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  • Franklin Sees the Big Picture / Franklin Figure Skates

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 13 - 6/26/04

    "Franklin Sees the Big Picture"

    Franklin is teased for reading a "baby" book.

    "Franklin Figure Skates"

    Franklin learns to play 2 on 1 hockey.

  • Franklin's Go-Cart Race / Sir Franklin's Squire

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 12 - 6/26/04

    "Franklin's Go-Cart Race"

    Mr. Owl assigns Franklin and his class the task of building go-carts.

    "Sir Franklin's Squire"

    Franklin and Snail play "knights" on a royal quest. Along the way, their friends join in on the fun.moreless

  • Franklin's Bike-A-Thon / Franklin's Candy Caper

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 11 - 6/19/04

    "Franklin's Bike-A-Thon"

    Franklin participates in a charity ride for a new library computer.

    "Franklin's Candy Caper"

    When Franklin puts a strange penny in Mr. Mole's candy machine, all of the candy comes out.

  • Franklin's Favorite Card / Franklin's Expedition

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 10 - 7/24/04

    "Franklin's Favorite Card"

    Franklin lends some soccer cards to Bear. When Bear returns them and Franklin can't find his favorite Carl Cougar card, he thinks Bear lost it. This leads to a rift in their friendship.

    "Franklin's Expedition"

    Franklin and Bear go on an expedition for the Woodland Trailblazers. They decide to go on a hike together, but everything they planned seems to go wrong.moreless

  • Franklin the Coach / Franklin Plays it Safe

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 9 - 6/20/04

    "Franklin the Coach"

    Franklin is made the substitute coach of his soccer team while Coach Porcupine heads out-of-town. He worries that he is not doing a good job at it. His worries are aggravated by the complaints of Beaver, who he decides to give the job to instead.

    "Franklin's Plays it Safe"

    Franklin and his friends have fun playing in their tree fort, but when a branch holding it up breaks, Franklin worries. He and Bear become more worried when they meet Mr. Marmot the safety inspector and learn a little about safety. When Franklin has a dream featuring the collapse of the tree fort, he and Bear rope it off. They then alienate their friends when they stop them from doing potentially unsafe things.moreless

  • Franklin's Word / Franklin's Pond Phantom

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 8 - 6/12/04

    "Franklin's Word"

    Harriet hears a hurtful word and starts using it at inappropriate times.

    "Franklin's Pond Phantom"

    Franklin and Bear scare their friends with a tall tale about sea-serpent that supposedly dwells in Woodland Pond.

  • Franklin Migrates / Franklin the Photographer

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 7 - 6/6/04

    "Franklin Migrates"

    In "Franklin Migrates", Franklin learns about Migration Celebration from Goose. Goose's relatives fly south for the winter, while she and her family stay in Woodland. Franklin joins in the celebration.

    "Franklin the Photographer"

    Beaver starts a camera club at school. Franklin tries to get a picture of a butterfly, but finds it to be a difficult task.moreless

  • Franklin in Charge / Franklin's UFO

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 6 - 5/30/04

    "Franklin in Charge"

    Franklin takes on Mr. Turtle's household chores. He finds that he can't do it all, and doesn't have to.

    "Franklin's UFO"

    Franklin and Rabbit chase after UFOs after reading a newspaper article. They consult with Mr. Mole for advice.moreless

  • Franklin the Weather Turtle / Franklin's Dance Lessons

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 5 - 5/23/04

    "Franklin the Weather Turtle"

    Franklin is an aspiring meteorologist after spending time with Mr. Groundhog.

    "Franklin's Dance Lessons"

    Franklin initially tries to get out of dance lessons before learning it can be fun.

  • Franklin's Swimming Party / Franklin's Soccer Field Folly

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 4 - 6/12/04

    "Franklin's Swimming Party"

    Franklin and his friends are having a swimming party. Unfortunately, Skunk doesn't know how to swim - and things only get worse for Franklin accidentally reveals her secret.

    "Franklin's Soccer Field Folly"

    Franklin is embarrassed after he scores a soccer goal - for the opposing team!moreless

  • Franklin's Badge / Franklin Stargazes

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 3 - 8/8/04

    "Franklin's Badge"

    Franklin joins the Woodland Trailblazer troop, a sort of combination Boy / Girl Scouts, and tries to earn some merit badges. He finds that there is much more to it than simply earning badges.

