Season 7 Episode 10

Back Talk (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 1999 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Frasier sits down in Martin's chair to take a pain pill from his bottle,  he places the bottle on the side table next to the chair.  In the subsequent scenes,   we see the pill bottle have the cap on,  then off,  then back on again.

    • Actually, there is some precedent for Frasier talking to Eddie. In Season 4's "Ask Me No Questions", Frasier uses him as a sounding board while considering Niles' question.

    • Clearly, the "birthday" newspaper that Frasier is reading is not from 1952 as there are sophisticated color pictures in it. In 1952, newspapers were printed using an expensive and involved process called letterpress and color was rare. Even when there was color, it was very simple and bright, such as in the Sunday comics. Web-offset printing, capable of more sophisticated color images, didn't become popular for major newspapers until the 1970's.

    • Also, the newspaper that is from the day Frasier is born says that Queen Elizabeth has just had another baby. Many episodes have proved that Frasier was born in 1952 (including one a few episodes back). Not only was Elizabeth still Princess Elizabeth during the first half of 1952, but she did not give birth to any of her children in that year either.

    • In this episode, Frasier's birthday is between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Previously it has been in March!

  • Quotes

    • Frasier: This couch has no support! Take me over to that chair over there.
      Niles: Alright. (attempting to lift him) You're not heavy, you're my brother.

    • (Daphne's massaging frasier's back. Which the pills he took for it have made him drowsy)
      Frasier: You know Daph, we really are going to miss you around here.
      Daphne: It's going to be hard for me too. Something I haven't even wanted to think about leaving. I know I grumble a bit, but I do love you and your father. I'll still come around though, we'll still see each other.
      Frasier: You know what?
      Daphne: What's that Dr. Crane?
      Frasier: Dad's chair.
      Daphne: I'm not taking it with me if that's where your heading.
      Frasier: It's so comfortable!
      Daphne: You took quite a few of those pills, didn't you?
      Daphne: You know what's curious, though?
      Frasier: Cats!
      (Daphne laughes)
      Daphne: Yes. But I'm talking about our little mix-up. When I said to your father "Dr. Crane's in love with me," he said it's been going on for six years now. What did he mean by that?
      Frasier: Oh that ... he meant Niles.
      (This sends Daphne into a state of confusion)
      Daphne: What?
      Frasier: Niles ... he's crazy about you.
      (Daphne's now transfixed in mental conflict)
      Daphne: Dr. Crane? (To Frasier) Dr. Crane!
      (Frasier has passed out from the pills)

    • Daphne: You know what's curious?
      Frasier: Cats?!

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Šuškanda (Grapevine)

    • Three major milestones in this episode, in chronological order:
      1. Frasier sits in Martin's chair.
      2. Frasier has a heart-to-heart conversation with Eddie.
      3. Daphne learns about Niles' feelings for her.

  • Allusions

    • He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother:

      Niles says, "You're not heavy, you're my brother", which is a pop culture reference to the popular Hollies song "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother".