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    "Franklin Helps Out"

    Mr. Owl is discussing ways with his class to help out in the community. He asks them for suggestions, but the only one they come up with is picking up litter. They just suggest different locations for doing it. Mr. Owl decides that the best way to learn about helping out in the community would be to actually go out into the community. So he sends everyone out, calling it a "field trip." Once they're outside, Mr. Owl says that he wants everyone to do different jobs. So they all decide to split up. Franklin thinks that he's doing a great job - picking up litter. But then, Beaver comes along. What's Franklin doing taking her job? She's picking up litter. Then Rabbit comes. He's been picking up litter too. He suggests having a race. Whoever can get their litter into the trash can first gets to keep the job. Beaver and Franklin don't like this at all. Rabbit's faster than the both of them and would surely win. Then Bear shows up and he's picking up litter too. They all get into a big argument about who should keep the job until Fox comes. He tells them all that they shouldn't be putting their stuff in the trash can. A lot of it is recyclable and should go in the recycle bin. Franklin decides that maybe Fox should get the job, as he knows what stuff should be recycled and what shouldn't. So he gets the job and is left holding everyone's litter. Franklin goes out in search of another job and comes across Mr. Groundhog. He's hurt his paw and not only that, but there's a huge tree branch in the way of his path. It's apprently been there a long time, but nobody from the community has done anything about it. Franklin sees that he has a job to do. He tries to move it, but he just can't get it to budge. Seeing Beaver, he decides she would be perfect for the job. She can gnaw the tree into many small parts and then clear it from the path. Beaver thanks him for finding her a job. Franklin continues along. He thinks that's great, but he still hasn't found a job. He finds Mrs. Muskrat, who's delivering hot meals. Asking if he can help out, Mrs. Muskrat gives him one to deliver to Mr. Groundhog. She comments that she always delivers his first, as he gets annoyed if it gets cold. Franklin heads for Mr. Mole's. He runs into Rabbit, who tells him that Mr. Groundhog is down by the pond. He wanted to soak his sore paw. Franklin's worried, as the pond is in the opposite direction and he'd never make it before the hot meal got cold. Rabbit's quick, though. So Franklin entrusts him to get it to Mr. Groundhog in time. Franklin resumes his wandering, noting that that if just wandering around doing nothing was a job, he'd be good at it. He finds Mr. Mole, who's trying to move a bench under some tree so that he can get some shade. He tries to help Mr. Mole, but the bench is too heavy. Bear shows up and Franklin has him try lifting the bench. He's strong and is able to move it. Mr. Owl arrives on the scene. It would seem that everyone's done a job, except Franklin. But then Fox, Beaver, Rabbit and Bear all tell Mr. Owl about how Franklin helped them find their jobs. Mr. Owl tells Franklin that do something to help the community: helping his friends find the perfect jobs for them.

    "Franklin's Missing Snacks"