    "Franklin Stargazes"

    In "Franklin Stargazes", Franklin trades away his new telescope before realizing its potential. He tries to get it back and ends up striking a bargain.moreless

  • Hockey Fan Franklin / Mother Hen Franklin

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 2 - 8/1/04

    "Hockey Fan Franklin"

    Franklin gets the nervous jitters after winning a contest to meet his favorite hockey star. Things only get worse when the actual meeting happens and he feels like he made a fool of himself.

    "Mother Hen Franklin"

    Franklin becomes overly protective after Harriet scrapes her knee. Mrs. Turtle helps him by talking with him about happened when he hurt himself after experiences such as his first bike ride.moreless

  • Franklin Itching to Skateboard / Franklin Forgives

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 1 - 7/25/04

    "Franklin Itching to Skateboard"

    When Franklin and Bear decide they want to go skateboarding, they get more than they bargained for. They take a bad path home and end up with poison ivy rashes. Then they try to hide it from their parents.

    "Franklin Forgives"

    Franklin and his family pay a visit to the pond for a picnic supper. Franklin decides to bring his fish Goldie along too. When Harriet accidentally knocks Goldie into the pond, Franklin finds it difficult to accept her apology, even though he knows it was an accident.moreless

  • Franklin's Cookie Question / Franklin's Picnic

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 14 - 4/3/04

    "Franklin's Cookie Question"

    Franklin and Bear have been making homemade cookies for a while now and this time, they've made their biggest batch ever. They want them to last a long time, but are tempted to eat them all up at once. After Bear literally gets his paw caught in the cookie jar, they find the cookies to be the least of their worries.

    "Franklin's Picnic"

    Franklin is sure that he won't like anything spinach, or lots of unfamiliar foods in general. Bear seems to agree with him, but the two find themselves facing this issue head-on when Beaver organizes a picnic and those in change of bringing the food announce plans to bring some pretty strange-sounding things.moreless

  • Franklin's Crystal / Franklin's Advice

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 13 - 4/2/04

    "Franklin's Crystal"

    Franklin and Beaver discover an impressive piece of quartz, but problems with its shared ownership creates problems with their friendship. When Franklin and Beaver realize how unpleasant their quarrelling is to others, they decide to give their rock specimen away.

    "Franklin's Advice"

    During a soccer match, Snail deflects the ball and scores the winning goal, but the victory comes at the cost of a cracked shell. Despite Franklin's advice, Snail refuses to tell his parents about the injury for fear of being pulled from the team. Putting his friendship on the line, Franklin gives Snail one more chance to tell his parents or he will have to do it for him.moreless

  • Franklin's Canoe Trip / Franklin's Interview

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 12 - 4/1/04

    "Franklin's Canoe Trip"

    Mr. Turtle misses the call of the loons from camping in the wilderness, so he takes Franklin and Bear on a camping trip, encouraging them to be "voyageurs." Although enthusiastic about the trip, they begin to think for a while that it's less fun than they thought it would be.

    "Franklin's Interview"

    Franklin's class has been assigned to do an interview with someone they consider special. Beaver takes Franklin's parents, but Franklin can't seem to find anyone that he wants to interview. After looking all over for a subject, he finally finds the perfect one someplace that he even looked.moreless

  • Franklin's Spring First / Franklin Plays Golf

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 11 - 3/31/04

    "Franklin's Spring First"

    Everyone in Woodland has been looking forward to spring, but a late snowfall make it seem like it's taking forever. Franklin decides to celebrate the first day of spring by creating a holiday based around it, with special traditions such as having waffles for breakfast. On the day of the big celebration, melting snow and heavy rains cause an unfortunate flood, but Franklin and his family still find reason to celebrate after receiving help from a certain animal family who's well-equipped to deal with the problem.

    "Franklin Plays Golf"

    When Franklin sees his Dad warming up for golf season, he becomes interested in the game as well and soon agrees to an outing at the golf course with Mr. Turtle. Bear is worried that the outing will conflict with a soccer game, but Franklin feels that he'll have plenty of time for both events. When Franklin finds that golf not only takes a long game, but he isn't as good as it that he thought, he enlists Bear's help in an ill-advised plan to speed things up.moreless

  • Gee Whiz Franklin / Franklin Can't Wait

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 10 - 3/30/04

    "Gee Whiz Franklin"

    When Rabbit tells Franklin and his friends about the "Gee Whiz Challenge," a contest to do something fun for 24 hours and get in a magazine, everyone jumps at the chance to become famous. They soon find that not only is it harder than they think, but there are other things that are more important.

