Season 4 Episode 4

A Crane's Critique

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 1996 on NBC

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  • "That's a Houghton doodle!"....

    "A Crane's Critique" has a few great gags and is an overall good episode of Frasier, but it does not have enough to be one of the greats.

    When their father Martin becomes friends with legendary author T.H. Houghton (who has written only one brilliant book) Frasier and Niles drive themselves crazy trying to have what they think would be an intelligent discussion with the man. Houghton ends up being quite elusive however, with Frasier and Niles continually missing him in passing and screw up opportunities to talk with him. Then they get a hold of a copy of Houghton's new manuscript - which is like fruit from the tree of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil to the Crane boys.

    This just is not one of the best Frasiersodes. "A Crane's Critique" is consistently funny enough to entertain but is not of the same caliber of other Frasiersodes. Still, Frasier and Niles get a few good humorous licks in, Daphne and Eddie have a fun little gag, and Martin is particularly funny - and it is an episode of Frasier, for crying out loud, "A Crane's Critique" is not great but it is good.