    Franklin and his friends are playing, when suddenly Bear wants to break for a snack. Everyone's starting to get annoyed as it seems like everytime they get a game going, they have to stop and head home to get snacks. Then, Bear has a neat idea. What if they all brought some snacks from home and stashed them in a basket up at the tree fort. That way, they wouldn't have to keep heading home every time and wouldn't have that much of a break in their game. They all think that's a great idea. They return with their snacks. There's lots of neat things, except Fox has brought these awful apricot bars. Nobody likes them, as they get stuck to their teeth. Asked where he got them, Fox admits that he got them trick-or-treating, which was eight months ago. In any case, the idea seems to work. Later on, they're playing a game, when Bear suddenly says that he just remembered he has to go home. So they're left without a catcher for their baseball game, but they play on anyway. Fox hits the ball way, way back. Franklin runs after it. After a fair amount of time, he's still not back. Fox and Beaver wonder where he could have gotten off to. Maybe he got lost. When Franklin finally returns, Fox and Beaver are pretending to be asleep. Beaver jokes that she doesn't want to get up. Is it morning already? They decide that after that "nap," they're hungry. So they go to the tree fort for snacks, only to find that the basket's missing. At first, they wonder who took it. Then, Fox and Beaver think they know who: it must have been Bear. He likes snacks a lot and the thing about leaving the baseball game early was just a ruse for him to steal the snacks. Franklin protests, saying that Bear would never do such a thing. But, he has to admit that it doesn't look good. Later on, Franklin is playing checkers with his Granny. But he loses three games in a row. Granny wonders if something is wrong and Franklin asks her what you should do if you think your best friend did something that wasn't very friendly. Granny figures out that it's Bear that Franklin is talking about and tells him that although he thinks in his head that Bear did something wrong, he knows in his heart that he didn't. So Franklin returns to the tree fort and does some investigating. Seeing the empty basket in some bushes, he picks it up. Then, Beaver and Fox arrive. With Franklin holding the empty basket, they think now that he's the one who stole the snacks. Bear then shows up and hears what Franklin is being accused of. He tells Fox and Beaver that Franklin didn't do it. They ask how he can be so sure. Bear says that Franklin hasn't done anything rotten like that before. Also, he trusts him. It then comes out that they suspected Bear of stealing the snacks. It was only after they saw Franklin with the basket that suspicion turned to him. They apologize to them both. After looking at things a little more, they see a broken rope and realize that the rope that was holding the basket just snapped. Further investigation finds their snacks in the bush. Bear presents "razzle-dazzle bars," which he bought yesterday with his Mom. That's why he had to leave early. Fox suggests first that they try his apricot chews. They're really not that bad. So, they try them and they really are bad. Fox decides that maybe he'll have a razzle-dazzle bar instead. It's not that he doesn't like the apricot chew. He's just going to save it for later.moreless

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    "Franklin and the Thunderstorm"

    Franklin has a fear of thunder and lightning, and does not want his friends to know, since they all think he is fearless. But when a particularly strong thunderstorm forces all of them to wait in the library until it ends, Franklin learns that admitting your fears isn't a problem at all.

    "Franklin's Maple Syrup"

    Franklin and Bear are inspired by Coach's maple syrup-making techniques and decide to make some themselves, by tapping trees for sap first. But soon it begins to become a big competition against Beaver and Fox just to get some sap, until they learn that doing it together makes it able to be done easier.moreless

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    "Franklin and the Grump"

    Franklin and Bear are playing baseball. It's winter, but they want to get back in practice for the upcoming spring season. Then, they accidentally hit the ball into Mr. Groundhog's yard. Franklin doesn't think it's a problem. They'll just knock and ask if they can go and get the ball. But when they knock, at first no one answers. Then, after knocking a second time, Mr. Groundhog tells them to go away as it's not even February 2nd. Franklin's confused. Bear suggests that they just leave, but Franklin's worried the ball could get buried in snow if they have to wait till February 2nd. He says that he just wants to go and get his ball. Mr. Groundhog, now that he knows what they're actually after, gives Franklin permission to come and get his ball. He's still very grumpy though and gets irritated when Franklin brings up his comment about February 2nd. At home, Franklin tells his parents about how grumpy Mr. Groundhog was. He also tells them what he said about February 2nd. His parents tell him about Groundhog's Day. It's a tradition that if Mr. Groundhog sees his shadow, then there'll be six more weeks of winter. But if he doesn't see his shadow, then there'll be an early spring. They also tell Franklin that if someone acts grumpy towards you, you should never be grumpy back. Sometime later on, Franklin is near the town store. He sees somebody wrapped in scarves, trying to juggle a bunch of groceries. It looks like he needs help, so Franklin offers it. But the scarves end up coming off to reveal that it's Mr. Groundhog. Everyone, seeing Mr. Groundhog, races up and surrounds him and starts telling him what they think he should predict on Groundhog's Day. Some want early winter, some want spring and everybody has different reasons. Mr. Groundhog, very annoyed now, tells everyone to go away and heads off with his groceries. He drops his cocoa and Franklin tries to tell him, but he's already halfway down the street and yells at Franklin to go away. Franklin remembers what his parents said about not being grumpy back and heads for Mr. Groundhog's house. There, he tells Mr. Groundhog that he forgot his cocoa. Mr. Groundhog apologizes for being grumpy with him and tells him to come on in. He can have some cocoa and they'll talk. Franklin says that's okay, they just won't talk about the weather. Inside, Franklin notices all sorts of neat devices that Mr. Groundhog has to help predict the weather. He comments on it and then remembers that he wasn't supposed to talk about the weather. But Mr. Groundhog doesn't mind and tells Franklin all about his devices, some of which are more scientific than others. Franklin then brings up Groundhog Day. Mr. Groundhog details the trouble with Groundhog Day. He doesn't mind predicting the weather, it's just that everyone seems to want a different forecast. And they get annoyed if the foreceast isn't the way they want. He's tired of it and so this year, he's canceling Groundhog Day. They can gather around his house all they want, but he's not coming out. On Groundhog's Day, everyone comes, but Mr. Groundhog doesn't come out. Then, Franklin knocks at his door. Mr. Groundhog, seeing that it's Franklin, lets Franklin in. Then, to his surprise, everyone else that's gathered around comes on in. Franklin explains: he told his parents about what he said and word got around. So they all came to wish Mr. Groundhog a happy Groundhog Day, not because they want anything from him. Franklin then sees his own shadow and asks Mr. Groundhog what it means. Mr. Groundhog tells him that it means he's in the company of a good friend.

