Season 11 Episode 20

And Frasier Makes Three

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2004 on NBC

Episode Recap

Frasier shares with Niles his plans to win over Charlotte by acting as Frank's opposite, thus providing her with a viable alternative. He arranges a romantic "working" dinner, but Frank shows up and interrupts them. The three of them begin spending a lot of time together. Frank believes that Frasier is his buddy and has no idea that he actually has designs on Charlotte. Frasier gets together for dinner with Charlotte while Frank is supposed to be away, but he shows up again. He and Charlotte quarrel over the fact that they never have any time to spend together, and he storms out and makes Frasier come with him. Frasier later returns to talk to Charlotte, and admits his feelings for her. Charlotte confesses that she has been thinking about Frasier as well, and they sleep together. Frank comes back and sees Frasier in a bathrobe in Charlotte's bedroom, but thinks that he just got caught in the rain. Charlotte breaks up with Frank, telling him that her ex-husband recently agreed to sell her their old business. She will be moving back to Chicago. Frasier remains blissfully unaware of this. Meanwhile, Martin plans to present Ronee with an engagement ring; but Roz and Daphne balk when he tries to give Ronee the ring he once bought for Sherry. He sells the old ring and buys another, but must hide its origins from Ronee. Roz dates a former inmate.
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