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CBS (ended 1988)


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  • Go to and put your name on the Frank's Place DVD waiting list. Tell your friends!!! Here's a link too:

    There is a Franks'Place DVD waiting list on Tell your friends because the more people on the list the better. Here's the direct link:

    I loved the surprise endings. I love the neo-classic New Orlean's settings. I loved the electic plots and characters. I loved the embedded meanings in the plots. My favorite had to be the show about the restuarant consultant. The host of mini-adventures culminating to that magical last 20 seconds of Frank's face reaction to the audience noise (I won't give it away) was PRICELESS. For the record I loved next to Frank's Place, my all time best favorite, would be: the Cosby Show, Mad About You with Paul Reises and Helen Hunt, Seinfeld and Everyone Loves Raymond.
  • FRANK'S PLACE was a slice of African American life about a Northener drawn to New Orleans where he finds a place for his heart among some endearing, quirky and funny folks.

    My son and I had been regular watchers of 'Cosby' and we tapped almost all the episodes. After watching the first episode of 'Frank's Place', we looked at each other and said; 'We gotta tape this. This show was so real to me. Having spent most summers in Houston as a kid, I could almost feel the heat and humidity and smell the food. The characters were so familiar and comfortable. The writing on this show was outstanding and the performances were consistantly superior to most of what was on TV. FRANK'S PLACE gave TV a good name.

    I was totally floored when the show was cancelled. I joined the NAACP write-in campaign and even started one of my own; all for nothing. It was gone and apparently the powers-that-be won't even release it on DVD. I would LOVE to see it resurrected, ON TV.
  • Frank's Place was similar to Cheers, a meeting place for the neighbor. A feeding place where more than the stomach was feed. The mind and the spirit was also feed and nurtured.

    Frank's Place was one of the best TV series ever. The scripts were excellent. It was similar to Cheers, a meeting place for the neighbor. Frank's Place was a feeding place where more than the stomach was feed. The mind and the spirit were also feed and nurtured. I truly wish Tim Reed and the other producers would try producing it again. CBS changed time slots so often its audience could keep and kept falling off. I truly believed if it air in this date and time Frank's Place would be a success.
  • A professor from Boston inherits a New Orleans restaurant from his estranged father.

    Tim Reid (W.K.R.P.) plays Frank Parish, a professor from Boston. His estranged father of 35 years dies, leaving Frank his New Orleans restaurant. Frank travels to New Orleans with plans to sell it to the employees. Miss Marie (Frances E. Williams) tells Frank he must stay and run it because it is "his destiny." She then places a curse on Frank that would take effect if he went back to Boston. After he starts having very bad luck in Boston, frank returns to run the restaurant. Daphne Maxwell Reid plays Hannah Griffin Frank's love interest. A very funny show that I would love to see come back.