    "Franklin Can't Wait"

    Franklin and his friends are going to the circus and he told all his friends to come early - but didn't tell his parents. They all soon become very bored by the long wait. When one friend arrives later than all the rest of them, they show that they can still have a good time, even with the long wait.moreless

  • Franklin's Float / Franklin's Party Plans

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 9 - 3/29/04

    "Franklin's Float"

    Franklin and his friends have always enjoyed watching the annual Woodland parade, but this year, some of them are actually going to be in it, riding their bikes. At least, that was the plan, until Franklin thinks big and suggests that they create their own float. They create the Mothership One and load it up with gimmicks, only to find that it won't even move.

    "Franklin's Party Plans"

    When Franklin finds Skunk crying and learns that she's moving, he tells some of his friends about it and they decide to put together a surprise party to cheer her up. They create a number of items for her to remember them by, but when it comes time for the surprise party, it turns out to be Skunk who surprises them.moreless

  • Franklin in Two Places / Franklin's First Star

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 8 - 3/28/04

    "Franklin in Two Places"

    Franklin finds himself caught in a difficult situation when he promises to support Bear during his big-kid baseball game and attend Beaver's art-show, both of which are happening at the same time. Bear is best friend and he did promise him first, but he wants to honor his commitment to Beaver because he's always dodged attending her events in the past. Not wanting to hurt either's feelings, he tries to make himself visible at both events without Bear or Beavers' knowing, but quickly finds the juggling act harder to maintain than he thought it would be.

    "Franklin's First Star"

    Franklin and Bear are big hockey fans and have a favorite professional player - Coyote. They take part in outdoor hockey games against Beaver and Fox and Mrs. Muskrat stops by often to provide encouragement and hot chocolate. One day, Mr. Turtle takes them to see a hockey game and they get to meet Coyote. They tell him about how great they think he is, but his response brings them to have a new respect for someone else entirely.moreless

  • Franklin's Big Game / Franklin's Reading Club

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 7 - 3/27/04

    "Franklin's Big Game"

    Franklin and his friends are out playing baseball when the Churchill Bears, a visiting team on their way to a big tournament, roll onto the baseball field. Mr. Mole knows them and invited them to stop by. He arranges for a big game between them and Franklin's team, but when Franklin and his friends see how well the Bears play, they try to back out of the game, worried that they'll get "murgalized."

    "Franklin's Reading Club"

    Mrs. Goose at the Woodland library announces a summer reading contest to Franklin and his friends: anyone who reads thirty or more books will receive a nifty reading club t-shirt. Franklin and Bear like the look of the t-shirt and decide to try and read really fast so that they can get their t-shirts before anyone else. When they find that their friends are getting great enjoyment out of reading, while they can't even remember what they read, they question the wisdom of their idea.moreless

  • Franklin Stays Up / Franklin's Bargain

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 6 - 3/26/04

    "Franklin Stays Up"

    Franklin is having a campout in his backyard and he and Rabbit hatch a plan to stay up all night. Originally, all members of the sleepover are on board, but then they fall asleep one-by-one until finally Franklin and Rabbit are the only ones who make it until morning to see the sunrise, but not without a few setbacks.

    "Franklin's Bargain"

    When Bear buys a neat detective kit at Mr. Mole's shop, Franklin is disappointed to learn that they're all sold out, but Bear tells him that he can get a "Super Snooper Spy Kit," however, he'll have to get it before it's sold out. Franklin checks his savings and finds that he doesn't have enough money. Hoping to earn the money, he decides to strike a bargain with his Dad to get it by doing an extra chore. He first deals around doing the dishes and then fails keep up his end of the bargain after agreeing to a different chore.moreless

  • Franklin and the Bus Patrol / Franklin and Wolvie

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 5 - 3/25/04

    "Franklin and the Bus Patrol"

    As part of "Bus Safety Month," Bear is named "bus patrol officer" by Mr. Owl. Bear is familiar with the rules and seems to be good at the job, but when he ends up ticketing his friends for violations, they become upset with him. Franklin ends up commenting about how he'd do things if he became bus patrol officer and then regrets it when that's exactly what happens. Both he and Bear learn a lesson.

