Season 11 Episode 2

A Man, a Plan and a Gal: Julia

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2003 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Julia: So, uh, what was this message?
      Frasier: (searching on his knees near Martin's chair) Um, oh, I just said that I found you bright, and uh, beautiful and engaging, and then... there was a sonnet: "Fair love's ship ne'er sailed o'er unstorm'd seas. The fickle stars, her compass, bright and cruel..." (pausing) It's pretty sappy stuff, huh?
      Julia: No, it's sweet. Especially the end.
      Frasier: So you did hear it?
      (They rise and approach each other)
      Julia: Yes, but Frasier, I'm not looking for just some office romance. I don't see the point in getting involved unless it's heading somewhere.
      Frasier: That's exactly where I am in my life too. After you walked out last night, I realized how badly I want to be in a real relationship, how ready I am to...well, for want of a better phrase, uh, to commit to commitment.
      Julia: You're not just saying this to get in my pants, are you?
      Frasier: No. And if I did...get in your pants, well...I'd want to stay there forever. I-I said that much more elegantly in the sonnet.
      Julia: You know, I just remembered where I may have lost my earring.
      Frasier: Really, where?
      Julia: In your bedroom. Do you care to help me look?
      Frasier: In my bed...well, we were never in my bedroom, I don't...
      (Julia gives him a strongly hinting glance and smile)
      Frasier: Oh. I see.
      (They hold hands and walk back)