    "Franklin's Promise"

    Franklin's alarm goes off. Sleepy, he starts to go back to bed. Then, he remembers, it's Saturday! He's going to go bike-riding today. Then, he looks out his window. Looks like rain. Mrs. Turtle comes in and Franklin expresses his disappointment at the fact that it's raining. Mrs. Turtle finds that strange, as it's not raining on the other side of the house. So Franklin goes outside and finds the problem: a faulty sprinkler. Mr. Turtle is trying to fix it. That's not good, as he had promised Franklin he was going to fix his bike. He tells Franklin he'll get to it, just as soon as he fixes the sprinkler. But the sprinkler is a tougher job than he thought and things keep going wrong with it, despite his makeshift attempts at repair. Franklin's friends come and go, as Franklin doesn't have a bike to ride with them. They say they'll come back later. Maybe it'll be fixed by then. Franklin goes inside, where his Mom tries to help him out. She knows things aren't go to plan, but maybe she could make a picnic for Franklin and his friends. Franklin can help. She sends Franklin out to the garden to pick some vegetables. Franklin picks the vegetables, but then sees Mr. Fox. He's carrying a heavy load of stuff that he bought at Mr. and Mrs. Skunk's yard sale and it looks like he's going to drop it. Franklin helps him. It would seem he needs a bit more help though, so Franklin helps him to carry it to his house. Franklin gets back and starts on the vegetable-picking again. But then, Bear, Beaver and Fox arrive. It would seem that Bear fell and scraped his knee while they were biking. So Mr. Turtle gets a bandage and offers him a drive home. First, though, how about a picnic? Mrs. Turtle is finished setting things up. Bear is more than happy to stay for a picnic. Franklin apologizes to Mrs. Turtle, for not keeping his promise of helping with the picnic. She doesn't mind, though, as she knows he had some emergencies to take care of. And now, Franklin understands better why Mr. Turtle wasn't able to take care of his bike right away.moreless

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    "Franklin and the Copycat"

