Season 3 Episode 15

A Word to the Wiseguy

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 1996 on NBC
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Niles uses a man of questionable ethics, Jerome Belasco, to "fix" a parking ticket for Maris. Frasier advises Jerome's girlfriend, Brandy, to leave Jerome after she rattles off a list of his poor traits. Frasier and Niles fear retribution from Jerome.

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  • Niles hires a man to fix a parking ticket and it turns out the man is mob connected and it leads to some uncomfortable moments for Niles and Frasier.

    This has to be one of the weakest episodes of the entire run of the series.It feels very contrived and too sitcomy for a series that usually rises above typical sit-coms.While season 3 had some of the best and funniest episodes of the series,it also had a few mediocre episodes like this one.
Harris Yulin

Harris Yulin

Jerome Belasco

Guest Star

Faith Prince

Faith Prince

Voice of Brandy

Guest Star

Randy Travis

Randy Travis

Voice of Man

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • (Jerome Belasco, a "godfather" type, having done Niles a favor, has shown up unexpectedly at Frasier's)
      Niles: (to Frasier) Do you think that's why he's here - to collect?
      Frasier: No Niles. He's probably hosting a luau; he came by to borrow our poi ramekins.

      Poi ramekins are small dishes in which Poi is served. Poi is a Polynesian staple food made from the kalo (or taro) plant.

    • Apparently Maris comes from a Roman Catholic family. Niles and Frasier discuss her "first communion" trip to Rome and her father smoothing things over with the Pope, after she took a crucifix. This seems a bit odd considering the fairly WASPy social circle the Crane boys are usually part of.

      This appears to be consistent with Season Two's "Burying a Grudge". The hospital where Maris is having her face-lift done appears to be Catholic. There is a picture of the Virgin Mary on one wall, a crucifix on another, and a photograph of the Pope on a table. However, in Season Four's "Odd Man Out", Frasier asks Niles if he's up for a little Italian and Niles replies, "Actually, I'm going out with Maris, so I guess you could say I'm up for a little Episcopalian" (Anglican). It would seem that she began as a Roman Catholic but became an Episcopalian for the sake of that joke.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Jerome Belasco: (responding to Fraser about Brandy) If I get her a job. Not just any job. A job that she can never lose. A job where, if she burns the place down, they will apologize to her for having made it so flammable.

    • Roz: He's not even good in bed?!
      Brandy: Who knows? We're never there long enough to find out! [...] I said to him last night, "What the hell was that?! I've been vaccinated slower!"

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