    "Franklin and Wolvie"

    Wolvie, the son of one of Mrs. Turtle's friends is coming to visit Franklin and pretty soon Franklin and all of his friends are on their guard when Wolvie's play turns out to be a little rough for them. Wolvie seems to be rough, rude and just not fun to be around. It turns out, though, that there's a reason for Wolvie's behavior and he can change if need be.moreless

  • Franklin's Pumpkin / Franklin's Jug Band

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 4 - 3/24/04

    "Franklin's Pumpkin"

    Franklin and Bear have been growing a huge pumpkin in the hopes of entering it in the county fair and winning first prize. As they run an errand to help Mrs. Muskrat, they tell her of their pumpkin and learn about the amazing things she does with seemingly useless broken glass. When their pumpkin suffers an unfortunate accident, Mrs. Muskrat shows them how they too can make something great out of something seemingly useless.

    "Franklin's Jug Band"

    Franklin's friends Beaver and Bear have started a band and Franklin wants to join too, but he finds that his sister Harriet has taken possession of the instrument he wants. It's up to his friends to show him that his own imagination and creativity is all he needs to have the perfect instruments to play.moreless

  • Franklin Loses a Book / Franklin and Betty

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 3 - 3/23/04

    "Franklin Loses a Book"

    Harriet has a favorite book called The Happy Green Frog and she wants Franklin to read it to her over and over. Franklin is okay with reading it at first, but when she keeps asking to hear it and ignoring all of her other books, he grows tired of it and hides it under a pile of newspapers. Later, the newspapers are taken out to the recycling... and the book exits with them! Franklin and Bear launch on a wild hunt throughout Woodland in the hope of finding another copy of the book to read to Harriet, but end up with a very creative solution to the problem.

    "Franklin and Betty"

    Beaver's cousin Betty is in town and Franklin is the first of the Woodland kids other than Beaver to meet her. The two quickly become friends with each other, Betty identifying with Franklin's interest in sand-castle building and also wanting to get away from Beaver, who is obliviously centered on her own interests. As more of the kids in Woodland get to know Betty, they also notice the friendship between Betty and Franklin and two try to turn it into a joke --- that the two of them are in love! Franklin gets some help from his best friend Bear in dealing with this awkward situation.moreless

  • Franklin the Teacher / Franklin's Allergy

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 2 - 3/22/04

    "Franklin the Teacher"

    When Franklin learns that Bear has taught his little sister, Beatrice, to count up to five, he decides it's time to start teaching Harriet things himself. He sets up a school session for her, complete with lessons on counting, painting and more. He soon begins to despair when it seems like Harriet isn't learning anything from his lessons.

    "Franklin's Allergy"

    One day, when playing with Bear, Franklin begins sneezing. Noting that the sneezing fits don't seem to happen all the time, his friends diagnose him as having an allergy and after some tests, conclude that he's allergic to Bear! Franklin and Bear try to find new ways to play together that won't cause Franklin to sneeze, but it turns out that the cause of Franklin's allergic reaction isn't exactly what they thought.moreless

  • My Franklin / Franklin's Mom

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 13 -

    "My Franklin"