    Franklin's class is drawing pictures with crayons. Franklin's picture is very nice. He's drawn some very realistic sunset clouds. Everyone's very impressed and they start asking Franklin to help them with their drawings. Then, Rabbit presents his drawing to Mr. Owl. Franklin's shocked: it's basically a perfect copy of his sunset cloud drawing, except Rabbit added in a red scooter. Mr. Owl lavishes it wish praise. At home that night, Franklin explains to his parents about what Rabbit did. Mrs. Turtle suggests that maybe Rabbit just liked his drawing. She thinks it's a bit flattering. Franklin isn't convinced though. The next day, it's raining and Mr. Owl tells the class that they won't be able to go out and play baseball. The good news is that he's bought brand-new crayons for them to draw with. Rabbit asks Franklin what he's going to draw. Franklin, realizing what Rabbit is after, goes over by the window, alone, to draw his picture. Inspired by the storm, he paints a very realistic storm cloud. Mr. Owl sees it and holds it up. Not long after Owl holds it up, Rabbit soon shows everyone a nearly identical drawing. Now, Franklin's really mad. He comes straight out and calls Rabbit a copycat. Everyone stares at him and Franklin doesn't really know what to say, other than that, well, Rabbit is a copycat. At home again, Franklin sees a poster hanging on his wall. Looking at it, he notices something: the clouds in it look just like the ones he drew. Oh my gosh, he's a copycat too. But that's no big deal, actually. When he sees Mr. Mole teaching his parents a golf swing, his parents explain that copying can actually be a good way to learn something. In the morning the next day, Franklin meets Rabbit at Rabbit's bus stop. He apologizes to Rabbit for calling him a "copycat" and tells him that he's actually one too. Rabbit tells him that he was just inspired by his favorite artist: him. To end, we see a drawing of Franklin and Rabbit, done by the both of them.

    "Big Brother Franklin"

    Franklin, Raccoon and Fox are playing when a youngster named Squirrel shows up. He's on his own for the day and wants to know if he can play with them. Fox and Raccoon aren't so sure, they're doing "big-kid" stuff. But Franklin decides to adopt him for the day as his little brother. The first thing they do is go on the merry-go-round. Franklin is worried about Squirrel's safety and has Fox and Raccoon go slow. Squirrel tells them to go faster. Squirrel's enjoying this and has them keep going faster and faster. Then, everyone ends up flying off the merry-go-round. Everyone except Squirrel, that is. He's able to hang on. This doesn't faze Franklin. He asks Squirrel to call him "big brother." The next thing they do is play hide-and-seek. Franklin's sure he'll have to help Squirrel out with this one. He knows all the great hiding places in the woods. After counting down with Squirrel, he starts searching. But to his surprise, Fox and Raccoon aren't in the normal hiding spot. Then, Squirrel calls out both Fox and Raccoon, having found them both. Franklin, looking for something to help Squirrel with, tries the monkey bars. He demonstrates how to hang on them to Squirrel. Then, he sees Squirrel up above him. Fox and Raccoon call Squirrel a natural at climbing. Franklin's not out of ideas yet. He goes to his house so that they can play marbles. But Squirrel is so dexterous that he's able to knock three of the marbles out of the ring in one shot. Then, he shows Fox and Raccoon how to do it. Franklin's really bugged now, he's supposed to the big brother. He has one more idea: playing frisbee. But Squirrel throws the frisbee back and forth with ease, while Franklin ends up stumbling and falling just trying to catch it. Franklin gives up. Fox jokes that Franklin's the one who has a big brother. Franklin goes down by himself to the pond. Fox, Squirrel and Raccoon continue playing. But then, when Squirrel tries to catch the frisbee, the force of it sends him flying. He's now a "flying squirrel." He "flies" all the way into the pond. The frisbee is barely keeping him afloat and if somebody doesn't do something, he's going to drown. Franklin quickly hops in, swims expertly through the water and rescues him. Back on land, Squirrel tells Franklin that he's a natural at swimming. Franklin's a hero and Squirrel likes having him as a big brother. He's going to ask his parents if he can visit Franklin again soon. He wants Franklin to teach him how to swim.moreless

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    "Franklin and the Puppy"

