Season 1 Episode 22

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Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 05, 1994 on NBC

Episode Recap

Frasier is waiting in Cafe Nervosa when Niles arrives, visibly distressed. Niles is disatraught because his publisher has thrown out his book deal, citing the fact that the idea has already been used. The publisher, Sam Tanaka, is meeting him in minutes to hear what new idea Nile has - which is none. After he arrives, Sam triggers the idea that Niles and Frasier should write a book on two brothers who are psychiatrists. Frasier and Niles seize upon the idea, and begin writing that evening.

Unfortunately, sibling rivalry prevents any ideas from flowing. Later, Niles goes on Frasier's show and their rivalry again gets the better of them. Immediately following, Sam calls and wants a copy of the first three chapters by Friday, which of course they don't have.

The brothers lock themselves in a hotel room together to write the first three chapters and end up with no material and in a wrestling match. Frasier leaves in disgust, declaring he has no brother.

Niles comes over the following day, still in a huff. Frasier declares he has no brother. Marty ends up telling the two a story about his partner, Gus, with whom he had a falling out right before Gus was fatally wounded in action. Niles and Frasier apologize and reconcile; meanwhile, Marty explains to a weepy Daphne that there really was no Gus. Marty made up the whole story, proving himself a better writer than his sons.

When the credits roll, Eddie is seen jumping up at the muffins left on the plate. He finally gets hold of one, and the camera zooms in on the two remaining muffins, sitting side by side, a picture of Niles and Frasier.

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