Season 11 Episode 16

Boo! (a.k.a. I'm With Her)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2004 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Frasier is explaining how he will dress up he says "...and the big funny shoes." This is a reference to Kelsey Grammer's role as Sideshow Bob on The Simpsons.

    • When the ER doctor informs Frasier that Martin had a "cardiac event" Frasier looks at him incredulously and asks what that is. Frasier is an MD and he certainly would be aware of what a cardiac event for a man Martin's age would entail. Of course, Frasier is panicked and desperate to accept the least ominous diagnosis.

  • Quotes

    • Ronee: I'm leaving in the morning to visit my mother. She moved last year to Spokane.
      Frasier : I remember your mom. She use to chaperone our dances, right?
      Ronee: Oh yeah. She also taught Sunday school and led the church choir.
      Frasier : It must have been a very windy day when the apple fell from that tree.

    • Martin : (About Mimi) Well, I don't blame her for hating clowns. They're weird and creepy. That's one of the reasons I never took you kids to the circus.
      Niles: Which I always resented. You know how much I wanted to be a trapeze artist. I even decorated a unitard in the style of the Flying Wallendas to wear when we visited the big top.
      Martin : That was the other reason.

    • Martin : I used to scare you kids all the time when we went camping and you used to love it. Remember the story about the couple making out in the car who got slashed by the killer with the hook?
      Frasier : Yes, and I remember I couldn't kiss a woman in a car until I was thirty.

    • (Talking with a patient about her fear of clowns while holding a jack-in-the-box)

      Frasier: Now, Mimi, is there anything you'd like to say to our little clown friend?


    • Frasier: I do not scream like a woman. It was a manly throaty wail. (Niles comes in the front door)

      Niles: Frasier, you may want to call security. As I got off the elevator, I heard a woman screaming hysterically.

      Frasier: That was me! I was innocently conducting some Brahms and our madcap father decided to startle me.

    • Ronee: Yeah, he's too young for that old-man cane. This is much more his style.
      Martin: Give me a top hat and I'm Fred Astaire.
      Frasier: Add a monocle and you're Mr. Peanut.

    • (Talking about Frasier causing Martin's mild cardiac event and how it was a wake up call)
      Frasier: A few years down the line you'll be thankful for this
      Niles: Yeah Dad, maybe you can get a card "Now that I'm old and looking back, I thank you for my heart attack".

    • Niles: Look at you. You just stand there with a smile on your face.
      Frasier: That's make-up, you idiot.

    • Frasier: I guess you could say it would be my clowning achievement.
      Niles: That sounded a lot better in your head, didn't it?

  • Notes

    • Ronee: I'm leaving in the morning to visit my mother. She moved last year to Spokane.

      Yet another mention of Spokane. In episode [9.22]Frasier Has Spokane, Frasier's radio show is broadcast in Spokane as well as Seattle but there are a number of passing mentions of the city in earlier episodes also.

    • Seeing Frasier in a clown suit is quite ironic, considering the fact that Kelsey Grammer is also known for voicing Sideshow Bob on The Simpsons, who is known for his grudge against Krusty the Clown.

    • Frasier is air-conducting "Variations on a Theme of Joseph Haydn, Op. 56" by Johannes Brahms.

    • Daphne only appears in the tag sequence in this episode, and doesn't say a word (well, she does, but it's covered by the theme song). Jane Leeves was on maternity leave when this episode was filmed, but returned to the set (donning padding, as she had already given birth) to do the tag.

    • Stephanie Faracy reprises her role as Mimi from Season 5's "Voyage of the Damned".

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