    Franklin and Bear are playing when a field, when a small puppy comes up to Franklin. They play catch with it and find that it's pretty good at it. Bear notices that he doesn't have a collar. Franklin, thinking that it might be a stray, decides that they can't simply leave it out its own. He's going to take it home with him. Bear's not sure it's a good idea, but he does agree that it shouldn't be left out to fend for himself. So Franklin takes the puppy home and explains the situation. His parents agree to take the puppy in, but with a caveat- they're going to search for the puppy's rightful owner. Franklin begins caring for the puppy and the puppy is a lot of work. One morning, Franklin is leaving for school. He wants to say goodbye to the puppy, but he can't find it. It turns out that the puppy snuck into Franklin's backpack. Franklin doesn't find this out until the puppy pokes out of his backpack on the bus. When Franklin gets to school, he tells the puppy to wait for him outside. But the puppy follows him inside unseen and creates quite a commotion running around the oom. Mr. Owl finally catches him and asks who he belongs to. Franklin admits the puppy is his and apologizes for the mess. But Mr. Owl doesn't mind, saying that it's not often they start their mornings with that much excitement. The search for the puppy's owner continues, but Mr. and Mrs. Turtle also buy a collar and leash for him. Then, one day, Franklin is at his house with Bear, when someone comes knocking at the door. It's the owner of the puppy! Franklin panics. He's grown attached to the puppy and doesn't want to give him away. So he tries to sneak out of the house with Bear, who definitely doesn't think this is such a good idea. But then he hears the puppy's owner talking about how much she misses the puppy. He decides to do the right thing and return the puppy. The owner's mother explains that they have the puppy stay at her Granny's place, but Grandma isn't much for dogs and she's also getting up in years and so that's how the puppy got loose. Franklin volunteers to watch the puppy from now on when they go away and the owners agree.

    "Franklin Takes the Bus"

    Mr. Owl has a lot of neat toys in his toy chest. One of them is a toy bus, which Franklin really likes to play with. He likes it so much, that he decides he wants to take it home with him. So he takes it, but without asking. He'll just return it the next day. That afternoon, Bear comes over to Franklin's house and sees Franklin playing with the bus. He says that it looks like the bus in Mr. Owl's oom and Franklin says that it is. Bear asks him if he asked if he could take it and Franklin admits that he didn't. He doesn't think that Mr. Owl will mind though, as he never plays with it. Bear's not so sure, but Franklin reassures him that everything will be okay. However, everything isn't okay. The next day, Franklin forgets to take the toy bus with him to school. He hopes that no one will notice that it's missing, but Beaver does. She needed it for the safety demonstration she was going to do today. Franklin starts to admit that he took it, but Mr. Owl cuts him off before he can finish his sentence and Franklin ends up saying that he wants to help look for it. The entire searches for the bus, but naturally they come up empty. That afternoon, Franklin and Bear continue playing with the bus. Franklin says that he's definitely going to return it tomorrow. Then, Franklin and Bear have to leave and they leave the bus, as well as some other toys, in a hollowed log. Beaver and Goose are playing hide-and-seek and Goose hides in the log. When Beaver finds her, she notices the toy bus and Franklin's other toys. She thinks that the toys must belong to the "thief," the one who took the bus. So Beaver takes the bus and the toys to the school and starts talking about a thief. She says that she's going to find out who this thief is. So Franklin admits the truth: there is no thief. He's the one who took the bus. Mr. Owl's not happy that Franklin took it without asking, but he's glad Franklin told the truth. Beaver goes ahead with the safety demonstration, with the help of some of Franklin's other toys. But not before asking Franklin if she can borrow them first.

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    "Franklin the Fabulous"

    Franklin and his family watch the magic show of Marten the Magician. They're amazed by his great tricks, which include making things appear out of thin air and making himself disappear. Back at home, Franklin says that he wants to be a magician. His parents demonstrate a couple simple tricks: making a coin appear in one hand when it should have been in another and a "magic paperclip." But Franklin's not impressed and decides to go to the library for information on the cooler tricks, such as making things disappear. He enlists Bear as his partner and they decide on some tricks to perform: the "Chamber of Seven Swords," making a chair levitate and then making Bear disappear. They put on a show in front of their friends, but everything goes wrong. When Franklin attempts the "Chamber of Seven Swords," the lid to the box Bear is inside pops open, revealing that the swords never actually went through him. When he attempts to make a chair levitate, he accidentally pulls down the sheet, revealing that Bear was holding it up the whole time. And when he tries to make Bear disappear, the curtain falls, showing that Bear just went behind the curtain. Back at home, Franklin laments that the show was a disaster. His parents suggest that maybe it was because he tried to start with the hardest tricks. Franklin says that he's quitting magic, but his parents convince him to try some easier tricks. So Bear and Franklin try the show again, with the magic coin trick and the paperclip trick, as well as a new trick: the "magic handkerchief." The show is a success and the even get the audience of Marten the Magician, who compares the performance to those of his early days.

