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  • show needs to be taken off air.


    This show point blank needs to be cut and every copy burned. The show is nothing but a cry baby turtle that has to have everything his way. He knows nothing about peer pressure and does everything his friends say. He lies about every little thing. The beaver in this story is the worst person ever. what a spoiled little brat. she one ups everything. bear is a down syndrome tard that cant get anything going. I'm sure in life he'll end up being the garbage man. while Franklin is out doing drugs cause his friends says it was cool. I blame the parents. look at there house. it loooks like a crack house. OH and poor Franklin he wants a pet. your a TURTLE.. what are you going to get... OH a fish... how LAME. good way to show your kids responsibility. hey did you feed your fish today Franklin? his response. no I'll do it later. like he says every episode he never listens to his parents what so ever. hes nothing but a whinny little brat that isa compulsive liar.every time i see this show is about to come one I'll switch it to somethingelse for my son to watch.

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