Season 1 Episode 14

Can't Buy Me Love

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 1994 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • (Daphne is rolling some dough in the kitchen and Niles walks in)
      Niles: Knock knock, can I be of any assistance?
      Daphne: Oh, no thank you Dr. Crane. I think I have everything under control.
      Niles: Mind if I linger then? I've always been sort of a kitchen person.
      (Niles hits a spatula and fumbles around with it)
      Daphne: Suit yourself, I like the company.
      Niles: So, how's dad's therapy going?
      Daphne: well we can see mobility in his hip and his flexibility's improving, but it's always a chore to get him to do his exercises.
      (While Daphne is talking Niles is trying to get up onto the kitchen counter)
      Daphne: of course I found the secret is if I bribe him with sweets...
      (Niles bangs his head on the lights above, slams into the refrigerator, and falls onto the floor)
      Daphne: Oh my goodness!
      (Daphne runs over to him and starts brushing his head)
      Daphne: Dr. Crane, can you get up?
      Niles: No, no I think I'd better stay here for a few minutes.

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