Season 7 Episode 10

Back Talk (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 1999 on NBC

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  • This is where the show turned ...

    A pivotal episode because the relationship between the main characters would never be the same again. The running gag of Niles having a crush on Daphne turns into an important plot line. (There were some earlier episode in which Niles nearly admitted his crush. They could be quite touching.)

    I can imagine that the writers wondered for a long time how they would handle this. Should they resolve the problem or keep it a running gag, a bit like Maris not being shown? Or have the characters face the situation? They chose the latter, but did it in a funny way. No sentimental confession, just hilarious confusion. What made Frasier so exceptional, was the clever, fluent structure of the plots. Just look at this episode.
  • i love this episode

    this is one of my favourites. i love the ones where no one knows what is going on. they are hilarious. daphne thinks that frasier is in love with her after over hearing him talking to eddie, but he meant as a friend. but martyn confirms it when she says " dr crane". he thought she ment niles. all of the confusion starts at this point. frasier comesback from the docter with pain medication and when he takes it he loses all control of himself and reviels that it is actually niles who loves her. she of course freaks. i think it is one of the best episodes