    Franklin goes over to Bear's house. He wants Bear to come with him to the playground. Bear wants to go too. However, he can't right now because he has to babysit his little sister Beatrice until his father finishes cleaning the house. The worst thing is that Beatrice keeps crying and he can't find a toy that will make her happy. He's got toys strewn all around the room, but nothing is working. He finds one that he thinks might work. He throws it to her and then goes to do pushups. He's getting in shape because he wants to do a flip on the rings at the playground. This doesn't go anywhere because Beatrice starts crying again. This time, Bear pulls out a bunny puppet and entertains Beatrice with it. But then Bear hands it to her and tells her to keep playing with it, while he goes back to doing pushups. It's not long before she's crying again. Franklin suggests that maybe he could entertain Beatrice while Bear tries to get his pushups done. So Franklin plays peekaboo with Beatrice and makes funny faces at her. Beatrice likes this and is soon laughing delightedly. Then, Mr. Bear comes in. He's done with the cleaning, so Bear can go to the playground now. As Bear and Franklin leave, Beatrice starts crying "Fooh, Fooh!" Franklin thinks that maybe she's hungry and is asking for "food." But Mr. Bear says that she just had a big lunch not that long ago. It's not long before they find out that Franklin is "Fooh." She wants him to stay and play with her. Mr. Bear tells Franklin and Bear to go on and play. He'll read Beatrice a story. But as Franklin and Bear are leaving the house, Beatrice is still crying for "Fooh." Franklin says that he can't leave when she's calling for him like that, so he decides to stay around for a little longer. He tags along and entertains Beatrice while Mr. Bear goes to the store. Bear comes too, since he's waiting for Franklin to come with him to the playground anyway. Franklin stays outside and entertains Beatrice while Mr. Bear goes instead and shops. Bear goes to the playground, where he works on his flip. But he doesn't quite seem to have it down yet. Franklin suggests more pushups. When Mr. Bear comes out of the store, Beatrice is sleeping. Franklin's glad because that means that maybe he can go play now. But then Bear starts yelling about how he nearly did a flip and Beatrice wakes up and starts crying. Mr. Bear comments that he hopes Beatrice doesn't do that when he goes to the library and so Franklin agrees to watch her some more, until Mr. Bear comes out of the library. Meanwhile, Beaver and Goose have joined Bear on the playground. They ask him why Franklin has to watch his little sister. Bear says that Franklin doesn't have to, he just wants to. Besides, Beatrice doesn't seem to want him to watch her. Finally, Bear masters the flip on the ring. He calls for Franklin to watch him and also Beatrice. But Beatrice won't look over. She's more interested in watching "Fooh." Bear gets mad. She's his little sister, so why won't she watch him. Does she not like him. Franklin says that she does like him and we see that she's giving him a big bear hug. It's just that Bear wasn't spending any time with her. He was so busy trying to be an acrobat, that he wasn't being a big brother. Mr. Bear comes out of the library and is surprised to see that Beatrice isn't with Franklin. We see it's because she's with Bear, spinning around on the merry-go-round.

    "Franklin's Mom"

    Franklin and his parents, along with Bear, are getting ready to go on a camping trip. It doesn't help that Bear only packed a big bag of marshmallows and his toothbrush, but fortunately Franklin has a sleeping bag that he can use. Mrs. Turtle is running through a checklist of things they need for the camping trip. Everything goes okay until she gets to "frying pan." Mr. Turtle has the frying pan, but he's also trying to juggle other stuff. It's a bit too much and the frying pan falls, right on his big toe. It's apparently not broken, but it is very swollen and it means that he's not going to be able to go on the camping trip. Franklin thinks this means they'll have to cancel it, but Mrs. Turtle says that they can still do it. She says that "where there's a will, there's a way" and she's going to lead the way. So they set out to go camping, but soon come across an obstacle. The bridge across the stream is out. So they set up a makeshift boat to transport themselves and then their stuff across. However, when trying to transport the stuff the backpack falls out of the wagon and into the stream. It floats away before they can rescue it and falls down a waterfall. Franklin thinks that now they'll have to cancel their camping trip for sure, but Mrs. Turtle has other ideas. She shows Franklin and Bear how to make their own shelter of wood. So everything's okay, until they want something to eat and realize that all the food was in the backpack. But Mrs. Turtle also has that taken care of. She gathered up a whole bunch of delicious plants and nuts from the woods. Well, delicious after they're cooked, as Bear finds out when he tries to eat one of the carrots raw. That's another problem: all the matches were in the backpack. Mrs. Turtle solves that problem by showing Bear and Franklin how to use flint to make a fire. Franklin, Bear and Mrs. Turtle have a nice dinner and then the two boys decide to go adventuring, in the hopes of finding some berries for dessert. What they find instead is their backpack, now floating near the bottom of the waterfall that it fell down. Using Mrs. Turtle's philosophy, they use a log to navigate their way to the backpack and rescue it. Then, the current threatens to send them down another waterfall. But they grab onto a tree branch and manage to escape that way. Back at the campsite, Mrs. Turtle is glad they didn't hurt themselves. They roast the marshmallows from the rescued backpack. Then, Mr. Turtle shows up. He has some of Mrs. Turtle's philosophy in him too and has created a makeshift cast for his leg to make to it to the campsite. He joins his family and Bear for roasted marshmallows.moreless