    "Franklin Camps Out"

    Franklin's going on a camping trip. His father tries to show him how to tie a knot, but he's so excited about what's happening at camp that he doesn't pay attention. This causes problems at camp. Before the fun can begin, there are things that must be done to set things up. Instead of trying to do them himself, Franklin continuously relies on his friends to solve his problems for him. Finally, everyone gets tired of helping him and when they all have to tie a knot before they can play on the swings, everyone finishes except Franklin and Franklin misses all the fun. Franklin complains that they should have helped him, but Bear explains that everyone's tired of helping him. However, he says that he is going to teach Franklin, until he learns how to tie a knot himself. That night, Franklin is the only one awake when a strong wind threatens to blow down their tent. Using what he learned from Bear, he ties down the tent all by himself, to everyone's pleased amazement in the morning. Then, they go canoeing. Franklin tries to do it all by himself, but it would seem he still needs a little help.moreless

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    "Franklin's Day Off"

    Franklin is going out to ride bikes with Bear. However, his parents don't want him to leave until he's taken down the fort he set up in the backyard. Franklin says that he'll do it later and his parents remind him that's what he said the day before. Mr. Turtle tries to use an analogy about weeds growing to illustrate what can happen if you put things off. But Franklin counters that the fort isn't going grow out of control or anything and ends up getting his way. He's soon back inside, however, as his bicycle tire has gone flat and he needs the air pump. But his parents tell him that he had it last and if he hadn't put off going to Beaver's to get a patch for it, then it wouldn't be a problem now. So Franklin goes back out in search of the pump. Mrs. Turtle comments that she hopes he doesn't look for it in the garden because there's some very big weeds in it. Franklin's hunt for the pump is less than successful. It's fall and there's a whole bunch of leaves in the yard. He looks for the rake to rake them up, hoping to find the pump underneath them. But then he remembers that he used the rake to help hold up his fort. Franklin tries to get the rake, but since he's trying to get just the rake down and not the entire fort, it's causing a lot of problems. Bear comes and finds Franklin fighting to get the rake. He helps Franklin and Franklin finally gets the rake. With it, he's able to find the air pump and get his tire fixed, at least for the time being. He and Bear go off to ride their bikes, but then Franklin sees that a strong wind gust is blowing around everything that he had in his fort. He tries to save everything and finally, with Bear's help, he's able to get the fort down once and for all. Having learned his lesson, he also goes to Beaver's to get the tire patched too. Later on, talking with his parents, he finds that his Dad is pulling weeds. He suggests that it might be a good idea to get the leaves raked up, so they're not a problem later. Mr. Turtle jokingly asks if he can do it later, as he wants to pull weeds right now.

    "Franklin's Homemade Cookies"

    Franklin and his friends are playing a game called "Find the Acorn." Fox has hid the acorn and no one can find it. He points out where it was and everyone gets mad. Not only was it someplace that even Squirrel couldn't find, but he told them that they were "cold" (far away from the acorn) when actually they were "hot" (right by it.) Beaver can't believe that Fox fibbed. Fox promises to play fair from then on. Later on, Franklin is at home. Bear comes to his house and presents him with a paper bird construct that he made. He really likes it and wonders if Franklin likes it too. He asks Franklin if it's the best thing he ever made. Franklin, looking at the thing and remembering that honesty is the best policy, tells him that maybe it isn't the best thing and starts pointing out things that are wrong with it. This only angers Bear, who leaves in a huff. Franklin doesn't have too much time to think about it, as he's baking homemade cookies with his Mom. They're ginger cookies and Mrs. Turtle reminds him to use three shakes of ginger. Franklin thinks to himself that if three shakes make them taste good, then four shakes would make them even better. So he tries this, but accidentally makes the last shake an especially large one. After the cookies are done, he takes them to his friends in the tree fort. He asks them to try them and they all find them disgusting. One says that they don't even think they're cookies. They ask who made them and Franklin tells them that he did. They all try to say nice things about them now, but the damage is already done. When Franklin returns home, he tells his parents about what happened. He has them try the cookies. It's obvious that they too think they're disgusting, but they try to say nice things about them. Mr. Turtle suggests that Franklin try one of them himself. Franklin does and quickly spits it out because it's disgusting. He admits to his Mom that he used more ginger than he was supposed to. His parents explain that sometimes it hurts when friends tell the truth. For that reason, even if you don't like something a friend gives you, you should always try to find something complimentary to say about it. Mrs. Turtle gives an example: a really wild hat Aunt Tortoise gave her. It looks wacky, but she called it such things as "stylish." Franklin realizes that there's something he has to do. He apologizes to Bear for saying mean things about the bird construct he gave him. Bear admits that is kind of funny looking and Franklin tells him that he likes it anyway. Bear says that he likes Franklin's cookies.moreless

