Season 2 Episode 8

Adventures in Paradise (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 1994 on NBC

Episode Recap

In reading a magazine article on Seattle's most fascinating people, Frasier's eye is caught by a businesswoman named Madeleine Marshall. He calls her up, asks her out, and she accepts. Frasier takes Madeleine out to a fancy French restaurant, where the staff gets into a heated fight in front of all the patrons. Frasier intervenes and Madeleine is swept off her feet.

Shortly thereafter, Madeleine suggests to Frasier that the two of them go away somewhere, just the two of them. After checking their calendars, they make a decision to go to Bora Bora that weekend. Frasier goes home, neurotic to the core that he'll either have a horrible time and hate a week with Madeleine, or worse, that he'll have a great time and she'll want to move in with him and have a commitment. Daphne and Martin convince him to go, and he does.

When the two arrive in Bora Bora, Frasier is waiting for Madeleine to undress in their bungalow, and he wanders out to the deck. As she calls his name, he glimpses Madeleine without her towel. He reacts in awe, and his surprise is doubled when he sees someone familiar on the neighboring balcony...none other than his ex-wife, Lilith.