Season 4 Episode 23

Ask Me No Questions

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 20, 1997 on NBC

Episode Recap

Frasier and Niles are at Cafe Nervosa, when Niles asks Frasier, "Do you think Maris and I are meant to be together?" Frasier does not immediately respond. Later, Frasier and Niles are late for their squash game because Niles is trying to keep Maris content by engaging in sappy lovers' talk over the phone.

At the station, Frasier tells Roz about Niles' question. She advises him that Niles doesn't want the truth, but rather reassurance, the same as she wants about whether the pants she's wearing make her butt look big. Meanwhile, a woman in promotions at the station has a crush on Frasier and confirms their date for that evening.

Back at Frasier's house, Daphne presents Martin with a gift she made him - a handmade cardigan. He's uncomfortable with it because there's no special occasion to warrant it and he has nothing to give her in return. This leads to a quarrel, which Frasier walks in on. He begins telling Martin about Niles' question. Martin tells him to keep his big mouth shut. Frasier continues to muse over his anxious thoughts, unaware that Martin has walked out the door. Martin returns just in time to catch the end of Frasier's long monologue, agrees with it shortly, and walks away.

To sort out his conflicted thoughts, Frasier asks Marta, the hired help for Niles and Maris, to meet him at Cafe Nervosa. He questions her on Maris, and Marta says that Marta is a changed woman - very kind and thoughtful. Frasier is convinced that Maris really has changed, but right after Marta leaves, Daphne shows up. Without meaning to, Daphne blows a hole in Marta's credibility, saying that Marta would have a lot to gain by the presence of Niles back at the house, acting as a buffer between Maris and the help. Frasier again begins a long monologue, thinking Daphne is listening, when she's really meeting up with some girlfriends, chatting, gets a coffee, then comes over just in time to hear him say, "Don't you agree?" To which she says, "Oh, yes" and leaves.

Frasier is distracted on his date with Elyse from Promotions, and winds up telling her about the question of two people being really meant for one another. Of course, he is talking about Maris and Niles, but she mistakes him for talking about her and him, and confesses her obsession with him. This leads to an awkward moment which Frasier makes worse, and Elyse ends up bolting.

Frasier wanders around Seattle, seeing signs and billboards which only mock his confused mindset. Finally, late at night he ends up knocking on Niles' door. He tells Niles that in all honesty, he doesn't believe Maris is the right woman for him, as she's so self-indulged and manipulative. Niles thank him coolly, and a bell sounds. Frasier hears it but Niles ignores it, trying to shove Frasier out the door. It sounds again, and then a whistle: Maris is upstairs and means business.

The final scene shows Niles preparing a breakfast tray for Maris, which he tries to coax the reluctant Marta to take up to her in bed.