  • Franklin at the Seashore / Franklin & Snail's Dream

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 12 -

    "Franklin at the Seashore"

    It's a fun day at the beach for Franklin and Bear. Looking for fun, they find some seashells. Franklin tells Bear that if he holds one up to his ear, he can hear the ocean. But Bear can't hear anything, as the real ocean is drowning it out. They decide to use the shells as part of a sandcastle they're making. They make a wonderful sandcastle and go off to do some other things. While they're gone, two crabs come along. They wreck the castle and take all the shells. When Franklin and Bear return, they're mad that their castle has been wrecked. They notice that whoever took their shells left footprints. They follow them and reclaim the shells where the crabs left them. As Franklin and Bear leave, the crabs are indignant. How dare Franklin and Bear take their shells. Franklin and Bear make a new castle and agree that it's even better than the first one. They go off again and once again the crabs come for the shells. This time, though, they cover up their tracks by dusting them. Franklin and Bear return and are upset once again that their castle has been destroyed. The thieves may not have left any footprints this time, but Franklin and Bear know where their hideout is. They'll find them! The two crabs hide in a log, but they blow their cover and Franklin and Bear reclaim the shells. This time, they decide to take the shells someplace where the crabs can't get to them, like an island. There happens to be one not so far away from the beach, so they head there. While they're not looking, the crabs follow them. They're heading to the island too, as they can swim perfectly well. On the island, the crabs continue following Franklin and Bear. But then, one of them falls into a crevice. He's stuck! The other crab tries to rescue him, but is unable. Franklin and Bear overhear the commotion and realize that they're in trouble. Although still mad at them for taking their shells, Franklin and Bear agree that if someone's in trouble, you have to help them. They rescue the crab. The crab's surprised and comments that he never expected they would help them. They're the ones that kept taking their shells. This surprises Franklin and Bear. Their shells?! They ask if Bear found them in a pile and Bear admits that he did. They explain that they were in a pile because they had already gathered them. Bear and Franklin apologize and Bear decide that they should introduce each other the right away. So the crabs meet Franklin and Bear and Franklin and Bear meet "the Crab brothers."

    "Franklin & Snail's Dream"

    Franklin is walking along on a nice day, his friend Snail on his shoulder. As they watch the clouds, Snail is reminded of something. Franklin asks him what. Snail starts to tell him, but then stops for fear of being silly. Franklin says that he won't laugh and Snail explains that his big dream is to someday fly. Franklin tells Snail that he doesn't think it's silly and that his Dad says that you should always follow your dreams because that's how they come true. Snail thanks Franklin for encouraging him to follow his dreams. Sometime in the future, Franklin encounters Snail. He's at the top of a hill, wearing a couple of feathers and jumps off. Unfortunately, this is not a good method of flying and he only succeeds in falling. Franklin tells Snail that if he really wants to fly, he'll help him. Franklin comes up with a number of ideas, but nothing works. Then, Beaver comes along says that Franklin should tell Snail that snails can't fly. Some dreams are just too big to come true. Franklin keeps on anyway, but Snail gives up, saying that Beaver's right. That night, Franklin removes the astronaut pictures from his wall. His big dream is to be an astronaut, but if snails can't fly, then maybe turtles can't be astronauts. His Dad, Mr. Turtle, comes in and tells him about a bright star that's in the sky right now, but when Franklin shows no interest, his Dad wonders if he's given up his interest in astronomy. Franklin explains what happened with Snail. Mr. Turtle once again tells him he has to keep following his dreams, but Franklin figures this is just something he has to say because he's a Dad. Mr. Turtle truly means it though and, in fact, he thinks he knows a way that he might be able to help with Snail's dream. The next day, Franklin, Mr. Turtle and Snail are all outside when they hear something coming. It's a plane! Snail is introduced to the pilot, Mrs. Periwinkle. She's a snail too. It turns out that when she was a kid, her classmates told her that she couldn't fly either. But back then, it wasn't because that "snails can't fly," it was because "girls can't be pilots." Imagine that! Mrs. Periwinkle takes Snail up for a ride in the clouds. Down on the ground, Beaver sees and comments that snails really can fly. Franklin asks his Dad if he thinks someday a turtle will land on Mars. Mr. Turtle says he doesn't know, but it's certainly a great dream.moreless