  • #30601
    "Franklin Plants a Tree"

    For Earth Day, Franklin is excited to get his very own tree. When he receives a small maple seedling, he doesn't understand that it will grow into a big tree and becomes disenchanted. It's up to Mr. Heron to teach him the value of his small plant.

    "Franklin the Hero"

    Franklin and Snail idolize their favorite comic-book character: Dynaroo. They're very excited when they find out that Dynaroo's going to be doing a signing at Mr. Heron's bookstore. They plan to be the first in line, but on the way there, find neighbor Mrs. Muskrat in need of help. They really don't want to miss the signing, but they can't just leave her there. They learn an important lesson about heroism.moreless

  • #30501
    "Franklin and the Fortune Teller"

    Franklin's friends start to get excited because of Beaver's new toy, a spinning top. Beaver soon becomes convinced that the toy can tell everyone's future. Everyone joins in, except Franklin who spends his time at home, away from his friends because of his disbelief in it. When Franklin finally decides to try it, Beaver comes up with predictions about Franklin's next day, which ends up to be false information.

    "Franklin's Cellar"

    Franklin deals with his fear of the cellar located in the basement. While him and his friends are playing hide and seek, Franklin faces his fear of the cellar while trying to locate Bear, who is hiding somewhere in the cellar. Later on, Franklin's friends put on super costumes and try get rid of the imaginary monsters one by one in every cellar of each household, just for a game.moreless

  • #30401
    In "Franklin the Trooper", Franklin helps Mrs. Muskrat fix up her old boat except Franklin didn't really want to when there was so much work to be done. He soon learns how much Mrs. Muskrat appreciates his help and when he saw the final results, he felt much better being able to assist a friend.

    In "Franklin's Fossil", Franklin and Bear found a fossil in his backyard and tries to set up a museum. However, they do not know anything about the fossil and decided to give it to Mr. Mole, who happens to know a lot about fossils.moreless

  • #30301
    In "Franklin's Masterpiece", Franklin submits a painting for an art contest and wins. However, he was not the only one that contributed to the painting. His friends found out and Franklin must find a way to make it right.

    In "Franklin and the Computer", Franklin gets too attached to Beaver's computer game. He had put all his interests aside including his friends. He soon learns there's more to life than a computer game.moreless

  • #30201
    In "Franklin's Nature Hike", Franklin & his friends are on a trip... a Nature Hike. However, Franklin becomes over protective of his friend, Snail. He soon learns Snail is able to care for himself.

    In "Franklin's Starring Role", Franklin is disappointed he did not get a part in the spring play. Even worse, he has to be the stage manager. He soon learns his role is just important as everyone else's.

  • #30101
    In "Franklin and His Night Friend", Franklin meets a new neighbour, one he's never met before... Bat. Franklin found out Bat only comes out at night and stays up late so he can play with Bat and discovers a new lifestyle of his nocturnal friend.

    In "Franklin and the Two Henrys", Bear looks after Beaver's pet hamster, Henry, for the weekend. However, Henry ends up getting lost and Bear & Franklin must find a way to find Henry before Beaver returns.moreless