Franny's Feet - Season 1



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Episode Guide

  • Jumbo Hi Jinx / The Fais Do Do
    Franny meets two elephants who learn that working together is better than competing. / Franny meets a crocodile who's reluctant to go to a party.
  • Night Time / Bear Facts
    Franny helps a little bat overcome his fear of the dark. / Franny meets a polar bear who learns that swimming isn't so scary after all.
  • Hop To It / Make Them Laugh
    Franny helps a little kangaroo realize that he can hop on his own. / Franny helps a fumbling clown overcome his reluctance to wear his glasses.
  • Franny's Manners / Swamp Thing
    Franny and a dragon learn that table manners may be a good idea after all. / Franny meets a frog who learns that sometimes a joke can go too far.
  • Fancy Footwork / Say Jamaica
    A dancer is too shy to perform on stage/A little Jamaican boy discovers his island through the lens of a camera.
  • Whiz Kid / Birds Of A Feather
    A little boy has given up trying to learn to skate/A peacock and a flamingo living in India, argue over their pond.
  • Paint Job / Yummy In My Tummy
    A little girl in Prince Edward Island is disappointed in her second hand bike/A little Mexican donkey refuses to eat corn.
  • The Lonely Library / What's So Funny
    A library mouse and a library cat discover they have a love of reading in common/A young Jester at a Renaissance Fair can't make people laugh.
  • Visit To The Vet / Game Over
    A hilarious hamster tries to avoid getting a check-up/An excitable skunk learns to be a good sport.
  • Under The Sea / Bedtime For Bears
    A dawdling fish loses his school/A bear can't get to sleep (hibernate) without his stuffed toy.
  • Egg Sitting / Arctic Antics
    An ostrich tries to patch the crack in the egg it's babysitting/Two sled dogs have to learn to work together.
  • Paper Presents / Fowl Weather
    A young Japanese boy finds a birthday present for his grandfather/A duck with a cold thinks it's time to fly south.
  • Birds of a Feather; Yummy in My Tummy
  • You Bug Me / Double Trouble
    A rhino and his oxpecker have a spat/Twin sisters need costumes for the Chinese New Year's parade.
  • Double Trouble; Bedtime for Bears
  • Ride 'em Cowboy / Monkey Stuff
    A rodeo horse isn't cut out to be a bucking bronco/A jungle monkey who's afraid to climb trees.
  • Pilot Project; Not Yeti
  • The Collossal Fossil; Lighthouse Lily
    The Collossal Fossil: Franny helps a boy named Joey find dinosaur fossils. Lighthouse Lily: Franny visits a girl named Lily who lives in a lighthouse.
  • Jingle Dress; A Home For Herman
    Jingle Dress: Franny helps a Native-American girl named Lacey decorate a ceremonial dress.

    A Home For Herman: Franny helps a hermit crab find a shell that's the right size.