  • Franklin the Fearless / Franklin's Lucky Charm

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 11 -

    "Franklin the Fearless"

    Franklin and his friends are going down Acorn Hill in their wagons. It doesn't really seem to be much fun though. They've gotten too big for the small little hill to be much excitement. Then, they decide to try going to "Thrill Hill." This is an especially steep hill that some of the big kids in town go down. But after getting there, they take a look at how steep it is and decide that maybe it isn't such a good idea after all. They start to leave, but then Franklin's wagon slips, with Franklin in it and he barrels down the hill. Thinking that Franklin did this intentionally, they cheer him on as he rockets down the hill. Franklin reaches the bottom intact and his friends call him "Franklin the Fearless." Franklin decides to go along with it and endures their praise. Things take a turn for the worse when his friends tell some of his other friends about Franklin's feat. Now, they all want to see Franklin go down the hill. They're all going to gather tomorrow to watch him do it. That night, Franklin has a bad dream. He tries to go down Thrill Hill and at first is doing okay. But then he just keeps falling and falling, as if Thrill Hill were actually a steep cliff. As with all such dreams, he wakes up before he can hit the ground. Realizing that it was a bad dream, he grabs his stuffed dog Sam and goes back to sleep. Franklin gets up and goes out to take his plunge down Thrill Hill. But when he does it, his friends just laugh at him and how scared he was. Then, he wakes up. It was just another bad dream! Eventually, morning comes. Franklin pinches himself and confirms that he's not dreaming. He tries to get out of the stunt, by leaving his wagon at the house, but Bear notices that he doesn't have it and helpfully reminds him that he forgot it. When Franklin gets to Thrill Hill, many of his friends are there. Then, Rabbit's cousin Jack Rabbit shows up. Too scared, Franklin admits that what happened the day before was an accident. He's not really Franklin the Fearless. He wanted to tell them, but everyone was calling him "Fearless" and it was too hard. Jack Rabbit praises Franklin for admitting that he's scared. He says that some kids would go down the Hill just to act brave in front of their friends, like, for example, him. He broke his arm last year doing just that. Franklin's friends are all glad he didn't go down the hill, as he could have hurt himself. However, his wagon did make it to the bottom of the hill. So they cheer for Franklin's "fearless" wagon.

    "Franklin's Lucky Charm"

    During a basketball game at recess, Bear suddenly starts missing really easy shots. He doesn't understand why he's missing them, as he normally does just fine. He must be having bad luck and worries that it could spread to his friends. Trying to solve the problem, his friends decide that he needs a lucky charm. Beaver says that she has a lucky rock. So they search for one for Bear, but there's nothing around but gravel. Franklin remembers that four leaf clovers are supposed to be lucky. They have Bear search for a four leaf clover, but he comes up empty. Then, while Bear's not looking, Franklin gets an idea. He picks a three-leaf clover, pulls a leaf off another and ties it to the three-leaf clover using a clover stem. He gives it to Bear, who doesn't notice that it's not a real four leaf clover. With the new "lucky" clover, Bear makes all of his basketball shots. Back inside class, Bear's luck continues. He finds a mitten he lost and manages to get his pencil sharpened using a pencil sharpener that just eats everyone else's pencils. Then, when rain comes and threatens to ruin the continuation of their basketball game once school ends, Bear goes over to the window with his lucky clover and the clouds part. After school, Franklin's friends try to continue the game. But Bear is busy trying to balance books on his head and ride his bike with his eyes closed. And the thing is, he's doing great! Still, Fox and Franklin are worried about him and they decide they should tell him that he doesn't have a real four-leaf clover. They do so and Bear crashes his bike. They try to resume their basketball game, but Bear says that without his lucky clover, he can't do anything right. Franklin reminds him that it was a fake clover and so he really did everything that he did earlier himself. And the things that happened to him such as finding his glove and the clouds parting were just luck. Bear thanks Franklin for believing in him and the basketball game resumes. This time, Bear has no trouble making his shots.moreless

  • Franklin's Robot / Franklin the Detective

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 10 -

    "Franklin's Robot"

