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  • Lies to cover his tracks or make things go his way almost every episode. Franklin while learning a lesson every episode, never seems to learn this basic very fundamental lesson.

    One of the very basic things a child should know is that lying is wrong. Almost every episode Franklin spends lying to some one to get his way or cover his tracks. He then spends the remainder of the episode covering the tracks of the lie he told. Parents, if this was acted by real people you might see in better, but perhaps some of you are distracted by the cute animals or don't actually watch your children's shows. The quick forgiving and most of the time the absolute no mentioning of the lie he told each episode is frustrating to me as a parent. The show is supposed to teach chidren lessons but it seems that Lying to people is the one lesson never learned. I for one know it's only a show but worry about my children lying to me or others because it's deemed acceptable in Franklin. I blame the writers story structure, following a model made in the first episodes to quickly churn out stories with the same feeling to keep the show going. I reccomend anyone who watches this show to look for his lying and you will see the trend I spoke of plain as day in almost every episode.