Season 7 Episode 10

Back Talk (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Frasier wakes up to Eddie sitting next to him on the bed, and Martin's voice coming through a speaker attached to Eddie's collar. Martin has breakfast made for him, and a newspaper ordered from the day he was born. As Frasier goes to blow out his candle on a cupcake, he throws out his back.

Against everyone's suggestion, Frasier insists on going to work, saying the back injury is stress related. Once there, Roz suggests a technique that she read in Glamour to relieve stress: list all your troubles to no one in particular, and get them off your chest. Roz gives him a re-gifted book and someone else gives him flowers, which induces sneezing, which eventually causes Frasier to fall off his chair and further hurt his back.

With Niles' help, Frasier gets back to his home and is able to get into Martin's chair. When Niles leaves him, he begins talking to Eddie, who is sitting there on the couch. He rationalizes that he is a bit depressed because he is single, and realizes that Daphne's leaving soon to be married will make him even more lonely, and that he'll miss her. Just as Frasier's saying aloud that he actually really "loves" Daphne, she walks in to the living room and stops short in her tracks, getting the wrong idea of what he meant. When he sees her, Frasier insists on giving her a hug, to which she responds uncomfortably.

Martin arrives a few minutes later and Daphne blurts out to him that she "overheard something" that she shouldn't have. Referring to "Dr. Crane" Daphne explains that she knows he's in love with her. Martin, thinking she means Niles, acknowledges that it's been going on for six years and it's none of his business, and scurries out of the room. When Frasier wants a massage, Daphne is totally disgusted; finally, she leaves the room to change out her robe. In the meantime, Martin comes in and explains to Frasier what happened. When Daphne returns, Frasier reveals that he loves her as a friend, and that is all. Relieved, she begins to give him a massage. The pill has taken its affect, however, and when Daphne muses why Martin would have said "it's been going on for six years," a nearly comatose Frasier ends up telling Daphne that Niles is crazy about her, before promptly passing out.

When Niles knocks at the door that evening, Daphne answers and is confronted with him, for the first time knowing that he cares for her. She stands there, not sure how to react. Knowing nothing, Niles walks past her and gives his gift to Frasier.

The last scene depicts Frasier sneaking into Martin's comfortable chair, and Martin walking in on him and scaring him.