Season 9 Episode 7


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 2001 on NBC

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  • Martin's chair meets its end.

    After Frasier gets annoyed but Martin's squeaky chair while trying to watch a documentary, he decides to be nice and oil his chair but accidentally knocks over the oil can staining the carpet.

    Frasier of course is furious; thinking he dad did it on purpose, so Frasier moves everything out onto the balcony while his carpet is being replaced.

    While Niles and Frasier are discussing his carpet, Martin's chair caches fire, and while trying to put it out, accentually knocks it over the balcony right in front of Daphne and Martin.

    Martin and Frasier get into another argument because Martin thinks Frasier did it on purpose, which Frasier denies, even though he has never really liked the chair.

    In the end Frasier does something really nice for his Dad, he gets his old chair replicated, which shows how much Frasier loves his dad.
  • The end of the chair. Or is it? When Martin and Daphne stains Frasier's carpet, the chair, along with some other furniture, is sat out on the balcony. Frasier accidently knockes the chair (although it amazes me how) over the railing.

    Martin has lost his beloved chair. He accuses Frasier of delerbertly throwing his chair over the balcony. And to make matters worse, it lands right in front of Martin, Daphne and Eddie as they are returning from their walk. Frasier shows us how much he truely cares for his dad. He spends a fortune for a duplicate chair - including having the nasty cloth woven - to make his dad happy! At least now we don't need to see the gray duct tape anymore! And it does make his dad very happy that he went to all the expense to create a new chair. This episode really shows to what lenghts Frasier will go to for his dad.