    Franklin and Fox are playing in the sandbox. Fox has a toy robot and he pretends that it's a real robot and that he's using it to make a castle. The two both agree that it would be neat if they had a real robot. It could build huge sandcastles and clean their rooms and all sorts of things. So Fox says that maybe his Dad will let him use some of the old things he has to make a robot. They get to work and put one together. Beaver and Bagder come along. They see and ask it can do. Franklin and Fox have to admit, the only thing they can do is make its eye light up red. Beaver and Badger aren't impressed. Then, Fox says that the reason it can't really do anything is because it's not ready yet. If they come back later, they'll be able to see it clean rooms and do all sorts of neat things. After they leave, Franklin asks just how it's going to do that. Fox isn't sure, but he knows that Beaver and Badger are just going to laugh at them if it doesn't. So Fox comes up with an idea: he puts Franklin inside the robot and has him wear it as a suit. Beaver and Badger return, this time with Goose and Rabbit. Fox is ready for them. He has Franklin, dressed as the robot, follow their commands to spin around and jump up and down. But Franklin gets pretty tired from doing all of this and when Beaver asks Fox to have the robot clean his room, Fox says he has to take it to get its battery recharged. He runs off with the "robot" and he and Franklin trade spaces. Now, Fox is inside the robot and Franklin is the one operating it. He takes it to Beaver's, where Fox, as the robot, cleans her room. Pretty soon, everyone is competing to have the robot clean their room next and Franklin and Fox are finding it harder to maintain their deception. They try to concoct a plan where the "robot" ends up in the water and Franklin will claim it's "short-circuited," but the plan itself is short-circuited when their friends show up earlier than expected. Fox, as the robot, makes a run for it, but they chase him. Finally, he stops and takes off the robot head. Beaver says that she knew all along it wasn't a real robot. Later on, everyone discusses the deception. Everyone's actually sort of impressed, they never did make the connection that both Fox and Franklin were never present at the same time when the robot was around. Fox and Franklin show the thing with the eye lighting up again and Rabbit thinks it's neat. He calls it the "world's biggest night-light." Fox explains how they set up the eye so it goes on whenever there's a shadow over it. Now, everyone wants to borrow the robot for use as a night-light.

    "Franklin the Detective"

    Franklin and Bear are playing a Clue type game in which they try to solve international crimes. Franklin catches the jewel thief and wins again. Then, Mr. Turtle comes in, looking for his keys. Through deduction, Franklin figures out that they were locked in the back trunk of the car. They use Mom's car keys to unlock it and get them out. Then, as Franklin and Bear are walking along to a baseball game, Franklin spots a hat. It's rather small, so at first they think it might be a child's hat. Then, they find a plant marker in it that says "rhododendron." Maybe it belongs to Mr. Mole, since he gardens. But Franklin notices that it doesn't look like a guy's hat. So he figures out that it belongs to Mrs. Heron and returns it to her. He also figures out something else: he and Bear are late for the baseball game. They head for the game, but nobody seems to be there. All of the equipment is still there though, so they must be somewhere. They find them, looking for the ball. Apparently Fox hit the ball so hard that he sent it flying someplace that they can't find it. Franklin tells them that he's a detective and that he'll find it. Beaver's rather skeptical about this. Franklin's first deduction is that "what goes up, must come down." Beaver says that anyone could have figured that out. Franklin looks for tracks and finds those of Goose. He thinks that maybe following them will lead them to the ball. But when he finds Goose, she says that she was just passing through and she didn't see any ball. However, she did hear a splash. So Franklin thinks that the ball must be in the stream. He goes and gets his baseball, thinking that the stream will carry downstream and they'll find Beaver's ball that way. But when he puts it in, it just sinks. He doesn't understand where he could have gone wrong. Later on, as Bear and Franklin are walking along, Bear notices a couple of things. He sees Baby Skunk with a balloon and he sees a chef twirling pizza dough, which gets stuck on the ceiling. So maybe not everything that goes up comes down. He tells Franklin this and Franklin gets a new idea. This time: he finds Beaver's ball, stuck in a tree branch. He explains his logic: the crack that Beaver heard must have been the cracking of a tree branch. The branch fell into the stream, causing a splash. Meanwhile, her ball remained stuck up in the tree. Beaver thanks Bear and Franklin for figuring it out. They go back to the baseball game, except Beaver warns that nobody will be able to steal any bases. They'll just be caught, since there's a couple of detectives on the team.moreless

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