child's time. As for an older child, I'd recomment them to give it a look. Otherwise, teenagers and anyone above 12 or 13 may like it but it's not that likely - then again you never know. All in all, almost everyone who watches this successful series will be in awe.
  • this show should never be on hiatus/tbd after only 8 years it should be that way after 15 years.

    How could anyone disagree with me. I am only 13 years old and i think that this show is better than south park, simpsons and family and futurama becuz of its simplicity and also its a show that i will never stop watching. i love it and i love Canada for making it. I love Franklin!!
  • Nick Jr. should've never took this off and moved it...

    Quite possibly my all-time favorite cartoon, regardless of target age, is Franklin, available on the digital cable channel Noggin. It used to be on Nick Jr, and I was quite disappointed when they moved it, as I don't have digital cable. The story revolves around Franklin the turtle and his group of friends, which include Bear, Beaver, Goose, Rabbit, and Fox, and is based on the various Franklin books, written by Paulette Bourgeois. This is what I would call an 'edu-tainment' show, where it's entertaining and is equally educational. Franklin sometimes gets in deep trouble, and sometimes he is bossy. However, Franklin always learns from his mistakes and always apologizes.

    Even now at 18, I sometimes feel like Franklin after he's made a mistake. Guess what? I learn from mistakes as well. Heck, I've even made some of the same mistakes that Franklin does, and I think of the story, and the possible consequences. This is a cartoon that anyone can learn from; not just preschoolers, as you can see with my story. I'm wondering if there are DVDs available, and if there are, please tell me. If there are any, I'll get a few in a few years, after I get away from my parents. I just know they'll think something's wrong with me if I tell them that I enjoy what they'll no doubt call a "baby show".
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